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Community Information

Below is information about the "avrard" community on LiveJournal. To join this community, click here. You may leave the community at any time.

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User:avrard (9145)
(no userpics)
Interests:115: 11/01/07, 8/7/07, 9/11/07, any form of cuddling, av kickin bawlz, avril is my homegirl, avril ramoana, avs vegetarian meals, baby books, banana king, being a little pure, being cold in europe, being sober, being very average, being very vulgar, big surprise box, blink 182, blockbuster stalkers, branchbrook park, bubble baths!!, buckling seatbelts, buying our vitamins, chandler bing 4ever, chocolatecovered strawberries andkisses, committing-crime-in-central-park, deniro-in-shark-form, dildo chases, dinner in bed, dirty jerzee, ditching ground zero, do-not-talk-about-poop-in-my-presence, doing laundry downthehall, donnas tiramisu, endless buffet, every disney movie, falling out of thebunk, first time breakfast club, floor beds, franks couch, frequent trips to jersey, future beats past, getting used to ny, getting-lost-in-the-giant-bed, giftwrapping with hotchocolate, halloween bash 2007, happybirthday heres-your-keys, hating on la's finest, hating/loving csi, healthy/unhealthy, heartbeats in sync, hidinginourcave, i will shave you, jack and sally, king&queen, lazy-days-are-everyday, lick my peehole, little kicks, living in the dark, living-like-jack-and-sally, looking a lot alike, making-toasts-to-the-little-monster, making-up-on-the-bathroom-floor, mini/big rolls, montclair, morbid convos, mr vamp/mrs zombie, my daddys car, never stop teasing, never-getting-sick-of-italian-food, no pjs, not la ever again, not shaving!!, not thongs!!, notthe cheap looking fakeblonde, ootandaboot and cawfeeandawf, our combat boots, our first christmas, penguin walking, prince poopy/princess fungii, private jets and couches, private lingerie shopping, proposing in pizzerias, pumpkin picking and hayrides, pussy fungus, quitting for good, reading-cosmo-while-getting-waxed, real bites, requesting donuts, room service, sharing hoodies, shark porn!!, side of the stage, sortofwatching thehills haveeyes, starbucks everywhere, staying up for eternity, stealing drawer space, surprise imin your shower, talking to the belly, talks with judy, thatoldmanandladyonthebench, the big purple dilfdo, the comedyaisleof blockbuster, the elevator, the giant eel betweengerardslegs, the horroraisle of blockbuster, the kissing game, the new house, the-kitchen-table-got-us-in-trouble, trying to quit, vegetable pancakes, wake up kisses, walking everywhere basically, we love our teeth, what is a hayride?, your big butt~
Maintainers:2: av, gerard
Members:2: av, gerard
Account type:Early Adopter

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