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Tatum Donnelly ([info]ojandtostitos) wrote in [info]blueridgeau,
@ 2012-07-05 08:08:00

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Characters: Tatum & Frankie.
Setting: Campus grounds, mid-April of 2012.
Content: SFW just french swear words.
Summary: Tatum and Frankie meet for the first time!

It was only about two weeks since the news of her pregnancy had actually come out to the rest of the campus, and people were already giving her weird looks and pitying glances. She had been hoping to ride the whole mess out silently, maybe she wouldn't even show too much until the end, but hopes of that were looking thin. She had never ever been anything but tiny and frail, and any weight gain at all felt noticeable, especially when it came in the form of a slowly growing outward baby bump. She wasn't as big as some pregnant women got, at least not yet, but she felt huge. Many of her favorite shirts were already getting to the point of being too tight in the stomach, especially button-ups, and zipping up skinny jeans over the bump was out of the question. Judging by the looks, her chances of keeping the pregnancy quiet were pretty much gone, and she had begun trying to embrace the whole thing. If she was going to keep the kid, she might as well be happy about it.

Kids needed money though, and lots of it, and she had a feeling that her mother and father weren't going to have a change of heart when it came to helping her out. Their reaction to the news a few weeks earlier hadn't been pretty. They hadn't flipped out that bad since Sera had moved out with Hunter a year earlier. She wasn't totally on her own, but she hated expecting money from Sam like some lazy tramp, and she was capable of handling herself. Hell, she had been doing it all along. Her meager allowance from her folks never would have bought her the things she needed, even before she was knocked up. It was just doubly true now.

People were weird about buying their drugs from a pregnant chick at first, but eventually people came around. Some of her regulars, kids she had been selling grams to here and there for years, didn't even notice. She got the weirdest looks when she showed up at parties, like she wasn't supposed to be there or something, but the business was too good to pass up. Other than selling coke to the strippers at Loopy's every weekend, house parties were her biggest income, everyone wanted a little blow at a party, or a few pills. Even after giving Emma her entitled cut of the profit, she still made out good.

It had been a pretty much a typical little high school house party as Tatum made her way through the crowd, keeping her eyes peeled for her sister, who claimed she knew someone here who wanted to buy. She wasn't giving any deals to just some guy her sister was blowing, he could pay full price like anyone else, but it was nice of Sera to try to drum up some business for her. Except for the part where, in the end, the guy didn't even show up to score. She was mildly irritated as she apparated back onto the campus, practically stomping her feet as she headed back to her dorm, not even watching where she was going and walking straight into a taller girl in a ridiculous looking hat. She stumbled back a bit, catching herself before she fell onto her ass.

"Fuck," she hissed, narrowing her eyes a little at the other girl. "Don't you watch where you're like.. just standing in the way?" she asked sarcastically, though she was already studying the brunette's face. She was cute, really cute, but she was still in the goddamn way.

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2012-07-05 08:51 am UTC (link)
Today was moving in day. France was an ocean away and now Frankie was stuck in this awful place, scowling as she watched her siblings chaotically trying to sort out their luggage. Why their parents had decided to send them here insitead of New York where they were actually living was a mystery, but it probably had something to do with this place being less expensive so they could get a better apartment.

Elliot and Julian had tried valiantly to organise the group, but had stopped some time ago for a cigarette, as was in their nature. Frankie herself was smoking out of one side of her mouth and refusing to remove her glasses or her hat, even though it was getting pretty dark.

The red head appeared out of nowhere, sending her backwards and kicking her carry case currently housing a very pissed off cat. She sent out a torrent of angry French abuse and scowled at the girl. "Are you 'ere to carry my bag?" she said slowly, furrowing over the words.

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2012-07-05 09:49 am UTC (link)
"Your bag?" Tatum replied, raising her eyebrows a bit at the brunette. "No, I'm not here to carry your bag! What do I look like exactly?" She took a look down at the pissed off cat, glad that it didn't seem to be able to get free. It looked even more irritated than it's owner.

"Do you even go here?" She asked after another moment, looking Frankie over critically for a couple more moments. She definitely didn't seem familiar. Tatum shifted a bit nervously, fidgeting with the straps of her own bag on her back.

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2012-07-05 10:11 am UTC (link)
Frankie had expected at least someone to come tell them where they were supposed to go, and she sulkly perched on the end of her luggage with her chin in her hands. Digging in her bag, she pulled out a little slip detailing where her new room was, and something that said Shawnee, whatever that was. She thrust it at the other girl and looked at her pleadingly, even taking her sunglasses of for added effect.

"I don't belong here" she said, offering Tatum a cigarette. "But I suppose I shall make the best out of it" she added, not exactly answering anything with a helpful answer.

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2012-07-05 10:22 am UTC (link)
Tatum watched the other girl closely, accepting the piece of paper when it was shoved in her direction. "Oh," she said simply, reading it over. Transfer student, that made a little more sense. She was still pretty weird, but the redhead couldn't shake that initial thought, mostly how cute she was. It had never been in her nature to leave a cute girl hanging. "We're in the same house. Over there," she explained, gesturing toward the Shawnee building.

"You seem like you don't belong here.. I mean, like, no offense. You just don't," she added, accepting the cigarette instinctively before remembering, quickly holding it out to offer it back. "Can't," she murmured, a little sadly as she gestured to her stomach. Quitting was a pain in the ass, and it took loads of her willpower not to just take the cigarette anyway and smoke it like mad.

"Don't you guys have like.. those cigarette pack warnings in France? The one with the like, cigarettes will deform your baby warning?"

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2012-07-05 10:33 am UTC (link)
Frankie called Julian over to explain what the papers meant, and after a couple of minutes of watching him trying to locate all their information she rolled her eyes and turned back to Tatum. "Will you show me?" she asked, picking up the cat and tugging at one end of her suitcase.

She frowned and inspected her cigarettes. "Ma mere smoked cigarettes with all of us and we are not deformed" she sniffed. Slightly malnourished, lethargic chain smokers themselves, but they had all their arms and fingers and stuff. "Except for Alain. He's the runt" she said. "Is this a common occurrence 'ere?" she asked, pointing at Tatum's tummy. "How long do you 'ave left?"

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2012-07-05 11:04 am UTC (link)
"I could," Tatum eagerly agreed, shifting around the bag on her back again. It would probably be best to get it back inside, she didn't really care for carrying around that much heat in one trip. She was still sour about being stood up, and she couldn't even do a couple of the guy's lines to get back at him. It was a bummer. "I'm going there anyway. You're on my floor, I think."

Still craving that cigarette now, she willed herself not to ask to have it back as they walked. "I guess you look pretty normal to me," she agreed, taking a quick glance over as if checking. She wasn't sure what Frankie meant until she realized she was talking about her, and she quickly shook her head. "No! I mean, like.. I'm the only one, I think. Right now anyway. It's not super common though, it was.. a mistake-- no, an accident, yeah."

She gently gave her stomach a little pat through her tee. "Five months almost. Feels like for fucking ever, and I can't do shit all that's fun anymore.."

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2012-07-10 06:18 pm UTC (link)
Frankie shrugged, much more concerned over what her dorm would look like that the contents of this girl's womb. "Accidents happen, non?" she said, using her wand to levitate all her shit behind her.

"You wont be able to do much fun shit when it's out either" she pointed out with a small grin.

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