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Emma Thompson ([info]wipeoutqueen) wrote in [info]blueridgeau,
@ 2012-07-27 15:35:00

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Characters: Emma, Ruby, and Marney.
Setting: Summerland, California in 2010
Rating: NSFW
Content: Emma kills Ruby's dirtbag boyfriend and Mars takes the rap.

Emma wasn't really sure when she had lost Ruby in the crowd but she had been distributing on her own for at least a half hour now. It wasn't that Ruby couldn't handle her self on her own. Mars had made sure that both Emma and Ruby could operate alone if they needed to. The piece that Emma had tucked in the front of her shorts wasn't just for show. Neither was the knife she had in her shoe. It was all part of the game, and Emma was an eager player. Not that she had ever had to use any of it, not yet anyway. She knew the kind of things Mars got up to, and now that she had allowed them to join up, she knew that it was only a matter of time before something happened.

Emma finished up her current business transaction, stuffing the money in her already full pocket. She was beginning to get worried now. The last glimpse she had caught of her best friend was taking a line with her boyfriend. Even when Ruby went off at a party to spend time with him, she always joined back up with Emma after twenty minutes at the most. Emma hated the guy. He wasn't good enough for Ruby, not to mention he was a pig. She used to complain about him to Marney when Ruby was out until the older girl had begun accusing her of being in love. It was the most ridiculous thing she had ever heard, there was no way she was in love with Ruby. The girl was just her best friend, and Emma just had her best interest at heart. Plus, the guy was an asshole.

Fishing a joint out of her pocket, she lit it up before beginning her quest to track Ruby down. She found Mars standing near the beerpong table, chatting up a girl that Emma vaguely recognized. "Hey," she said, tilting her chin in greeting. "Have you seen Ru?"

"Last I saw she was heading up stairs with Rob," Mars told her, shrugging. "You two better not be fucking around and losing money."

Emma just grunted in response, scowling as she stalked away from Marney towards the stairs. It wasn't jealousy, it couldn't be. It was just unlike Ruby to disappear for so long when they had business to do. She wanted to be Marney's right hand woman one day, and she was very driven. Emma was just investigating because of business, she needed Ruby to help her move product. She climbed the stairs, blowing out a plume of smoke as she reached the top and snuffing out the roach on the wall.

There were five closed doors that stared back at her, and Emma hesitate as the smoke cleared. "Ru?" she called out loudly.

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2012-08-07 10:12 pm UTC (link)
Ruby wasn't really sure when she had lost track of herself, but she was wishing that she had sobered up quicker. Or found a less appalling way to sober up anyway. She gave Rob another shove back, pulling the blanket tighter around herself and narrowing her eyes at him. "No!" she told him firmly, though her voice was wavering. Her hand reached out, groping for the nearest thing on her dresser, and grabbing up a jewelry box and holding it up in her best attempt at brandishing a weapon. "Fuck off, Ru. Seriously," her boyfriend laughed, rolling his eyes, which were still extremely red and squinted. There wasn't much light in the room, just from the just barely cracked open bedroom door, but she could see his eyes just fine. She couldn't break the contact. "You liked it, don't be a bitc-" he cooed.

"I'm done," she shot back, cutting him off and trying to be firm again. Her voice kept cracking though. She was done, with him, with this whole party. It had started out simple enough, but she should have known he would ruin the night somehow. He was normally an asshole, but he looked good, and his car was nice. He had a taste for fine drugs, and he was older, an obvious bonus. She considered herself lucky, aside from all of his many flaws, they looked good together. But tonight was different. He was always a sleazebag, always a little grimy, but tonight he was all over her from the start.

She knew that she probably shouldn't have drank so much, but it was a party, and it was a Mars party with real cool people, with the gang. So naturally, the liquor flowed like water, and who was she to be ungrateful? By the time she was finished shots, she was lost to the world, and lost to Emma. Once she had a few lines and a couple of joints, she didn't really care where they were going or what they were doing, as long as Rob was leading the way. Ruby couldn't really do much except keep her head up, and maybe she had been hanging onto him, maybe a little too heavy, but was she really at fault? It wasn't like she had given him permission or anything.

But it had ended up that way none the less, and now here they were, and there was no going back. He was right, it hadn't been so bad once she gave it a chance, but she hadn't been ready. She didn't want to do it again. But he was bigger than her, and no one knew where she was, not even her sister. Mars wasn't going to just come looking for her unprovoked, she was supposed to be a big girl. How else did she get into such big problems?

"I'm serious, get out of my house or I'll.. I'll f-fucking kill you," she warned him, but there wasn't much conviction behind it. He was already smirking at the thought, as if she could take him. She could, if she had her piece. She wished more than ever that she did. "My sister will kill you," she quickly switched to, feeling more confident in that. She was liable to when she found out. "Marney doesn't fuck around," she warned him. "I know that," Rob laughed. "I tried! I guess that's why I had to fuck you instead."

