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Sunny Garcia ([info]sunnygarcia) wrote in [info]blueridgeau,
@ 2012-07-07 20:36:00

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Characters: Sunny and Sam, later Sunny's parents
Setting: Sam's room, May 2016
Rating: NSFW, violence and swearing
Content: A slumber party turns violent

She was just under a month of getting out of there. Just a few more weeks and she could hit the road and no one would ever have to know. She wouldn't have to face her friends and tell them that she had really fucked up. Pregnant before they even finished university, she figured the important ones wouldn't care like Tatum and Michi. But Sam... it wasn't even his and that was probably the thing that drove her away the most. She had finally let herself fall into it with him just to find out she was pregnant by none other than Apple Evans. She couldn't bare the look on his face when she told him, so instead of telling anyone she made plans to just take her motorcycle and ride off. No one would suspect anything, they would just figure that was the way she was; couldn't be tethered to anything.

Sunny was letting herself enjoy the last of her time there though. She figured she would never see her friends again, so she was taking as much time with them as she could; late nights with Sam especially. It had been one of those nights turned into day turned into night again. They hadn't left bed for anything absolutely unnecessary. It was more than just sex with him. In the in between times she would read him Mexican folktales and he would tell her wild tales about his own adventures. They talked about their families, they shared secrets that no one else knew, they talked about their fears. He had given her a silver Swiss army after their first night together and after telling her about the wolf. She had given her word that she would never hold that fact against him. Sunny had never imagined she had would find someone like him; someone she gave a damn about. It broke her heart to know that she was going to have to give it up so soon.

Sam had fallen asleep before the sun even went down, holding her close with an iron grip. That was one thing she loved about him; when they were snuggled up like that, she felt like nothing could ever tear them apart, nothing could ever hurt her. It was easy to fall asleep when she felt like that. Everything felt so peaceful and right with the world.

She woke up to violence though.

There was a deep growling in the bed next to her and Sam suddenly wasn't holding her. Something was writhing in the sheets, tearing apart the entire bed. She started but remembered that this was probably likely to happen every once in awhile if you dated a werewolf. She rolled out of the bed and hit the ground hard. The wolf was right behind her though, finally freeing himself of the sheets. The wolf closed the short distance between them, baring his teeth as Sunny scrambled for a grip on anything. He backed her right up against the nightside table, growling lowly.

"S-Sam," she stuttered. "Don't you dare fuckin' bite me or I'll have to cut you," she warned, trying to keep calm. There was a rock in her stomach though and she knew she wasn't going to make it out unharmed.

The wolf took another step closer and sniffed the air around her. Her heart was racing but she was paralyzed with fear, one wrong step and the wolf might attack. Sam had always told her, if he fucked up, he would rather die than have to turn anyone else ever again. He had told her to strike hard and fast then run and don't look back. All those reminders had gone out of her head though and it was all she could do to breath. Without warning, the wolf threw his head back and howled.

The sound shook her to her very core, sending goosebumps all the way down her spine. She could feel the sound reverberating in the air around them. It all happened so fast after that. The wolf bent down and tore into her shoulder, ripping the flesh. Hot blood ran down her shoulder and pain ripped through her whole body. Instead of panic though, her hand reached up to the nightstand where her silver army knife was sitting. She swiped and hit it, sending it flying off the desk. "Fuck!" she cried out. It wasn't enough to deter her even as the wolf ripped into her shoulder again, narrowly missing her neck.

Desperately her hand searched the ground for the knife, her fingers finally wrapped around the handle and she brought it up, aimed for the wolf's face. She hit him, cutting deep from his neck to his cheek. He yelped and stepped back, the silver was steaming in her hand.

It had bought her enough time to pull herself up with her good arm. There were tears streaming down her cheeks and her hand was shaking as she trained the knife on the wolf. "Don't you fucking dare Sam Ruiz," she cried as the bleeding wolf circled her.

Something in the wolf called out stronger and won.

"Go lay the fuck down!" she hollered, tears in her voice. The wolf took off out the door and ran straight for the woods without further incident. Sunny gasped suddenly, realizing she was still losing a lot of blood. She grabbed her already blood soaked blanket and wrapped it around her shoulder. She tried to wipe the blood so Sam wouldn't know but things were getting hazy.

Just gotta lay down, a sleepy voice said in the back of her head. "Fuck no," Sunny grumbled as she hobbled out the door. As much as she wanted to crawl to Tatum and curl up and let her best friend take care of everything, she knew it wouldn't be of any use. She couldn't tell anyone about it. She just needed to make it to the hospital. She could do that.

She managed to pull on some jeans, get down to the student parking lot, and hobble to her bike but her hands were shaking, she could barely hold on. "Come on," she told herself through clenched teeth. "This could be worse," she laughed nervously. She could already feel the cold setting into her whole body. She felt woozy and weak but she forced herself to get onto her bike and start the engine. She started off her drive wobbly but she just kept telling herself that she had to make it there. Her eyes kept closing though and her bike kept pulling hard to the right where she had gotten bitten. The last thing she remembered was how everything sort of shifted and she saw how many stars there were in the sky.

Sunny woke up in the hospital with a start. She jumped high, almost detaching herself from the IVs and the machines she was hooked up to. "What the fuck?!" she yelled with a start.

One of the nurses walked over to her rather quickly with a clipboard and started checking her vitals. "You bounce back rather quickly don't you?"

"I gotta go," Sunny started pulling IVs out of her arms and sensors off her chest. "I gotta get back to campus," she still felt woozy and it only got worse when she tried to stand up.

