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Emma Thompson ([info]wipeoutqueen) wrote in [info]blueridgeau,
@ 2012-11-24 22:56:00

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Characters: Emma and Ruby and Marney JR
Setting: At the local jail
Content: Emma and Marney Jr go to pick up mommy from the parole office.

It had been a long five years, longer than any period of time that Emma had ever had to wait. It had been so long since she had really gotten to be with Ruby. Sure, there had been the weekly to tri-weekly visits to the prison, but that was different. They couldn't curl up on the couch, smoke a bowl and spend hours cuddling and watching movies. They couldn't talk about whatever crossed their minds at three am while they lay in bed. They couldn't even share the first four years of their daughter's life, something that had turned into Emma's own personal struggle. She loved their daughter dearly, even though she wanted to kill the man responsible, she had loved every moment of the last four years. Raising a miniature Ruby had reminded her everyday of the time she was missing with the girl she loved.

"Momma? Momma, I wanna go now!"

Emma realized that she had been staring at the grey buildings that sat in front of them and gripping the steering wheel. Letting her white knuckled hands slide from the steering wheel, she smiled and turned to Marney. The little girl was squirming in her car seat impatiently, and looking at Emma with pleading eyes. "Alright, baby girl, let's go get her."

She unbuckled her own seat belt and got out of the car to set Marney free from her car seat. She knew that letting Marney Sr watch the little girl would result in truancy. As much as Emma was still a little rascal, even at 24, she didn't want her daughter to turn out as bad as her and Ruby. That was what had gotten them into this mess to begin with. Emma lifted the little girl out of the car and locked the door once she shut it. Grasping Marney's hand, she walked briskly across the parking lot, feeling nervous. She always felt her anxiety spike when she was around the prison, even after coming here for five years. Police always put her on edge, and this was the first time she had been stone sober for weeks. She had been scared if she had taken anything they might make her take a blood test, it was unlikely, but without Ruby to tell her she was being ridiculous, her imagination ran wild.

All of that was going to change now though, today was the day that she would get Ruby back, today was the day they could be a family. She lead Marney through the doors, and up to the counter where the guard sat. He was a kindly old man who always nodded her in when she came to visit, but today was different.

"Hello Miss Emma," he said, giving her a smile as she walked up. "I bet you're here to pick up Ruby, huh?" Emma nodded enthusiastically and the guard let out a soft laugh. "Go wait over there, I'll be right back."

Emma led Marney over to the chairs in the waiting room, pulling the little girl into her lap and handing her the gameboy as they waited.

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2012-11-25 05:30 am UTC (link)
It had been a long five years for Ruby, to say that she was ready for release day was an understatement. There were people and things inside of the prison walls that she would miss, she had made friends inside, made a name for herself. But there were more things, more important things, outside of the walls that she missed much more. It would be a slow road of getting back to normal life, adjusting to living in the expanse of the world again, but she knew that Emma would be there with her. Most importantly, she would be there for Emma, like she should have been all along.

There for Emma, and for little Marney. She was four already and outside of visits, she had never been close to her daughter, had never experienced any of her milestones or special moments outside of the things that Emma told her about. Even when she had been born, they hadn't allowed Ruby to hold her for more than a few minutes before she had to decide who was supposed to take care of her on the outside; the decision had been implicit. She hadn't want to leave Emma on her own with a baby, but as their lives proved, shit happened and often.

But after today, she could leave incarceration behind, forget about it. She would have to stay out of trouble, that would be hard. That had her more nervous than anything else. Even in prison, she hadn't exactly behaved herself all of the time.. but she couldn't fuck up, she couldn't be careless, she had to make sure that she appeared legitimate. Marney and the rest of the gang would be waiting for her, they knew she was getting out this week. No matter what she had to do with them, she was a mother now. She had to be careful.

It was going to make readjusting even harder.

When the guard opened the door to the room that they had her waiting in, she had almost jumped, her head snapping in his direction but her expression quickly softening. There were guards who were good, just okay, and downright terrible. Crooked guards and honestly nice guards. This man was one of the latter, and he had always been especially kind to her since her arrival in the jail. He was a grandfatherly type, and although she had been distrusting and difficult toward him at first, like she had been to all of the guards, they had really taken a shine to each other over the last five years. Ruby didn't really have a lot of positive men in her life, and it was nice to have someone who cared, even if it was court ordered.