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2012-08-07 10:48 pm UTC (link)
Emma could see that Ruby's door was ajar and she moved down the hallway towards it. She could hear voices, one of them distinctly Ruby's. Emma frowned as she drew closer and she could hear what was being said. She heard Ruby threaten to kill Rob, and then threaten that Marney would kill him. She was standing with her hand on the door by this time, her other hand reaching for the gun in her waistband.

Her blood began to boil as she heard Rob laugh, and she kicked the door open as his words registered in her ears. How dare he say that, especially about her Ruby. She was different than all those other girls, special, and she deserved to be treated as such. Her eyes narrowed at the sight that awaited her. She reacted without thinking, flying at Rob in a whirlwind of fists, catching him by surprise.

"Take that back!" she screamed at him, her hand tangled in his hair as she slammed his head against Ruby's dresser. "Say you're fucking sorry!" She placed the barrel of her gun against his forehead, forcing him to look up at her. Her finger was steady against the trigger, and she dug the cold metal into his skin.

"Fuck you," she said, her whole body trembling in anger. "You don't deserve any of her, you piece of shit, and now you're gonna pay." She cocked the gun, feeling the bullet sliding into the barrel, waiting for her cue. "Any last words?"

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2012-08-07 11:37 pm UTC (link)
Ruby had been sure that she was on her own, and had been just about ready to hurl the jewelry box at Rob's face and hope for the best, when Emma appeared practically out of thin air. She couldn't say that she wasn't thankful, but the blonde did catch her off guard, and she found herself stumbling back to sit numbly on the edge of her bed as Emma's gun pressed into Rob's forehead. She had barely been able to keep up with the blows that the other girl had rained down on him, she had come tearing into the room as such a force, and Ruby's head was still a little fuzzy.

"E-Ems," she managed to get out, watching her best friend cocking the gun, and feeling her lips starting to tremble a little. He hadn't expected her either, and it was dark, they had both been drinking so much. He hadn't even realized what Emma was doing until he was staring down the barrel. And Ruby found that wanted her to do it, she did, and she could offer no protest to stop the other girl. What did it matter if he died? He was a piece of shit. She stood up on shaking legs, keeping the blanket pulled tight to cover herself, though it left little to the imagination.

"Do it," she said, swallowing thickly, practically feeling a dry click in her throat. "Fucking do it," she urged the other girl, and Rob sneered from where he was on the floor, blood already running from his nose where Emma had already smashed his face into the dresser. "You fucking little bitches," he spat, making a grab for Emma's arm, a last ditch effort.

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2012-08-07 11:58 pm UTC (link)
Emma pulled the trigger as Rob made a grab for her arm, enjoying the solid recoil of the gun in her hand. Warm blood splattered on her arms as she threw Rob's lifeless body to the ground. She tucked the piece back into her waistband calmly and stepped over the body to pull Ruby into her arms.

"I'm so sorry Ru," she rambled. She wrapped the blanket a little tighter around the other girl and scooped her up easily, carrying her over to the bed. "Are you hurt? Did her hurt you? I swear to god I'm going kill him."

Emma could feel herself shaking as she sat down on the edge of the bed and placed Ruby in her lap. She detached one of her arms to fish a joint out of her pocket, lighting it as she kept the other securely around Ruby. Her vision blurred and she realized that she was crying. "I'm so sorry Ru," she repeated, exhaling a stream of smoke unevenly.

There were footsteps on the stairs and Marney appeared in the doorway, swearing as she saw what had happened. "That bastard," she growled, giving Rob's body a kick before crossing the room to Ruby and Emma.

"Give me the gun," she demanded, holding out her hand calmly. Emma handed her the piece from her waistband, looking up at Marney wordlessly. "Get her out of here, now."

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2012-08-08 12:11 am UTC (link)
Though she had asked her to do it, Ruby flinched visibly as soon as the gun actually went off, and she felt a fine spray of blood hitting her as well. Just like that it was over, and Rob was slumped to the floor and her room was a terrible mess, and she didn't fight it as Emma scooped her up. Her arms wrapped around the blonde's neck, her face pressing in against her shoulder a little. "No, I'm fine, I'm just.. you already did, you did it. You got him," she murmured, exhaling shakily against Emma's neck as she settled into the other girl's lap.

"Why are you sorry? I didn't.. it's not your fault, you saved me, so why are you sorry?" Ruby asked, lifting her head a bit to look at Emma seriously. She hesitated for just a second, before leaning forward and kissing the blonde's lips hurriedly, a little crooked. She mostly got the bottom lip, but there was paramount effort. Hearing Mars on the stairs, Ruby pulled back quickly, ducking her head down against Emma's shoulder again as her sister bursting into the room.

