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Sim Burford ([info]sim) wrote in [info]blueridgeau,
@ 2012-07-14 17:17:00

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CHARACTERS: Sim and Meka
SETTING: Their apartment
CONTENT: Swearing? Probably.
SUMMARY: Oops Baby is finally announced!

It was an ordinary sort of night, Sim had got back from college early and tried to cook some dinner for him and Meka, which had turned out largely inedible, and with sheepish apologies he had ordered them pizza. He was currently sat on their couch, supposedly studying but half watching some show about nazi's or something on the TV as he played with Meka's hair, running his hand through it without realising he was doing it. It was a force of habit.

"My mom invited us over for dinner" Sim suddenly remembered, looking pained. "Next Saturday. It's so far in advance, I couldn't even think of an excuse to get out of it" he explained, scrunching his face up and looking at his girlfriend with puppy-dog eyes. "Sorry."

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2012-07-14 05:32 pm UTC (link)
Meka had noticed it a few weeks earlier; slight weight gain, mood wings, nausea, and unfortunately sensitivity to strong odors and tastes. She hadn't been able to hide it from her classmates at the culinary school, they suggested she was pregnant before she even thought about it but from Sim, that was another thing. She didn't know how to approach it, didn't even know where to begin. She knew she had to tell him but he would probably have a nerd-o freak out and she just couldn't handle that. Her time was running out and she was starting to show; a little belly forming, she even had to take out her belly button ring. He didn't seem to notice anything was amiss though, even when she started wearing looser fitting clothes.

She appreciated when he attempted to cook for them, it was sweet but it set off her nausea like nothing else could. She felt bad about it and tried to make up for it by snuggling up to him after dinner.

She was quite content to spend another quiet night at home watching documentaries, almost falling asleep as he ran his fingers through her hair. Her eyes flew open right away when he mentioned his mother. "Ugggh," she groaned. "Great, just what I need. She fuckin' hates me, she udoesn't think I'm good enough for you. Why does she bother with these torturous dinner invites?" she complained grumpily.

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2012-07-14 05:37 pm UTC (link)
Sim had noticed Meka had been kind of pissed off a lot recently, even though she could get riled up it wasn't usually at him, but these past few weeks he seemed to keep doing something wrong, so he was glad for a cuddle and a day that had gone by without them arguing.

He smiled at her dismay, kissing the top of her head. "She doesn't hate you, she just worries. You know, that you'll corrupt me" he joked. "Jason will be back from college, so at least he'll be there too" he tried to appease her.

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2012-07-14 05:40 pm UTC (link)
Her discontent only got worse. "Oh that's real fuckin' rich. Me corruptin' you. She just gonna fuckin' love me when she finds out that I'm p-" she caught herself and stared at her bare feet.

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2012-07-14 05:45 pm UTC (link)
Sim went pale and frowned. "You're what?" he asked.

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2012-07-14 05:52 pm UTC (link)
She pushed away from him, forcing herself to get up from the couch. Running a hand through her hair she began to pace in front of him. "Ya know, you're the smartest fuckin' kid I know but you can be a real jackass sometimes," he chastised him. "Like common sense wise? You're about as sharp as a god damn marble!" Fuck, she was screaming again, that couldn't be good for the baby.

She stopped in front of him and took a few deep breaths. "I'm sorry, this fuckin' nicotine withdrawal is killing me," she said a bit more calmly, but her voice still right. She hadn't had a single cigarette since the day the doctor had shown her the tiny little heart beat on the monitor.

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2012-07-14 05:58 pm UTC (link)
He was being shouted at again, and watched her pacing slightly mystified. "Finds out you're what" he said again, though the smoking comment pretty much confirmed it. He hadn't even noticed she had stopped.

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2012-07-14 06:01 pm UTC (link)
She felt tears pressing on her eyes. She didn't even know why, she figured it probably had something to do with the crazy hormones. She wiped at her eyes and put a hand on her belly. She couldn't quite bring her eyes to his because if he didn't want the baby... if he didn't want her anymore... she couldn't handle it. "I'm uh... I'm fuckin' pregnant okay?" she finally admitted as she started to cry.

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2012-07-14 06:06 pm UTC (link)
As soon as she said it he felt like he had gone deaf, everything seemed to mute and he could hear his own heartbeat in his ears. "Well, shit" he muttered, trying to let it sink in.

After a few minutes, he noticed she was crying and pulled her onto his lap, wrapping his arms around her. "It's okay" he soothed, feeling like he might vomit. "That explains a lot. I thought you hated me" he mumbled into her shoulder and he placed light kisses on her.

"We'll figure it out" he said, trying to muster some sort of authority into his voice. What about travelling ,or having fun? None of that once they had a kid. "We're gonan be okay."

