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Welcome to Scribbld!

Hello & welcome to Scribbld, an online community based on the LiveJournal source code. We currently have 97253 members and 18 have updated in the last 24 hours. Interested in more stats?

If you're looking to make some new friends head over to [info]addme. Boss make your day miserable, boyfriend/girlfriend cheat on you, bitch them out - [info]bitchbook. Maybe someone made your day, praise them in [info]praisebook. Need some sexual advice, [info]sextalk is the place for you! Scribbld's got something for everyone, just look for yourself!

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**IMPORTANT** Read Me! Scribbld Migration! **IMPORTANT** - [20 May 2014|12:37pm]

You may be wondering where all your journal entries, comments, userpics, etc are located. At this time we've migrated from using the very old (and when I say I old, I mean, really really really old) LiveJournal code-base to the newer and continually worked on Dreamwidth code. Don't worry though, all your entries, comments, user pics, etc, are just a click away. You can still access your old entries at Scribbld.us. We also have setup a special import tool which allows you to import your old entries, userpics, etc into the new site. Please note depending on how much the tool is being used it may take some time for all your content to be imported over. Please also note that we'll be resetting anyone who has a paid account (it may just take some time to reconcile the databases).

We will also be changing the site theme as well, however we're not sure when we can fit that into the current schedule at this point. We'll be keeping the Scribbld.us domain around for AT LEAST a year, so everyone has PLENTY of time to import their old content into the new site.

You can find the import tool here - http://scribbld.com/tools/importer

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