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Community Information

Below is information about the "ಌAn Anime Icon Contestಌ" community on LiveJournal. To join this community, click here. You may leave the community at any time.

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User:anime_contest (16235)
Name:ಌAn Anime Icon Contestಌ
Theme:Icons Contest
Website:Mods Journal

This is a weekly icon challenge based on Anime and Manga. If you're interested in making icons or voting for icons then please join.

Everyone is welcome to join. As long as you abide by the rules, everyone will get along fine. ^_^


01. Each member is allowed to submit no more than THREE icons per challenge, unless stated otherwise.

02. All icons must feature an anime or manga, otherwise it won't be accepted.

03. All icons must be related to the week's challenge.

04. All icons must be new for the challenge.

05. All icons must be the correct size (100x100 pixels, 60kb) or less.

06. All icons are to remain anonymous until the voting is over. Do NOT post your icon anywhere until the contest is over.

07. All icons must belong to the person submitting them.

08. Do not vote for you own icon, and do not ask others to vote for you.

09. No perverse icons. Please keep this at a PG-13 rating.

10. Feel free to use Doujinshi and Fanart; but it must be either your own or you have permission to use such things.

11. If someone enters two icons and they happen to place in two places, they will take the highest placing and the other placing would be given to another entry who follows it.

12.If you have a problem with this Community please go to the Main Moderater.


This contest will have three seperate types of challenges.

A picture will be posted, and each participant must use ONLY that picture. The image may be used however you wish (colored, cropped, textured, etc), but not blended with another image, unless stated otherwise.

Song lyrics will be posted, and the entry MUST include ONLY those words in the song. You may use as many or as little words as you like from the song, but you must use at least one word.

A theme will be announced (example: rock, fun, love, etc.) and it must be incorporated into the icon. The word of the theme doesn't need to be in the image, so long as the theme is conveyed in the image.

*Any special rules for a specific challenge will be listed with the challenge entry, so please, read the post carefully.*


On Saturday, a new challenge will be posted, along with the voting for the week.

Submission time ends at 8:00 pm Saturday night (eastern time).

The submission posts will be screened, so that only the moderator may see the entries.

Your submission post should include the image, the URL, the series, and the characters.

Please follow a submission form like this:
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket


We can only run a vote if we have FOUR or more entries (challenges may be extended to allow more time for entries).

Voting will be posted Saturday night, unless something comes up.

Each member may vote for TWO icons, unless stated otherwise.

Voting will end Wednesday night at 8:00 pm (eastern time).

Results will be posted Wednesday or Thursday night.

First Place Winners of each Theme can choose the next theme.


Main Mod-Krystle-[info]jade_priestess

(if you want to be a Banner maker go to the Main Moderater)



None as of right now
Interests:139: .hack, .hack//dusk, .hack//liminality, .hack//sign, 100x100, 3x3 eyes, ah! my goddess, ai love you, ai yori aoshi, akira, angel sanctuary, angelic layer, anime, anime bases, anime icons, animeicons, art, artwork, awards, ayashi no ceres, battle angel, big o, bleach, blue gender, bubblegum crisis, card captor sakura, catgirl nuku nuku, chobits, clamp, clover, comic party, community, cowboy bebop, creativity, cutey honey, devil hunter yohko, digi charat, digimon, dirty pair, dnangel, dragonball, dragonball z, dual, excel saga, final fantasy, flash of wind, flcl, fooly cooly, fruits basket, full metal panic, full moon, furi kuri, fushigi yugi, fushigi yuugi, get backers, ghost in the shell, gravitation, gunbuster, gundam, gundam seed, gundam wing, hand maid may, hellsing, hyper police, icon, icon awards, icon competitions, icon conpetition, icon contest, icon contests, icons, icontests, images, initial d, inuyasha, kaitou saint tail, kanon, kaze hikaru, kaze no hikaru, lain, layouts, love hina, lunar, macross, macross 7, macross plus, magic knights rayearth, making icons, manga, marmalade boy, midori no hibi, mononoke hime, namco, naruto, noir, onegai teacher, outlaw star, pairings, patlabor, peach girl, peachgirl, petshop of horrors, pokemon, princess mononoke, princess tutu, psp, ragnarok, rahxephon, ranma 1/2, rayearth, record of lodoss wars, robotech, romance, ronin warriors, rurouni kenshin, sailor moon, saiyuki, sakura wars, shaman king, slayers, spirited away, sprited away, stand alone complex, tenchi, tenchi muyo, tokyo babylon, tokyo mew mew, trigun, utena, vampire hunter d, weiss kreuz, witch hunter robin, wolf's rain, xenosaga, yami no matsuei, yaoi, yohko, yu-gi-oh, yuri
Maintainers:1: jade_priestess
Members:2: grape___fruit, jade_priestess
Watched by:2: grape___fruit, jade_priestess
Account type:Early Free User

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