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Hunter Sommer ([info]texasranger) wrote in [info]blueridgeau,
@ 2012-07-05 10:48:00

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Characters: Everybody.
Setting: Night of July 4th, 2012; Sera & Hunter's apartment.
Content: NSFW! It's a party bitches, you know how we do.
Summary: Fourth of July rager at Hunter and Sera's in the middle of the week.

Honestly, Hunter could really care less that it was a Wednesday, smack in the middle of the week. It was the best holiday ever, and shit like that only ever came once a year. She had been preparing for the fourth for a number of weeks now, getting supplies and trying to figure out a way to make the apartment a little bigger. There had to be some spell for making rooms larger. She couldn't think of celebrating a holiday was essentially about drinking beer and barbeque without.. well, drinking beer and barbequing. She had invested lots of Sera's money into brews and steaks.

Once the apartment was decorated in obnoxious amounts of red, white, and blue, Hunter had set up her grill on the front lawn of their building. Much to the annoyance of her landlord and fellow tenants as more and more kids were showing up. Some people were upstairs pre-drinking already, but she was most curious where Michi and Charlie were. Probably off somewhere distracted by their whiny girlfriends, no doubt. Jenny was hot, and Tatum could be a real peach, but they were pretty annoying and always in the damn way of brotherly bonding time. And nothing was more American or brotherly than a good rager on the fourth of July.

Oh well, she figured as she continued grilling and watched more cars pulling up along the already crowded curb, at least one of them would bring drugs, and maybe Jenny would bring her hot sister. Hunter had always wanted to be in the middle of that, even if they were dumb bitches.

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8:00 - 9:00
2012-07-05 10:49 am UTC (link)
America, fuck yeah.

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9:00 - 10:00
2012-07-05 10:50 am UTC (link)

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2012-07-05 04:09 pm UTC (link)
Faith was feeling a little lost without her mini-me on her hip tonight, but she'd got a babysitter and she wasn't paying her for a full nights babysitting just to ditch the party in the beginning hours. Sipping unsurely on a beer, she had pretty much glued herself to one wall ever since she had shown up (early, it seemed).

The persons he was looking for wasn't exactly hard to spot, and when she did she made quick work of finding him and 'casually' bumping into him. "Oh, hi!" Faith said to Sasha as they bumped elbows. She looked up at him wide-eyed.

"I got a babysitter, I haven't brought a kid here" she said automatically, as if he would even think that. God, he was beautiful. She smiled and sipped her beer, her eyes never leaving his, but she didn't really know what else to say. "Great aprty" she tried, lamely.

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2012-07-05 04:21 pm UTC (link)
It hadn't been a terrible party, a few nerds had shown up but there were a few hot chicks wandering around that had caught Sasha's eyes. Just as he was about to go chasing skirts he felt a tiny bump and looked down. Great. Another nerd.

"Hey," he said casually, looking around for any excuse to dump the tiny thing quick before she got too invested in some weird, awkward conversation.

"Cool story," he said raising his eyebrows ever so slightly. "I would hope you would not bring your kid," he tried not to shake his head. He felt bad, she was always trying so hard but you could only be so cool and have a kid. "It is alright," he shrugged. "No fights yet, I have seen better."

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2012-07-09 05:27 am UTC (link)
"Shush? But why..." he looked at her, trying to see what was wrong then saw the blush creeping into her cheeks. "What are you getting all blushy for?" he asked with a goofy grin.

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2012-07-07 04:15 am UTC (link)
It was only nine and most people were still just arriving, but Jenny and Charlie had come a bit early and Jenny was already trashed. She should have known that all of those tequila shots in a row was a bad idea, even if they were body shots that still counted, and now she felt like she was on her way to breaking her non-vomiting streak.

There was a small line up of two or three people waiting outside of the bathroom, but Jenny shoved past them without a word, not even bothering to knock as she swung the door open and then stepped in, slamming it behind her. If she threw up all over Hunter's house, Charlie would probably catch shit for it.

Taking a few deep breaths and closing her eyes, she tried to calm herself down, oblivious to the fact that the bathroom was indeed occupied. Once she finally felt like she had her heaving under control, she opened her eyes again and finally did notice Sera laying in the tub. The smell of weed caught her nose instantly, making her grin. "Oh hey," she greeted the younger girl, biting her lip. Throwing up was already forgotten. "Wanna share?" the blonde asked, although she was already walking over to the tub.

