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charliemanson ([info]charliemanson) wrote in [info]blueridgeau,
@ 2012-07-09 11:48:00

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CHARACTERS: Faith, Sasha and Eddie
SETTING: Faith's place
SUMMARY: Freaking out upon realisation that you've spent the night at a girl's house and not had sex with her.

Faith had all but forgotten that Sasha was currently asleep on her couch. Sasha. The boy she had been basically in love with ever since he moved here, had hung out with her at a party. It was too unbelievable, and when the patter of tiny feet alerted her to the fact that she should be up, she had chalked it all up to a dream.

Usually Eddie would have crawled into bed with her, cribs were pretty useful things, kind of like a baby jail that meant they couldn't escape, but now that she was in a real bed it was harder to get her to stay in one place for the whole night. Faith was regretting drinking as her head felt fuzzy, but her curiosity over where her daughter was currently, and what trouble she was getting into made her slide out of bed, where she saw her daughter talking to the sleeping mass of Sasha. She had arranged a sort of mountain of toys on the boy's chest and was happily chatting away to him, even if he was still asleep. "I have lots of teeth" Eddie told Sasha, though she doubted he'd understand her baby talk, especially if he was feeling how she was feeling.

Faith tugged at her tshirt and sot of wished she'd at least brushed her bed hair before she came out as Ed finally noticed her and ran, squealing, to hide behind her legs. "Hi" Faith said, unsure if Sasha was actually awake yet. "Do you want some coffee?"

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2012-07-09 07:10 pm UTC (link)
Sasha had woken up to two small pats on his chest. He was about to tell his roommate to fuck off when he half opened one eye to see what on Earth his roommate would need to wake him up for on the morning after a rager when he realized the two tiny hands that were piling toys onto his chest were definitely not big enough to belong to anyone he knew.

An adorable little face popped up over the heap and started babbling to him but he did clearly understand 'hi!' among the childish ramble. "What are you doing?" he asked sweetly.

She started explaining but he couldn't understand a word, just "oh"ed and "aw"ed as she rambled. He had never really dealt with kids before but she seemed pretty content to pile toys on his chest and ramble on so he figured he was doing an alright job.

It wasn't until he heard Faith that he tipped his head back and grinned at her. "Good morning. Eddie hear was just introducing herself and her plethora of toys. Coffee would be great though."

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2012-07-09 07:17 pm UTC (link)
"Oh well, it's important that you get to know everyone that lives here, and that includes her babies. Otherwise it'd be pretty embarrassing when she makes you have a tea party and you forget everyone's names" Faith laughed, shuffling into the tiny kitchen with Eddie hanging off her leg.

"How's your head?" she called. "I don't think those shots were a very good idea."

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2012-07-09 07:21 pm UTC (link)
Sasha feigned disgrace. "I would never forget the names of such lovely dollies," he smirked. "What kind of house guest could I call myself?" he joked.

When Faith walked into the kitchen, he started removing the toys one by one and carefully piling them on the floor next to the couch. Once he was free of the toys he sat up and his head suddenly felt like it was spinning. "Ugh," he groaned, laying back down. "They would have been fine if someone did not challenge me to doubles," he laughed, closing his eyes for a moment. "How are you?"

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2012-07-09 07:26 pm UTC (link)
"A sane one, for starters" she shot back, fetching juice for Eddie and fixing two cups of strong coffee. She grinned as she appeared again, thrusting a cup into his hand and sitting on the end of the couch, trying not to look at him. If she didn't look at him, he wouldn't feel weird, or realise who had come home with.

"I feel like sh- sugar." She smoothed down Eddie's almost identical bed head. "A steaming pile of sugar. Were we throwing eggs?"

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2012-07-09 07:37 pm UTC (link)
He forced himself to sit up, leaning heavily against the couch. He accepted the cup of coffee graciously and sipped. "Sweet nectar," he mumbled into the cup.

He grinned at Faith's cover. "Me too," he nodded. At her question, he nearly spit a sip of coffee out and snorted in laughter. "Oh yeah," he laughed after finally swallowing the coffee. "We absolutely did."

