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[24 Nov 2012|10:56pm]

Characters: Emma and Ruby and Marney JR
Setting: At the local jail
Content: Emma and Marney Jr go to pick up mommy from the parole office.

I belong with you, you belong with me, you're my sweetheart )
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AU HALLOWEEN [18 Oct 2012|07:54pm]

Characters: Everyone
Setting: All over campus
Rating: NSFWdoo
Content: Terrible, terrible things happen

As was tradition, Blueridge opened their doors for the Halloween party. An eerie feeling crept over the campus though, as they would all soon find out they were not the only ones celebrating the holiday...
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[04 Sep 2012|09:23pm]

Characters: Michi, Tatum, Sam, Mack, Sera, little Kia, and basically anyone else in attendance [or crashing].
Setting: Lake Lanier Resort, April of 2017.
Content: NSFW? Who even knows, THESE KIDS.
Summary: Michi & Tatum's wedding!

I'm wonderstruck, blushing all the way home. I'll spend forever wondering if you knew, I was enchanted to meet you. )
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[04 Sep 2012|08:50am]

Characters: Jenny, Chuck, & Chuck's family.
Setting: Baker family house, 2013.
Content: SFW.
Summary: Family dinner with Chuckie's parents after their reunion.

And so I tell myself that I'll be strong. )
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[29 Aug 2012|11:56pm]

Characters: Tatum & Mack.
Setting: Mack and Alex's place, shortly after Tater finds out about Kia being back.
Content: NSFW.
Summary: Show the fuck down.

This is a sickening joke that you play with my emotions, and so I pray you burn in hell, and that you never find the ocean. )
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[28 Aug 2012|09:33pm]


CHARACTERS: Kia and Benji (Probably Mack and Alex at some point too?? MAYBE EVEN TATUM? GOD WHO KNOWS.)
SETTING: The beach in front of the bar where Kia died on the anniversary of her death years later
SUMMARY: Kia is drawn here for some reason and runs across Benji. TRAUMATIC DRAMA ENSUES.

I don’t really know what ‘I love you’ means. I think it means ‘don’t leave me here alone'. )
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[20 Aug 2012|08:00pm]

CHARACTERS: Eden and Dani!
CONTENT: Violence, swearing, you know.
SUMMARY: Lesbos go for slurpees and end up GETTING SHOT AS FUCK.

Read more... )
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[18 Aug 2012|05:57pm]

Characters: Michi and Tatum
Setting: Tatum's room
Rating: SFW
Content: Apologizing for the train wreck of the day before

Things had not gone at all to plan. Michi had felt betrayed and angry at first but the look on Tatum's face, that was what really broke her heart. She was mad at herself, mostly for the way she reacted and again for the way she had been insensitive about Sam in the first place. If she had been more honest in the first place, maybe they wouldn't be where they were, but that was the thing wasn't it? They were there together, no matter how much Michi tried to fight, there was something about Tatum and that baby that she couldn't... she wouldn't walk away from.

She didn't know what to do. She didn't know what she could even say to make up for it so she skateboarded into town to get her head on straight. There were a thousand things to say to her girlfriend but she had to show her. After stopping in a few stores, she was sure she had the right gifts that said she was sorry and that she was in it too. She got home early enough but she didn't think she could go right over at the time. She walked around campus, punched a few fence posts, and even got into a minor fight with a boy from her building over bumping into her.

After noon though, she couldn't stand it anymore. She forced herself to cross the Commons and walk right into Shawnee house. Tatum had come to her for comfort and the one thing Michi was good for... she had failed. With a shaking fist she knocked on Tatum's door and then pushed it open, glad to find that the red head was alone. She cleared her throat and shut the door behind her. "I fucked up," she said, feeling incredibly dumb for saying it.
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[18 Aug 2012|04:57pm]

Characters: Michi & Tatum.
Setting: Michi's room, very early March of 2012.
Content: SFW.
Summary: Tatum telling Michi what's actually been going down.

It's just the beginning, we'll figure it out somehow. )
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[15 Aug 2012|10:07pm]

Setting: Their senior and first years of University
Rating: SFW? It's AU
Summary: Charlie runs into a ghost from her past

I'm only me when I'm with you )
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[14 Aug 2012|08:07pm]

Characters: Jenny & Chuck.
Setting: Charlie's dorm in Shenandoah; middle of the night.
Summary: Jenny doing the usual walk of shame circa four AM.

I need to make you see oh what you mean to me, until I do I'm hoping you will know what I mean, I love you. )
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[13 Aug 2012|03:05pm]

Characters: Tatum & Mack.
Setting: Shawnee dormitory and outside; February, 2012.
Content: NSFW.
Summary: Tatum is just realizing she's pregnant, but Mack already noticed.

Someday, I thought we'd tell the story of us, and how the sparks flew instantly. )
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[13 Aug 2012|02:33pm]

Characters: Jenny & Charlie.
Setting: Parking lot for BRU.
Content: SFW? AU!Jen needs her own warning.
Summary: Cheerleader car wash, bitches!

You drive me crazy half the time, the other half I'm only tryin' to let you know what I feel is true. )
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[13 Aug 2012|12:05am]

Characters: Mack and Tatum
Setting: Summer of 2005, Portage Lake
Rating: NSFW
Summary Mack and Tatum have their first kiss, but things go south when Mick catches them in the act.

Kiss me like you want to be loved )
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[09 Aug 2012|09:20pm]

Characters: Tatum & Mack.
Setting: Summer of 2002 in Portage Lake, Maine.
Content: SFW.
Summary: Being cute before everything went to shit.

I wish I was strong enough to lift not one, but both of us. Someday I will be strong enough to lift not one, but both of us. )
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[27 Jul 2012|03:35pm]

Characters: Emma, Ruby, and Marney.
Setting: Summerland, California in 2010
Rating: NSFW
Content: Emma kills Ruby's dirtbag boyfriend and Mars takes the rap.

It's coming over you like it's all a big mistake )
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[14 Jul 2012|08:28pm]

Characters: Meka, Sim, and Sim's family
Setting: Sim's mother's house
Rating: NSFW, language forever
Content: Meka and Sim break the news to Sim's mother

She had been dreading the Saturday family dinner all week and it was finally upon them. Meka had insisted on making appetizers and dessert so she had something to occupy herself all day. Stuffing tiny baby mushrooms and tiny baby cakes was something easy and almost mindless. It was enough to keep her mind off things.

When the time came to Floo over to Sim's mother's house, Meka collected her two dishes and found Sim in the house. She slipped her hand into his and smiled up at him nervously. "You ready hon?" she asked in a small voice.
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[14 Jul 2012|05:17pm]

CHARACTERS: Sim and Meka
SETTING: Their apartment
CONTENT: Swearing? Probably.
SUMMARY: Oops Baby is finally announced!

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[11 Jul 2012|02:49am]

Characters: Rath and Tatum Donnelly
Setting: First the bar, then Tatum, Michi, and Sam's place, Early fall 2012
Rating: NSFW, Violence and Abusive Language
Content: Rath has something he needs to say

Help )
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[10 Jul 2012|07:17pm]

Characters: Benji & Izzy [& Michi?]
Setting: 2035 in the Donnelly-Ruiz house.
Content: SFW?
Summary: Benji making amends.

Read more... )
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