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2012-07-07 03:26 pm UTC (link)
Sera had had a few tequila shots herself earlier with Hunter but was still just barely starting to get a buzz on. She was just trying to have one good joint to herself without everyone at the party wanting to get in on the rotation. It was her house she could do whatever she wanted.

She kind of hoped Jenny wouldn't notice her at all and even tried to duck down a bit in the tub. Even if practically the whole room was filled with smoke and the smell of weed, the blond could be pretty stupid. Maybe she wouldn't notice? The last thing Sera wanted right now was Jenny trying to talk her ear off or something.

When Jenny noticed her she flicked her joint in the ashtray next to the tub and sighed a bit. "Haven't you ever heard of knocking?" Sera snapped at the other girl, taking a sip of her beer before hitting the joint again. "What if I was in here taking a shit or something?" She exhaled.

"Why should I share with you? You probably couldn't even handle it.. this shit is top of the line?"

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10:00 - 11:00
2012-07-05 10:51 am UTC (link)

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2012-07-05 01:44 pm UTC (link)
It was already ten and though Meka was well buzzed, she had not yet laid claim to her prize. Spotting him in the distance she made her way over. She pushed Sim hard in the chest, knocking him into the chair that was behind him and straddled him. "What are you doing here nerd? I thought it was well past your bed time," she grinned.

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2012-07-05 01:51 pm UTC (link)
Sim hadn't even seen it coming, or her, though perhaps he knew she'd find him in the end. He'd spent most of the night playing poker with people much drunker than him, and it had been fairly easy to rinse them of everything they had. Still, no matter how smooth he may have thought he had been at the table, now that he was a prisoner he was practically hyperventilating.

"I was just earning some cash" he explained, trying to pry her off his lap, but her thighs were really strong, and bare. "Though I am pretty tired, I was just going to head home so I guess I'll see you around some other time" he tried.

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2012-07-05 01:55 pm UTC (link)
Ella had been having a pretty good time, for a party like this. It wasn't exactly wild, just the usual faces, and she'd yet to see Sam. Instead she had located her boyfriend and folded her arms and stood in front of him, pouting.

"Baby, I'm bored. Did you bring me anything?" Whoever he was talking to was much less important than her need at this time and she didn't even glance to see who it was before tossing her hair in their direction. "This place is full of nobodies."

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2012-07-05 02:00 pm UTC (link)
Hendrix had been in the middle of a deal when Ella came over and interrupted. He looked at her coolly and only smirked before turning back to his dealer. "Thanks bro," he said taking the dimebag and depositing it in Ella's pocket.

"You're welcome," he said giving her butt a little slap. "We could get outta here," he grinned. "You owe me one anyways."

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2012-07-07 03:43 am UTC (link)
Jenny wasn't sure when Hunter's girlfriend had taken off, or really remember how they had ended up in the bathtub without her shorts on, but now the tub seemed like a good enough place to lay down in. She had been drinking heavily since arriving on Charlie's arm, slipping away to go and see who was all around. She had done a couple of lines from Charlie's preggo friend, and then.. well. Somewhere between then and now, she had gotten into the tub, but she still couldn't figure when.

She vaguely remembered Sera smoking a joint in the tub earlier, and it only made her want another one. Who the fuck was around with some good green? She didn't have any money, she was pretty sure Ella had swiped her last few dollars earlier, but there were other ways to get what she wanted. She was sprawled out rather awkwardly in the bottom of the bathtub, and it took quite a bit of drunken effort to push herself into a sitting position again, hanging her arms over the side of the tub after exerting so much effort.

Now she just had to find her shorts, or at least find out how to stand up. Fuck, she needed a drink.

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2012-07-07 04:18 am UTC (link)
Charlie had been playing yet another round of beer pong with Hunter, they were the parties undefeated champions after all, when Sera had found her. It had been a long while since she had seen Jenny, and while she trusted the girl was alright, she couldn't deny that she had been a little worried. She had excused herself from the game after being penalized with shotgunning a beer to go find her girlfriend.