"Settle down Miss Garcia, I don't want to have to stun you again," the nurse said in a more testy voice.

Sunny couldn't help but laugh. "Again?"

"You tried to take off on us last night. Woke up in the middle of surgery," she tssked and made a few notes. "You'll be ready for release soon enough but you were in a very serious accident last night."

Sunny racked her brain trying to remember what had happened. Sam. Her heart sunk in her chest. If she had just fixed it herself she would have been fine but no, something in her head told her to go to the damn hospital. They were all going to wonder where she was. Sam's room was a mess still and half of her stuff was in there.

"There are still some questions the authorities have about where you were just before the crash though..." the nurse looked at her shoulder suspiciously. They had seen werewolf bites before, this one was much tamer than the cases they had dealt with in the past but it was still pretty severe. She was lucky the wolf hadn't bitten any higher.

"I don't remember," she lied. She didn't want Sam to get into trouble. It was bullshit, it wasn't his fault. They both should have been more careful and paid attention to the calendar. She was just as equally at fault.


"I don't. I musta been wasted," she said shifting her eyes sideways. "I shouldn'ta been riding my bike anyways. So... I'm just gonna..." she tried to swing her feet over the side of her bed but her whole body protested. "Fuck," she laid back in defeat. "I just really need to get home."

"I'm sure you do," the nurse sighed. "We need to talk first though. You do realize you've been bitten by a werewolf right?"

Sunny stared at her blankly, then her eyes flicked to her shoulder.

"Yes. That."

Sunny shrugged. "I know. Take wolfsbane every full moon, find a safe place to run, etcetera, etcetera," she rolled her eyes. "Can I go now?"

"And you know that because..."

"I'm a fuckin' senior at Blue Ridge University! Of course I know this shit!"

"Your next of kin have been notified but haven't arrived yet..."

"Fuck! You called my parents?!" she covered her face and sighed. This was the worst. She had lied to them once already about ending up in the hospital in Mexico when Hector put her there. She didn't want to have to lie to them all over again. "They aint gonna be here until..."

The door to her room flew open and almost the entire Garcia clan poured. "Sun! What happened?!" Katherine was at her side, pampering her and dabbing at her forehead before she could even protest.

Sunny growled. "I'm fine guys, I just fell off my bike," she tried to pull away but everything hurt too much. She eventually settled into it and let her mother do as mother's would.

"What is this about a bite?" Emmanuel asked taking his daughter's hand. "The doctor said it was serious Sunny, that there were consequences. What the hell happened? Who did this to my little girl?"

"Daddy, stop," Sunny moaned. "I don't know what happened so let's just... let's just keep this a family matter okay?"

"I knew that having them damn wolves on campus was a terrible idea. Your headmaster is a crackpot if you ask me!"

"Daddy stop. I'm fuckin' fine. Just let it slide for once will ya? I need some damn coffee. Can you guys do that for me? I just... I just woke up."

Katherine and Emmanuel looked at each other and finally nodded. "Alright, alright," Katherine said. "Come . on kids, let's go get some breakfast," she ushered everyone out of the room.

Just when Sunny thought she had some peace the door flew open again. "So who was it? Your girlfriend or your boyfriend?" Lupe sneered, popping up at the edge of Sunny's bed.

"Fuck off Loop," Sunny warned.

Just then her phone buzzed in her jeans pocket which were hanging on the chair next to her bed. "Ooo! Let's see who it is!" Lupe was quick and snatched the phone away. "Sam wants to know what the fuck happened last night," she laughed. "What should I tell him? You turned into a monster and ripped my fucking shoulder apart or should we go with something more gentle like... Well now we can make really cute puppies?"

"Don't you fucking dare Lupe," Sunny growled, sitting up and snatching the phone away with surprising strength. I left before you turned. Tried to take a ride on my bike late though, fell right off. I'm an asshole, I'll be fine though. Don't worry, I'm almost outta here. xo She typed out the message and hit send before Lupe even knew she didn't have the phone anymore.

"What the fuck Sun? Your boyfriend turns you into a flea bag and you don't let him know about it? That's fucked up."

"Don't you say a fuckin' word."

"Whatever weirdo," Lupe rolled her eyes. "You wanna be a dog for the rest of your life, have fun," she hopped off the edge of the bed. "Just don't ask me to give you flea bath."

After a lot of arguing and proving that she was just fine, she was released later that day and despite every instinct telling her to stay away, she ended up right back in Sam's arms that night. He snuggled into her, losing himself in her hair when he noticed something was a little off. His senses were still pretty hightened and he could smell something a little off. "What is that?" she asked into the back of her neck.

"What?" she mumbled.

"You smell like me..."

Her heart jumped in her chest. For a split second she didn't think she would be able to get away with lying. She would have to pack it up right there and run. So long graduation. Then it came to her. She forced herself to start laughing. "Are you really that surprised Melchor Samuel David Ruiz. You've been all over me, the wolf scent probably rubbed off."

She waited tentatively until finally Sam laughed. "Yeah, you're probably right."

"Hey..." Sam said after a few moments of silence. "Have you seen my summertime shirt? I looked for it like all morning?"

Sunny wrinkled her nose. She knew exactly where the damn shirt was, she had destroyed it along with her blanket earlier that evening. "No babe, I haven't," she lied. "We'll just have to get you a new one."

"Okay," he agreed sleepily. "Nini," he kissed the back of her neck.

"Good night," she said quietly.

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