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Welcome to Scribbld!

Hello & welcome to Scribbld, an online community based on the LiveJournal source code. We currently have 97291 members and 26 have updated in the last 24 hours. Interested in more stats?

If you're looking to make some new friends head over to [info]addme. Boss make your day miserable, boyfriend/girlfriend cheat on you, bitch them out - [info]bitchbook. Maybe someone made your day, praise them in [info]praisebook. Need some sexual advice, [info]sextalk is the place for you! Scribbld's got something for everyone, just look for yourself!

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To Scribbld or To Not Scribbld - [30 Jan 2014|06:29pm]

 Hello Gang,

As you've all likely noticed Scribbld has been completely dormant in terms of development and support. At this time neither myself or [info]morgan has the time to dedicate to this site. We've got a bunch of other projects we're working on and find them be a lot more fun then attempting to poke and revive 7 year old code. At this time development has completely halted and will not start up again. The LiveJournal development community is next to nothing and support from them is next to nonexistent. Unfortunately because of the way the code is setup and the languages it is developed in we cannot support it either.

At this time, we will not be developing any further fixes or features. Support will also not be available as we do not have any extra time to allocate to the Scribbld project. We will however continue to keep the server online and it'll be available for you to continue using until the hard drives die.

If anyone would like to sponsor us we'd be happy to setup a new server using the Dreamwidth code base. If interested shoot me an email - jimmy.brancaccio@gmail.com. Please note, that it will be a decent financial investment for you, likely starting at a minimum of $2500. But if enough people come together maybe it'll be possible!

Thank you everyone for all the support and good times we had! :)

[info]jimmy  & [info]morgan 

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