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2012-07-09 08:30 pm UTC (link)
"Oh jeez, I will buy them new eggs. We're little assholes" she laughed, covering Eddie's ears briefly before flicking the TV on for her to be distracted by.

"I hope they didn't get into trouble for it. But I guess their neighbours would be P.O'd already from you know, a hundred kids running riots" she rambled.

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2012-07-09 08:55 pm UTC (link)
"You will do no such thing," he said pointing at her. "It was my brilliant idea so if anyone is going to replace them, it will be me."

"Their neighbors are probably already angry all the time just living next to them," he grinned. "I do not think a little egg on their windows will really put them over the edge," he laughed.

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2012-07-11 07:25 pm UTC (link)
"Very true" Faith agreed. She didn't know the girls well enough, but it was plain to see that they could get wild if they put their mind to it.

She blew on her coffee and looked at Sasha over the rim. "I had fun last night" she said, smiling. She really hadn't expected to, and she definitely hadn't expected to have him stay on her couch either.

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2012-07-11 07:40 pm UTC (link)
He grinned. "I had fun too. I should drag you out more often, huh?" he nudged her knee a little with his hand. "I am going to catch hell from my room mate though," he said leaning into the couch comfortably. It was out before he could stop himself. That was no way to talk to a lady.

"You know, for leaving him there," he said trying to cover for himself. Lie, he heard a little voice in the back of his head. "Not for hanging out with you." Lie. "I do not think he even knows you!" Lieeeeeeeee.

Sasha would definitely catch shit from the guys no matter what he told them. If he told them the truth they would rag on him until he did something stupid but if he lied he would still get hell for it. "By the way," he said switching gears. "You owe me a thunder cats night."

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2012-07-12 04:37 pm UTC (link)
Faith raised an eyebrow as Sasha's cover up and smiled behind her mug. "I know they think I'm this terrible, geeky girl" she said plainly. Better to address this now so Sasha didn't have to keep panicking about what he was going to let slip next. "I don't care, they can think what they want. I know I'm pretty cool" she joked, fussing with Eddie's hair and twirling it round her finger.

She brightened at the mention of Thundercats and even Eddie spun round with wide eyes. "I sure do! With snacks and stuff. I nerd party" she laughed.

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2012-07-12 05:35 pm UTC (link)
He was about to protest but she went on anyways. He finally sighed in relief and sipped on his coffee "They are a-" he paused, catching himself. "My friends are jerks and I am kind of a jerk too," he shrugged. "You are awesome though," he admitted with a grin.

"Yeah! I am so ready for this. What should I bring and when?" He asked with big eyes.

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2012-07-12 06:48 pm UTC (link)
"Well, I guess everyone is entitled to be a jerk at some point in their life. I was a huge jerk when I had a baby in me" she said wryly.

"How about next weekend? I'm sure Leland would be stoked to have Ed overnight. I mean, not that it needs to be overnight, if you don't want it. Nothing you know, weird. Or just. Just watching films" she rambled, holding a hand to her forehead. "I'll just stop talking!"

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2012-07-12 06:59 pm UTC (link)
"I think having a baby in you is a better excuse for being a jerk than any excuse I could come up with," he grinned. "I could not imagine how... weird that must have been. Like a little baby with the baby fingers and feet," he laughed, pawing at the air.

"Next weekend would be lovely. I would not mind it being overnight, of course nothing weird or uncouth. I pride myself on my good manners," he smirked.

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2012-07-12 07:35 pm UTC (link)
"It's pretty weird, especially when they kick you from the inside" Faith tried to explain, prodding Eddie in the ribs until she giggled.

Faith had to smile at what he had said. Good manners? She supposed fighting was excellent manners, like slapping someone round the face with a glove and challenging them to a duel. "Well that's good to know." She smirked back, unsure if this was flirting or if she looked like an ass. "I will provide the snacks, you just have to provide yourself!"

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2012-07-12 07:44 pm UTC (link)
"You are very cute little one but I would not like you to kick me from the inside," he grinned at Eddie.

"Are you sure you have looked at me properly? I am like a bear and bears will eat you out of house and home," he joked. "Perhaps I should bring an entire pantry."

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