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Current Pictures

Here are the userpics for [info]alittlevague. Get notified when they upload a new one.
Keywords: [flirty] come here little boy
Keywords: [other] giggle-snort-crinkle
Keywords: [smart] OH PICK ME I KNOW
Keywords: [durr] even a shoelace knows that!
Keywords: [posh] such-a-lady
Keywords: [reading] harliquine romance novels
Keywords: [giggling] omfg heeee
Keywords: [other] well in my EXPERT opinion
Keywords: [squicked] totes grossed out.
Keywords: [netural] kind... of pretty
Keywords: [durr] brain goes HERE
Keywords: [excited] OMFG YAY
Keywords: [neutral] be jealous of the dreds.
Keywords: [dressed up] and nowhere to go
Keywords: [somber] totes fail day
Keywords: [neutral] wait... you're saying... whu?
Keywords: [reading] wtf classwork
Keywords: [reading] contemporary literature
Keywords: [sexy] come on. do me.
Keywords: [unamused] you smell like rino-toes.
Keywords: [surprised] ...people /do/ that?
Keywords: [shocked] that HAS to be illegal.
Keywords: [sweet] hang on, blushing over here.
Keywords: [other] wanna try that again?
Keywords: [sweet] all flirty like
Keywords: [reading] totes literate.
Keywords: [shopping] clothes. you WEAR them.
Keywords: [unamused] yeah that's a N. O.
Keywords: [unsure] wait... wait what?
Keywords: [grin] *nose-scruntch*
Keywords: [giggles] and snorts
Keywords: [coffee] top o' the mornin' to ya!
Keywords: [smart] uh- it's like... C?
Keywords: [laundry] dirty clothes- fail. :|
Keywords: [cocky] fuckyeah I'm hot
Keywords: [pleading] lower-lip wibble is a GO
Keywords: [bloody] it's just a nose bleed....
Keywords: [w. him] all shy~
Keywords: [shocked] oh FUCK YEAH
Keywords: [schmarmy] I own you bee-yotch
Keywords: [w. him] DRAMATIC kiss
Keywords: [cocky] c'mon little doggie!
Keywords: [posh] too cool for you
Keywords: [adorbs] be jealous of my style~
Keywords: [owl-post] he says hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii
Keywords: [rat] Corduroy loves you lots :3
Keywords: [stock] IT'S TIME FOR AWESOME
Keywords: [stock] she's a redshirt
Keywords: [stock] srsly. she's not that bright.
Keywords: [other] my 'O' face

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