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Meka Palakiko ([info]onlywaiting) wrote in [info]blueridgeau,
@ 2012-07-14 20:28:00

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Characters: Meka, Sim, and Sim's family
Setting: Sim's mother's house
Rating: NSFW, language forever
Content: Meka and Sim break the news to Sim's mother

She had been dreading the Saturday family dinner all week and it was finally upon them. Meka had insisted on making appetizers and dessert so she had something to occupy herself all day. Stuffing tiny baby mushrooms and tiny baby cakes was something easy and almost mindless. It was enough to keep her mind off things.

When the time came to Floo over to Sim's mother's house, Meka collected her two dishes and found Sim in the house. She slipped her hand into his and smiled up at him nervously. "You ready hon?" she asked in a small voice.

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2012-07-15 06:08 am UTC (link)
Sim had been dreading this day for a long time, and it wasn't even the baby stuff, but the rest of it that made him feel a bit sick. When Meka came and found him he tried to smile. "You look great" he said, kissing her hand, his eyes flicking to the dishes in her hands. Those could be a problem. "I'll carry them" he said, taking the plates off her. They could walk to the nearest floo, Sim was anxious about apparating when the baby was still so small.

"Ready as I'll ever be" he sighed.

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2012-07-15 06:18 am UTC (link)
"Thanks," she said flattening the front of her dress when he relieved her of the dishes. She hated it but being around Sim's mother made her try a little harder to be presentable in the dress department. She had felt pretty damn inadequate after their first meeting.

"I suppose that makes two of us," she admitted, swallowing hard as they left. It wasn't a very long trip because of the floo network, maybe even a little too short in Meka's opinion as they neared the house. She gave his hand a squeeze. "Last minute to back out and say one of us came down with the plague," she half joked.

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2012-07-15 06:25 am UTC (link)
"I don't think she'd buy it, plague's been wiped out for way too long" he said miserably. Visiting his mom before Meka was bad enough, she always favourited Sim over Jason and all of them knew it, but it also meant she could fly into rages whenever he put a foot wrong. That woman had terrified him of girls for a good part of his life.

Sim hadn't even knocked on the front door before it was opened by his mom, who tugged him into a awkward hug that made him blush. He was way too old for this shit. Ignoring Meka, her eyes fell on the dishes. "Um, Meka wanted to help out and, she's getting really good and she brought them for you" he rambled as his mom took the dishes without a word, but a pinched expression. "I'll just leave them here" she said, pushing them to the back of the kitchen counter and ushering them both into a living room, where Jason was waiting. He looked as miserable as them.

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2012-07-15 06:37 am UTC (link)
"Damn," she muttered. She was going to add more before Sim was tugged away from her side.

Meka tried to suppress the small satisfaction that came from annoying Marina with her dishes. She followed along, close to Sim's side as they were ushered into the living room. "Hey Jason," Meka said smiling weakly, trying to relieve some of the tension. She didn't even know what to do. She took Sim's hand in one and fiddled with her necklace in the other.

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2012-07-15 07:00 am UTC (link)
Jason smiled weakly and waved, going back to pretending to watch the TV in an effort to block out what was going to be an excruciating few hours. Sim squeezed her hand and led her to the sofa, where he sat and lent in close to Jason.

"What's she been like today?" Sim asked in a hushed voice. Jason shook his head in reply. "You don't wanna know" he muttered back to both of them, making Sim's heart sink.

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2012-07-15 07:06 am UTC (link)
Meka inched slightly closer and leaned her head against Sim's shoulder briefly. Their whole situation was about to get a million times worse with their announcement. "It'll be over soon," she whispered to both of them. She knew if anyone was going to get berated today it would be her.

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2012-07-15 07:11 am UTC (link)
Suddenly Marina was stood in the doorway, half smiling and half scowling. "Dinner's ready" she sing-songed and led them to the table. Jason took the seat as far away from everyone as possible, he was the smart one, and Sim was forced to sit opposite his mother with Meka next to him. It sort of looked like a lesson or something, with her one one side of the table and the three of them lined up on the other. Meka's dishes were no where to be seen which ticked him off already. He put his hand on her knee and watched his mom fill up their wine glasses.

"This looks great" he said weakly.

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2012-07-15 07:17 am UTC (link)
Meka settled in next to Sim, taking comfort in his hand on her knee. She slipped her hand over his under the table and remember to take a deep breath before smiling and nodding. "Yeah, thanks for having us over," she said quietly, not making eye contact with the woman sitting across the table.

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2012-07-15 07:27 am UTC (link)
"It seems Simon wont go anywhere without you these days" Marina said coolly, making Sim tense up. He bowed his head and clenched his fork in one hand.

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2012-07-15 07:29 am UTC (link)
"Well Sim and I have been together for a long time now so it should come as no surprise that we chose to spend our time together," she said in a level voice, her grip tightening on Sim's hand.

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2012-07-15 07:33 am UTC (link)
Marina gave a small smile and took a bite of her food, chewing it slowly. "I suppose most of these ,i>relationships</i> end somewhere after high school. I am surprised you've managed to keep hold of him for so long." It was a horrible thing to say, but her tone was light and it was hard to distinguish what she was getting at. Jason took a big swig of wine and started coughing violently, but Marina ignored him.

"Mom," Sim said through clenched teeth. "I love her."

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2012-07-15 07:39 am UTC (link)
"Lucky for us we're not just some common relationship," Meka almost growled. "And you're just going to have to get used to it," she said matter-of-factly.

"And I love him," she said looking at her boyfriend with a big smile.

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2012-07-15 07:47 am UTC (link)
Sim smiled back and gave her belly a little pat under the table. "It's the real deal" he said quietly.

