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Jenny Parry ([info]sosuccsexy) wrote in [info]blueridgeau,
@ 2012-07-07 17:46:00

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Characters: Jenny, Charlie, & Apple.
Setting: Summertime party, 2013.
Content: NSFW.
Summary: Charlie finally confronting Jenny about her problems.

Jenny had to admit that Charlie was extremely tolerant toward a lot of her behaviors. She knew that she got away with a lot, or at least that she could get away with a lot by batting her eyes. Some might have said that she was taking advantage of the other girl, but Jenny had never seen it that way. She just considered herself lucky enough to have a girlfriend that understood her, and could forgive her for some of the bad things that she did. Sometimes maybe she drank too much, and maybe sometimes things just happened.. but Charlie didn't judge her, and she was an excellent protector.

Nobody messed with Jenny that she didn't want messing with her. Jenny always tried to make sure Charlie understood that it didn't mean anything, that in the end, Jenny did love her. No one ever treated her as good as Charlie did, even if her friends were kind of rude to her sometimes. She still even picked up for her. She was a great girlfriend.

Tonight was one of those nights when she had drank a little too much, and her great girlfriend was forced to tail her around and make sure that she wasn't getting into too much trouble. It was a beach party, and most people were chilling down by the water, but the two of them had ended up staying up on the deck, sitting by Meka's pool. How they had ended up drinking Jager and beer with Apple was another story, one Jenny didn't really remember, or really care about. Apple was sexy, and he knew it, something Jenny liked. There was something about swagger that always got her, and he was somebody that she often gravitated toward at parties. It usually ended the same way each time.

Charlie was pretty close at her side tonight though, and Jenny didn't really want to part ways with either of them. She wanted to go upstairs, but how was she supposed to choose? She had asked Charlie about threesomes in the past, but had never particularly seemed game for any of it, no matter how much Jenny begged her. Something that always bothered her a little, since she was well aware of her girlfriend's infamous hook-up with Sera and Hunter the summer before. Tonight though, the odds must have been in her favor, as she found herself guiding both of them upstairs by their hands. "I know.. the coolest spot ever," she whispered, biting her lip to keep herself from giggling as she led Charlie and Apple down the hall and toward Meka's father's room. It had the nicest bed, and she really had no problems using it. She'd probably tell her friend all about it the next day, it wouldn't be the first time.

Pulling them both inside and slamming the door, Jenny was still fighting to contain her giggles as she pulled Apple closer to her, leaning up and kissing him sloppily. She was never the most graceful when she was drinking, but it was the effort that mattered. She led his hands down to her hips, smiling a little, before turning around and taking both of Charlie's hands, pulling her into the both of them. "Don't look so tense baby," she whispered, leaning over and kissing the other blonde's neck. "I'm right here."

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2012-07-07 07:06 pm UTC (link)
Charlie had tried not to let the fact that Jenny slept around bother her. Jenny made it known that she loved her. As long as Charlie only heard about the things that Jenny did instead of seeing them, she didnt mind as much. Charlie was getting tired of having to share though, Jenny was her girlfriend. At every party, Charlie would go off to find her Quod friends, and Jenny would jump around until Charlie was told to go collect her. She was tired of it, frankly.

Tonight, Charlie had decided to try something different. She had been following Jenny around, making sure the girl didn't drink too much or get into too many different drugs. Things had been going pretty well, Charlie was feeling more intoxicated than she usually got during parties, and Jenny didn't seem to mind her clingyness. They had been talking to Apple when suddenly Charlie found herself being lead up stairs by Jenny. When had they left the deck? An why was Apple trailing along with them, a stupid grin on his face?

Charlie was still trying to figure it out what the hell was going on when she saw Jenny kiss Apple. She stiffened, no one just got to put their hands all over her girlfriend if she was around. She had told Jenny time and time again she wasn't down with having a threesome. Exhaling in anger, she frowned as Jenny kissed her neck.

"Don't," she slurred. "Just...stop it right now, Jen." She shoved Apple's hands off of Jenny's hips, and moved her girlfriend out of the way. "What the fuck do you think you're doin' kissing my girl?"