"Ready?" he asked her, and Ruby nodded, standing up from the table and chair with legs that felt like rubber. She was ready to leave the sterile looking holding cell, to leave the prison all together. She wasn't wearing cuffs anymore, at least, and the guard already had the small envelope of her belongings to give back to her; things that had been on her person at the time of arrest five years ago. She was wearing the same clothes from the night of her arrest as well, rather than the orange jumpsuit she had donned for the last while. Another welcome change.

She followed the guard into the hallway, and through a short distance that felt too long, before he finally held the door open for her and she realized she could see the lobby. Outside was just beyond that, and she could go, she was free to go. She would never admit that prison had been hard, it hadn't been as hard for her as it would have been for some other people, and she wasn't about to go and get weepy over something like being able to walk on the grass.. but she still couldn't wait to do it, and so many other trivial dumb things she had missed. Taking a steadying breath, she stepped over the threshold and into the lobby waiting area, looking around to see where her girls were at.

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2012-11-28 01:46 am UTC (link)
It was Marney who saw her first, letting out a little yell and cheering, "Mama!" Emma had been deep in thought about what she was going to do once they got home, not reacting until she felt the little girl wriggling out of her lap.

"Marney, sweetie, where are you going?" She asked, looking up to where the little girl was racing across the floor to. Her heart stopped as she saw Ruby standing in the doorway. It seemed too good to be true, that Ruby was really standing there. Emma rose from her seat slowly, not wanting to look away. She was afraid if she looked anywhere else that Ruby might be gone when she looked back.

Marney was bustling as fast as her little legs would carry her, gameboy still clasped in her hand. "Mama!" She cheered again and launched herself at Ruby. Marney hugged the taller brunette's legs and beamed up at her. "I'm so glad you're free, Mama! We're gonna be a family now, right?"

Emma finally reached her two girls and stopped. "H-hey," she said, breathless.

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2012-11-28 03:01 am UTC (link)
Ruby had spotted them just a few seconds before Marney cried out for her, a brief moment to observe them naturally, Marney snuggled down in Emma's lap and both of them seeming to be focused on the gameboy. Though Emma's mind was clearly elsewhere. When Marney ran for her legs, the little girl clinging to her was almost enough to knock her off her feet, but she wasted no time in scooping her daughter up into her arms, squeezing her.

It was the first time in a long time that Ruby had grinned so widely that she felt her cheeks could crack. She peppered the little brunette's face in kisses, squeezing her again, as if to solidify the fact that she was really there, she was really holding her like she had so seldom got to do over the last four years. "Of course we are, baby. We were always a family," Ruby corrected her, gingerly taking the gameboy from her before she dropped it to the ground in her excitement.

She looked over the top of Marney's head at Emma, her grin lessening, softening. "Hey yourself," she answered, trying to be confident, despite the emotions whirling inside of her. She tried to fight it, but she could feel the familiar feeling right in her throat, wanting to cry, wanting to tear up. She gave a watery sigh, sniffling and turning her head a bit. She said she wasn't going to do this. "Sorry," she choked out.

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2012-12-23 05:34 am UTC (link)
Marney squealed in delight as Ruby kissed her face, and buried her face into the crook of Ruby's neck. She allowed the brunette woman to take the gameboy without protest, and wrapped her arms tightly around her mother. Emma watched the whole exchange with tears brimming in her eyes. Marney might not know what Ruby was like outside of this building, but the love that she possessed for her mother was unaffected by that.

Emma stepped forward immediately as she heard the watery tone of Ruby's voice. She knew that the other woman didn't like to show weakness, but Emma had known and loved Ruby all of her life. She knew exactly when Ruby was about to cry. The blonde gently pulled Marney away, and set her down on the floor with a smile. She retrieved the gameboy from her girlfriends hand and handed it to Marney.

"Give mama and I just a second, sweetheart," She said. Emma gave the little girl a kiss on the head. "Go sit right there, and don't move," she indicated a chair right next to them. "And if you're super good, I might take all of us to get ice cream later, okay?"

The little girl nodded happily, grabbing the gameboy from Emma and climbing up on the chair next to the two standing women. Within moments she was consumed by her game, and Emma turned back to Ruby. She pulled the taller woman into a tight embrace, "Shh, it's okay, baby." She was crying herself, a fat tear rolling down her face. She pulled back so she could look at Ruby.

"I missed you so much, Ru," she whispered. She cupped the other woman's cheek, running her thumb across the smooth skin of her cheek. "God, I missed you." She leaned in, capturing her girlfriend in a passionate kiss. It had been so long since she had been allowed to do this, so long since she had gotten to really have Ruby all to herself.

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