"How touching" Marina replied sarcastically. "And I suppose you're going to stay together forever. He can't do anything for himself, do you do everything for him? You'll get tired of that before long" his mother scoffed.

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2012-07-15 07:50 am UTC (link)
"Real deal," she repeated quietly.

She snapped her attention back to Marina and rose an eyebrow. "I don't know how you can sit across the table from this amazing person right in front of you and just assume the worst of him. Sim is perfectly capable of taking care of himself. Our relationship works because we're both independent people with a balanced work load in the house," her voice was tight.

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2012-07-15 08:02 am UTC (link)
Marina smiled. "How's his cooking improving?" She looked at the pair of them triumphantly. Jason cleared his throat and stared out of the window.

Sim sighed. "Just stop" he asked, wrapping an arm around Meka's shoulders. "Don't rise to it" he mumbled.

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2012-07-15 08:07 am UTC (link)
"He doesn't need to cook. I'm in culinary school, I'm going to get paid to cook some day," she said her voice light and pleasant. "But his cooking is coming along just fine," perhaps that was a bit of an overstatement.

She backed down when Sim asked her to though. There were a thousand nasty things that she could say to Marina but she clamped her mouth shut into a pleasant smile. Their kids were going to stay as far away from her as possible.

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2012-07-15 09:24 am UTC (link)
Marina's face turned sour. "Yes, I suppose culinary school is the next best choice when you can't get into college" she sniped. Sim stared between them, dumbfounded.

"You're not eating" she chided all three of them.

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2012-07-15 09:29 am UTC (link)
Meka's jaw tightened and her neck and face began to redden. She took an ungrateful bite of potatoes and grimaced. "The culinary course is just as challenging and takes just as much dedication as regular college," she muttered.

She kept pushing food around on her plate miserably. She could have out-cooked thay muck any day.

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2012-07-15 09:33 am UTC (link)
"It takes a lot of talent to stick at it, people screaming at you all day. She'd be wasted on college" Sim piped up, looking more defiant.

The atmosphere was icy to put it lightly. "Usually you would be on your second glass of wine by now" Marina noticed. "Have you realised it is unsightly for a young woman to drink so much?" Sim looked at Meka, if only he could read her thoughts. He just shrugged helplessly.

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2012-07-15 09:38 am UTC (link)
"Thanks honey," she wiped her mouth and leaned over to kiss him on the cheek.

"Your company never has helped with my wine count," Meka said with a chilling cheerfulness. She pushed the wine glass out in front of her though and looked across the table defiantly. "Truth is though," she looked at Sim one last time before turning her attention back to Marina.

Very clearly and with a purpose in every syllable Meka made their announcement. "Sim and I are expecting a baby."

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2012-07-15 09:42 am UTC (link)
Jason was nearly choking again, just catching himself short of falling out of his chair. He gasped. "You're knocked up?!" he cried at Meka, though not unkindly. Sim nodded and turned back to his mom, who calmly set her knife and fork down and looked at them both across the table.

"I wont allow it" she said clearly. "There is no way in hell you are having a baby" she carried on. Sim licked his lips and pushed his chair out in case they needed to make a swift exit. "We are, and there's n-nothing you can do to stop us" he shot back.

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2012-07-15 09:45 am UTC (link)
Meka patted Jason on the back. "Take it easy there big guy," she encouraged him.

She scoffed at Marina though. "We're both adults living out own lives. There's not shit you can do about it," she said dropping all false exteriors.

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2012-07-15 09:51 am UTC (link)
"You do not use that word in my house!" Marina shouted, her voice making Sim jump from the change in volume.

"You can't yell at her, she's pregnant!" he spluttered, ducking just in time as a wine glass was thrown at his head and crashing down the wall behind them.

"Look what she's done to you!" his mother carried on, raving. "You were such a good boy and now you're both filth! Living in sin!" She was practically clawing at her own face and Jason was pointing his wand at her. "What do I do!?" he shouted about her.

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2012-07-15 09:59 am UTC (link)
Everyone was in a damn panic and it was all Meka could do not to roll her eyes. She had dealt with her alcoholic father for years and thrown wine glasses were just the tip of the iceburg. She sighed and slapped herself in the forehead. "Just sedate her," she groaned.

Meka got up and used a siphoning and repair spell to fix up the broken wine glass on the ground behind them. She honestly just didn't want to sit across from Marina and listen to her berate them any longer.

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2012-07-15 10:03 am UTC (link)
Jason cast a sleeping charm and Marina slumped, her hair on her dinner plate as she started gently snoring.

"I think we should tell your dad over the phone" Sim muttered, getting up and pushing his chair in. "Let's get out of here" he said to the two of them, taking one last look at his mom before beckoning the other two to follow him. "Let's go get some damn ice cream."

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2012-07-15 10:06 am UTC (link)
"I think you're right. I'll leave a voice mail on the drunk's machine tonight," she said pushing in her own chair and setting the repaired wine glass on the table.

Meka squished herself against Sim like being close to him would somehow fix everything that had gone wrong. "Sorry I turned you into a tramp," she gave him a little mischievous grin. "Ice cream sounds damn good."

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2012-07-15 10:09 am UTC (link)
"I'll drive!" Jason chimed in, picking his his mom's keys from the coffee table. "Bye mom I'm taking your car hope that's okay" he said, running out of the house.

"Yeah well, I'm sorry I even brought you here so I guess we're about even" he said, kissing her forehead and leading her out of the house. "You can have any flavour you want, I swear!"

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2012-07-15 10:14 am UTC (link)
She couldn't help but laugh at Jason's antics as he ran from the house.

"I could have been better behaved," she admitted a bit ruefully. She got up on her toes and gave Sim a chaste kiss. "You're still the best," she said walking with him toward the car.

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