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blueridgemod ([info]blueridgemod) wrote in [info]blueridgeau,
@ 2012-10-18 19:54:00

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Entry tags:!event

Characters: Everyone
Setting: All over campus
Rating: NSFWdoo
Content: Terrible, terrible things happen

As was tradition, Blueridge opened their doors for the Halloween party. An eerie feeling crept over the campus though, as they would all soon find out they were not the only ones celebrating the holiday...

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7-9 PM
2012-10-18 09:54 pm UTC (link)
Beware the woods, there's a killer on the loose.

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9-11 PM
2012-10-18 09:55 pm UTC (link)
An announcement is made that no one is to leave King's Hall because a body has been found outside the woods.

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2012-10-19 01:05 am UTC (link)
Sit still and wait for a known murderer to come haunt them down and massacre them like animals? Yeah right. "Fuck this," Michi muttered. She drank the last of her punch and threw the cup to the ground. She looked over at Tatum just one last time, the other girl looked exhausted and worn, more pale than normal. Michi couldn't stand to think that someone out there might hurt Tatum. She took a deep breath, steadying herself and did the only thing she could think to do. She unlocked the backdoor with one swish of her wand and snuck out. There was a heavy silence that laid across the ground and a chill crept into her bones. Michi shook her head though and carried on. She had resolved to go find this sick fuck and teach him a thing or two before he hurt anyone that she loved.

The headmaster had announced that a body had been found just outside the woods so she figured that's where she would start. She started out at a slow jog but picked up to a full run. Adrenalin was pumping through her body as she neared the woods. She figured she would sweep the perimeter and try to find any leads. It was a full five minutes before she found any tell tale signs of a struggle. Blood smeared against the bright white bark of a paper birch. It seemed so surreal.

She slowed again to a walk and entered the woods. She illuminated the tip of her wand and followed a heavy trail of blood through the woods. The deeper into the woods she got, the more clear it was that the student had been murdered in the woods and then dragged to the edge of the woods. She realized that there could be other kids out there just pigs for the slaughter. Michi walked with a sense of unease as she got deeper into the woods.

Michi was twenty minutes into the woods when she heard the low screaming. The desperation ringing off trees above her head. She wanted to help desperately, she broke into a run and didn't look behind her, only focusing on what was so close. She tore through the rough brush, tearing up her legs through her leggings but she was determined to help. One victim was one too many; in her opinion no one else would die.

What she ran into was horrific. She stopped dead in her tracks and was nearly sick at the amount of blood in the small clearing. There were two students already dead hanging limply against two trees, their hands tied above their heads to a branch. Two other students were hanging in the same manner but struggling as blood poured from the many gashes and cuts in their bodies. There had only been a few moments in her life when Michi was sure she didn't know what to do; this was one of them. She walked over to the closets kid and tried to untie him from the tree.

He sputtered and gargled but nothing made sense. "Hush now ya fool, he's gonna hear us and come back, that sick fuck gonna try an' get ya," she muttered. Just as she was about to finish untying him, she heard the slightest crunch of leaves from behind her and the world went black.

When she came to, she was hanging in the same manner from the tree next to the boy she had been trying to save. He was dead now though, his throat cut from ear to ear. She strangled a cry.

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2012-10-19 01:12 am UTC (link)
"It's nice to see you've decided to join us," the dark voice was unfamiliar and rough. She looked around wildly and saw a tall man carving something into the stomach of one of the dead students a few trees away. "Do you know of the science of necromancy? I fucked up the first few of course but I really started to get the hung of it after a while," he grinned.

He walked over to her slowly, brandishing his knife. "It gets easier though," he put the knife to her bellybutton and pressed it just enough to poke through her sweater, tickling sadistically with the point of his knife.

"Don't you fuckin' dare touch me you sick fuck!" she hollered angrily. She struggled, kicking wildly and flinging herself away from the tree. "I'll fuckin' kick your ass you sick bastard!"

He grinned and slowly pushed the knife into Micihi's abdomen. She screamed in agony of the searing pain. "I'll make you pay for this you fuckin' bastard!"

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2012-10-18 09:56 pm UTC (link)
All hell breaks loose.

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