She checked the first floor bathroom first, Sera hadn't really told her which bathroom Jenny was actually in. When she couldn't find the smaller blonde there, she climbed the stairs to check the upstairs. Entering the first bathroom she found, she couldn't help but smile at the sight she saw. Jenny was propped up in the bathtub, obviously fucked up, missing her shorts.

"Baby," she said lovingly, walking over to the edge of the bathtub and sitting down. She brushed a few loose strands of hair out of her face and smiled down at her. "What're you doin' in the bathtub?"

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2012-07-07 03:50 pm UTC (link)
Sera had just smoked a joint with Hunter and after the one earlier with Jenny in the bathroom she was suffering from a major case of the munchies. She pushed her way through the crowd to the kitchen, hitting the fridge first for another beer. When she swung around, cracking the top off the bottle she noticed for the first time her sister rummaging around her cupboards.

"Just cause you're pregnant, doesn't mean you can eat all my food Tatum! Should you even be here in your condition? Don't you know all this smoke and stuff ain't good for them?"

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2012-07-07 04:56 pm UTC (link)
Tatum had made Sam and Michi take her to the store before the party, especially since Hunter wanted Michi to come early. She had plowed through most of what she had through, or at least picked out all of her favorite things already. Her logic was that if it was Sera's house, she was entitled to it, and she didn't have a single qualm about digging around in Sera's cupboards. She had already eaten half a box of creamsicles from the freezer around eight.

"Oh fuck off," she muttered, without even looking in her sister's direction. "I'm starving, you don't even eat half of this shit," the redhead added, pulling out some cereal and settling with that for now. She moved to the fridge to get milk, pushing past Sera without much of a care either.

"I'm out just here, nobody's smoking out here. I'm just minding my business, doing my shit. I don't think I need advice on raising kids from you either, so I'll be fine, thanks."

Rolling her eyes as she opened the milk, she looked at her sister seriously. "You stink," she added. The smell of weed was definitely tantalizing her. Quitting had been one of the hardest parts of the whole pregnancy thing, and she still found herself struggling with resistance every now and then.

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2012-07-08 02:17 pm UTC (link)
It was pretty hot at the party, especially now there were a bunch of people here, which was why Seth had taken to hanging around the refrigerator and opening it intermittently to cool off. He took out a beer some kid had just put in to get cold and grinned. Finders keepers. He took a swig and wiped his mouth with the back of his hand as he rested against the counter.

He'd lost track of his friends a while ago, well, not that they were friends. The girl's that hung around him just because he was gay, expecting him to pick out shoes for their outfits weren't exactly his buds, but they bought good pot usually. He was just thinking of finding them when he spotted something more interesting headed this way. He smirked as Rath drew closer and took another swig of his beer before accidentally knocking into the other boy as they passed each other. "Oops," he said lazily. "My bad."

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Parties weren't exactly fun when she couldn't drink or smoke anything, and the height of summer was just coming on, making her sister's shitty apartment feel incredibly humid. Even with all of the windows open in the kitchen, she still couldn't seem to cool off, but she could get by. Other than people getting drinks from the fridge, or putting them in, most people weren't paying too much attention to the kitchen. She could sit back and put her feet up, which was really all she needed, along with her DS and the snacks she had packed.

She was getting a steady sell on through the night, which was nice, she'd probably be able to buy the crib they had been looking at by the end of the week. She had seen Emma and Ruby earlier, and made sure to tell them how good she was doing while they each racked up a couple of lines for each other on Sera's kitchen table. It was all good, she figured. Michi could hang out with her friends, and she could just hang out in the kitchen and let the money roll in. Besides, since it was a party at Sera's house, she felt could do whatever she wanted, including kicking people out of the room if they got too annoying.

It was almost midnight when the craving struck her, and she found herself pausing her game and bustling around the kitchen. Throwing bread in the toaster, and looking in the fridge for eggs. She could have sworn there was a whole carton in there earlier, but she managed to locate one that had escaped whatever had happened to the rest, and she began whipping it up with a little milk. She had been craving breakfast food for most of her pregnancy so far. Eggs, bacon, waffles, toast, fresh fruit, all of it.