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2012-07-07 07:15 pm UTC (link)
He had been doing pretty well on his own, then he somehow stumbled into Jenny and Charlie and the Jager and beer started going down a little easier. They were both looking fine and he was down for pretty much anything so there were no arguments when Jenny was suddenly pulling them up the stairs.

Apple knew what that look on Jenny's face meant, he just hoped that Charlie was down and considering that she let herself get dragged up the stairs, he thought she was. He had gotten used to Jenny's sloppy drunk kisses, she was hot enough to get away with it in his opinion, so he kissed her back, letting her hands lead the way.

He was relaxed and everything was fine until Charlie slapped his hands away and Jenny suddenly wasn't in front of him. "Hey man, chill out, I thought we were doing a thing here," he said innocently, putting his hands up and taking a step back.

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2012-07-07 07:41 pm UTC (link)
Jenny could tell that something was up with her girlfriend just from the way she had stayed so rigid while she kissed her neck, Charlie always loved getting her neck kissed, but she hadn't been expecting Charlie to react so aggressively,. She was pouting straight away as she hauled away from Apple. "Hey!" she whined, looking up at her girlfriend. "Baby, calm down. Everything's like.. cool, right? We're all cool."

She looked over at Apple for a moment, and then back to Charlie. "We're just having some fun, babe," she informed her, reaching out to try to take her hands again. "Just foolin' around.. don't you wanna fool around with me?"

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2012-07-07 10:03 pm UTC (link)
"Don't you hey man me, asshole!" Charlie said, giving Apple a shove back. It had to have been all the beer and Jager they had drank, she was usually so good at keeping her temper under control. "We are definitely not doing a thing."

Charlie rounded on Jenny next, trying not to look too angry at the pouting girl. "Jenny," she said tersely, gripping the other girl's hands. "Of course I want to fool around with you, but I already told you that I didn't want to fool around with you plus one. Especially with this clown!"

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2012-07-07 10:19 pm UTC (link)
His head was already spinning with the Jager and with the fact that things had soured so quickly. He stumbled back a bit when Charlie pushed him but he kept his hands to himself. He would never hit a girl, not even one as tough as Charlie. "Alright, alright, just chill babe," he said taking another drunken step backward.

He tried to look over at Jenny with a questioning look on his face.

"Hey! I aint no clown!" He was tempted to tell her that they had hooked up plenty of times before and Jenny had never complained once but figured under current circumstances that probably wasn't the best idea.

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2012-07-07 10:39 pm UTC (link)
"Yeah, Apple's not a clown! He's my friend.. my special friend," Jenny pouted. She really hadn't meant to upset Charlie like this, but she didn't care for the way things were unfolding. "Don't get mad at him, he's.. he's like, a Quod star. Y'know, my favorites?"

She rubbed her thumbs gently over the top of Charlie's hands, trying to calm her down. "Sera and Hunter get to do it," she added, whiny once again. "We're both here so like, that's even better, I promise it'll be good," she tried to reassure her, breaking their hand holding for a minute, long enough to pull the knot loose on the front of her beginning top. Things were quickly falling loose now that it was untied. "Pretty please? I'll let you have first dibs on like, whatever you want."

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2012-07-10 12:19 am UTC (link)
"Don't call me babe!" Charlie growled at Apple. She couldn't remember hating anyone more than she hated Apple right now. It got under her skin even more that he was a Quod player like herself, and Jenny pointing it out didn't help at all. If anything, it made her feel even worse. Was she really that disposable? Would any Quod player do?

"You have to be fucking kidding me," she spat, backing away from Jenny. "So any Quod star will do, is that it?" It was hard to deny her girlfriend, especially when she just let it all out like that. Charlie didn't like the used feeling that was now seeping into her heart. "I don't care what Sera and Hunter get to do, I'm not them Jen! I don't want to share my girlfriend! I try to turn a blind eye, and believe that everything I hear is just rumors, but I'm not about to watch the girl I love get fucked by someone else!"

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