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Current Pictures

Here are the userpics for [info]arioso. Get notified when they upload a new one.
Keywords: [kind] myspace style
Keywords: [somber] her 'blue' period
Keywords: [attentive] say that again?
Keywords: [srs] this was not on the itenerary
Keywords: [schmarmy] yeah I'm awesome
Keywords: [pouty] so that's.. a no?
Keywords: [speaking] you like my earrings?
Keywords: [pissed] bitch. no.
Keywords: [drinking] it's Coca Cola. really.
Keywords: [relaxed] I like pillows.
Keywords: [unamused] thats really rather gross
Keywords: [sweet] turn turn and smile!
Keywords: [seductive] if Eva Peron did it...
Keywords: [neutral] her head shot
Keywords: [srs] it's buisness time
Keywords: [neutral] this is where it goes down
Keywords: [scared] unkosher unkosher un-
Keywords: [quiet] during a busy day
Keywords: [somber] and quiet and blue
Keywords: [neutral] it's just a buisness
Keywords: [laughing] maybe at you
Keywords: [unsure] about that scooby doo
Keywords: [quiet] and outside
Keywords: [w. him] a rather uncool day
Keywords: [kind] she'll listen to it all
Keywords: [excited] OMG YAY
Keywords: [sweet] and kind
Keywords: [excited] lets dance!
Keywords: [music] let me get my jam on
Keywords: [neutral] a photo always lasts longer
Keywords: [neutral] updating my facebook
Keywords: [upset] no.... just. fucking no.
Keywords: [facepalm] did you really just...
Keywords: [upset] this really sucks
Keywords: [neutral] time to get my face on
Keywords: [happy] heeeeeee
Keywords: [srs] it's time to get down to buisness
to defeat. the huns.
Keywords: [happy] hoops and giggles
Keywords: [upset] my life... is ruined
Keywords: [intimate] we're together forever bb
Keywords: [neutral] she's got a lip curl

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