She had been trying to stay on a vegan diet at the beginning of the pregnancy, but it just hadn't worked out. After that first night that she got a craving for pancakes and fried ham at 3am, she caved and it was done and over. Tonight was no exception, as she put her scrambled eggs in the pan, and began to get some jam out for her toast, humming while she worked. She was basically famished.

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2012-07-09 03:57 am UTC (link)
When he first met Marney, he was terrified that he would backslide into his old lifestyle. She had always been his ideal girl; one who didn't get pushed around or walked all over, one who scared the pants off everyone around them. He had wanted to stay as far away from her as possible but then he ended up tutoring her and there was no escaping... and he couldn't deny that his feelings for her were getting stronger and morphing away from the school boy crush. It took a long time but they ended up together anyways and despite his best efforts she always dragged him out to these ridiculous parties.

He adjusted his glasses and opened another beer, he had managed to get a good buzz on but he never got drunk at these parties, too many unknown factors. He had lost track of two of the three people he wanted to talk to anyways. He hadn't seen Sim in a while, not since the tiny, angry girl assaulted the other boy. He had seen Faith running around earlier and meant to ask who Eddie was with so he could call later and check in. No matter how unplanned everything was, being a dad had been easy for Leland, in fact, it was easier than being in a relationship. He checked around the kitchen, Mars was never that far off and he knew he would be able to hear her over all the noise anyways. She was not the kind of girl someone lost.

He spotted her just outside the kitchen doorway and made a b-line for the brunette. "Hey you," he wrapped an arm around her waist and pressed a kiss to her cheek.

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2012-07-05 10:53 am UTC (link)
Comin' again to save the motherfuckin' day, yeah!

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He didn't usually drink, but his run in with Meka had really set his nerves on edge. A couple of drinks later and he really needed to pee. Wandered around, he found the bathroom pretty easy, only someone was blocking the doorway as they were lying half in and half out of the room.

"Um, are you hurt?" he asked Jenny, crouching down a little.

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Ella had lost track of Jenny, Hendrix, time, her bag of coke, her shoes, pretty much everything she needed to get home in one piece, and instead was wandering Hunter's house aimlessly, treading on sleeping bodies, sometimes just for fun. She spotted Sam and wasn't sure if he was passed out or not, but she was going to find out about these special, magic abs for herself. Bridging the gap, she knelt down next to him and lifted his shirt.

"They are pretty good abs" she agreed, prodding them with an approving finger.

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Tatum had found Sera easily enough, she had been hanging around Hunter in the living room, but finding her brother had been a bit more difficult. She didn't really want to see Rath, but rather that she didn't want to catch hell when he went on some rant later about how irresponsible she was being, coming to a party all night when she was expecting. It seemed like both of her younger siblings thought they knew everything and they both always seemed full of advice and commands, but she could handle herself. She was the only sober one anyway.

It was only polite to say goodbye though, he had been making an effort to be less of his usual pompous self lately. She wanted to go home though, and made quick work of asking around a bit to see where he had headed, and when she heard that he had gone outside, she almost sighed aloud. He was probably sparking up a joint out there, that motherfucker. Nothing made her crave a fat spliff more than watching her smug-ass siblings smoke them. Heading out into Hunter and Sera's front yard, she was making sure that all of her money was still snuggly tucked into her bra, just as she heard a door slamming on the street.

Hunter had abandoned her barbeque post hours ago, and most kids were inside or some around back, and the front yard was mostly empty. She looked up just in time to see Rath climbing down out of one of the trucks parked along the driveway on the edge of the road. She raised an eyebrow at him, from where she stood just off of the front porch. "Was that your John dropping you off?" she joked, mostly to get under his skin.

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It had been a successful night in Emma's opinion. They had moved a massive amount of product in one night, thanks to that pregnant girl, and they hadn't had to shoot anyone. All in all, things were pretty good. Emma had already made her way through her bottle of whiskey, among other things, and now she was parked intoxicated on the couch, her arm around Ruby. There was a spliff hanging lazily from her lips, and she took another hit from it before offering it to Ruby.

"Hey there sexy," she slurred, grinning sloppily at her girlfriend. She leaned over and kissed the other girl on the cheek. "We done good tonight, don't cha think?"

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