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2012-07-14 06:15 pm UTC (link)
Meka stood in silence for what felt like forever as Sim let it sink in. His first response had not been very reassuring but when he pulled her into his lap she felt like she was finally not alone in the whole damn mess.

She snuggled into him, pressing her face against his shoulder. She felt safer in his lap, like nothing bad could happen. It was a good feeling that she didn't want to go away. She kissed his neck lightly. "I could never hate you idiot," she laughed. "My hormones are insane. One minute I'm screaming and the next I'm crying like a little bitch."

"I'm sorry Sim," she said. "I'm sorry I've been taking everything out on you the past few weeks. I've been a monster."

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2012-07-14 06:18 pm UTC (link)
"It's been like being back at school" he joked softly. Thinking back to school, he never thought he'd ever have a girlfriend, last not a baby. "We're having a baby" he said in a almost zombie-state.

"That's fu- that's weird" he said simply. "How did it even happen?"

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2012-07-14 06:32 pm UTC (link)
She laughed lightly. Meka had spent the better part of her years at the academy torturing Sim and embarrassing the hell out of him, she never thought they would end up like this. "Yeah well you're the only one I would ever want this to happen with, ya know, if it had to happen," she murmured against his shoulder.

Meka stretched up and kissed his lips. "It's fucked up," she grinned, wiping away at the tears still on her cheeks.

She had learned from the doctor that she was about two months and tried to put together the dates from there. "Remember that party? We were a little too drunk and we ended up barely making it home," she suggested. "Or it could have been like... a broken condom at any time like two months ago," she shrugged.

"I didn't even... I didn't even think it was possible, like... I know you could have gotten me this way but I just didn't think..." she couldn't properly finish a thought, just kept on stopping and starting.

"I saw the baby's heart beat at the doctor's office," she said suddenly.

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2012-07-14 06:40 pm UTC (link)
"I never thought, I never even thought it could happen" he said. "Like I didn't have it in me" he carried on, stupidfied. Still, he smiled at the memory of that party.

"Oh, yeah. That must have been it" he laughed a little, but his eyes grew wide. "Was it weird? I wish I had been there" he said, placing a hand on her tummy gingerly. "Do you think it can feel that?" he asked.

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2012-07-14 06:50 pm UTC (link)
"I did't either," she admitted with a small laugh. "I mean, I thought I would hate it, like... I didn't wanna be a mom but then I found out and it just... I wanna be good for this little punkin," she said sweetly.

Meka laughed. It had been a fun party. "It was totally weird, he squirted this jelly stuff on my belly and it was totally intrusive but there it was, a tiny little heart beat and I just... I should have asked you to come. I shoulda told you I thought I was pregnant then but I was freaked out," she frowned.

She put her hands over his and smiled warmly. "Some moms have their babies listen to soothing music while they're in there so I figure if babies can hear, they can probably feel too, right?" she hypothesized. "It definitely feels better when I'm calm like this though," she admitted lazily.

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2012-07-14 07:01 pm UTC (link)
"Well, you don't have to start wearing mom jeans or anything yet" he joked. "You'll be the best mom2 he concluded, kissing her temple, some of the colour returning to his face.

"I'm gonna make sure you stay calm the whole time" Sim promised, transferring her to the sofa and wrapping his arms around her until they were spooning. "You wont have to lift a finger."

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2012-07-14 07:12 pm UTC (link)
She laughed and shook her head. "I will never wear mom jeans. That is a promise," she said firmly. She closed her eyes as he kissed her temple and smiled warmly. "You'll be an amazing poppa," she snuggled into him when he moved them to the couch. She felt like crying all over again but for a different reason.

"Not to mention the best boyfriend ever," she giggled. "But honey... don't worry about the cooking anymore," she turned and kissed him gently. "I am going to culinary school you know," she smiled.

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2012-07-14 07:29 pm UTC (link)
"Yeah, well. I still order good pizza!" he defended himself. It was like the air had cleared between them and he gave her a little squeeze.

"Should we tell my mom? She is going to flip."

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2012-07-14 07:36 pm UTC (link)
She felt better after telling Sim, she wasn't angry with him especially now knowing that he was going to supportive. Of course he was going to be supportive, he was a good guy. "I love you Simon Buford," she whispered, kissing him again. "You and your delivery pizza."

"Oh fuck," she sighed, feeling more tired than pissed off. "She's gonna fuckin' say something and we're gonna get upset and it's gonna be a fuckin' shit show," she mumbled.

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2012-07-14 07:51 pm UTC (link)
"At least Jason will be there. Three against one" he tried to comfort her. His brother always sided with him.

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2012-07-14 07:57 pm UTC (link)
She pouted. "I suppose we have to tell her eventually right?" she sighed. She had to admit she was even more worried about telling Sim's mother than she was about telling her own father. "I'm telling you though, she's gonna call over a damn priest the second she hears and try to get us fuckin' married in the kitchen," she laughed.

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