When Marney told them to get out, however, the younger girl immediately lifted her face again to look up at her. "No," she said firmly, reaching a hand up and wiping some of the blood away from her cheek. "W-What are you.. we have to h-hide him, or do something! We can't go!"

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2012-08-08 02:39 am UTC (link)
"I should have protected you," Emma insisted. "I should have gotten here sooner."

Emma was surprised when Ruby kissed her, but the moment she was gone, she wanted it again desperately. It was something she never knew she wanted, something that she had never missed until now and she almost forgot what was going on until Marney was there talking to them.

Marney ignored Ruby's protests and crossed the room to where Rob was lying. She placed her hand in the blood, making sure to get her bloody hand prints on the handle of the gun before she tucked it in the back of her shorts. She thought for a moment, before crossing the room to her little sisters.

"We don't have much time," she said, looking at both of them seriously. She cupped Ruby's face with her cleaner hand. "You're in charge now Ruby, everyone knows that leadership falls to you if I get caught." She could hear the sirens in the distance, she knew the neighbors must have called the cops the minute they heard gunshots. She could hear the party begin to breakup downstairs. "You two are going to go hide on the beach until they're gone, do you understand?"

Emma gaped at Marney, "But Mars, you didn't-"

"You have to protect her now, I won't be around to clean up your messes," Marney interrupted. "You take her now and you get her somewhere safe." Emma just nodded and stood up, her grip on Ruby as tight as she could make it. "I'm trusting you Brat."

Emma carried Ruby, blanket and all, out of the room and down the stairs where the chaos of the party goes escaping the cops was in full force. She could see flashing lights pulling up at the front doors and bolted for the back porch. The air felt refreshing on her face as she ran towards the dunes, the night getting quieter and quieter as they distanced themselves from the party. She made her way towards the little cove where they always went too get away, nestled in the tall grass of the dunes. It was their place.

She set Ruby down gently, and rummaged through her backpack until she dislodged her over sized hoodie from its depths. "Here, put this on," she said gently, offering it to Ruby. She dug through her bag again before plopping down in front of Ruby and beginning to clean the blood from her face with a wet wipe. "Lets get you cleaned up, huh?" Her hands were shaking as she wiped the blood gently from her friend's cheek.

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2012-08-08 08:33 am UTC (link)
Ruby didn't know what Mars planned to do at first, she couldn't foresee a way for them to get out of this now that the sirens were coming closer and closer. Ruby was generally collected and cool, she had been working on hardening herself to most things, but this was a lot to handle, especially as she saw her sister getting her hands bloody and she realized what the older girl was actually going to do. "Marney, no-- I-I can't be in charge, I didn't.. I'll say I did it, like it w-was self defense!" she protested, though she had a feeling neither of them were going to listen to her and let her do that. This was literal overkill for self defense, but he had deserved it. Why did Mars have to pay the price for that? She clung to the front of Emma, looking up at her as Mars cupped her cheek. It didn't bring any of the usual comfort that the affectionate feature did. Usually when Mars touched their cheeks, it was to pinch them and call them little shits. But tonight was much more serious than that, and Ruby had a feeling that this could be the last contact between the two of them for a while.

Mars had done a couple of months in juvie before, but that had been a joke, just trivial. This was going to be a big deal, even if she was only sixteen. "You don't have to clean up our mess, just come with us!" Ruby protested, but Emma was already standing up with her in her arms, and Ruby wasn't sure she had the strength to fight it and stand on her own two feet, not after this. "I won't let you down, I promise, I'll take good care of everything-- I'm not gonna fuck up, I swear," she managed to get out before Emma was whisking her out of the room all together and the grisly sight of Rob's body was out of her view. But her sister was still in there. Ruby exhaled shakily, keeping her head down as they left through the back, shoving past several other kids trying to ditch the party now that things had turned sour on them.

Ruby couldn't even consider relaxing, just keeping her head down and telling herself not to cry as they crossed the beach. She was in charge now, of everything, and she couldn't go getting weepy. That wasnt very tough of her. She was just thirteen, her boyfriend was dead, her best friend had killed him, and her sister was going to pay for the crime. To say that she wanted to cry was an understatement, but she had promised Mars she wouldn't fuck up. She had responsibility now. She had vaguely had a feeling that she knew where they were headed to, and when she finally looked up from Emma's shoulder, they were there. Even being in their spot among the dunes didn't help though, knowing Marney was back at the house. She couldn't even see their house anyway, they were too far away now. She could only vaguely hear the music from the party floating along the shore, carried on the otherwise quiet night on the beach. Soft music and the waves hitting the shore. They wee safe for now, at least. Emma moved quickly. They had found this spot years ago, when they were all even younger, before all of this gang stuff, when they had first moved to Summerland after their parents died. They had been coming to this spot for years, and even though Mars had been too cool to join them out here in a long time, it was still their spot, and Ruby wished more than ever that she was there right then.

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2012-08-08 08:35 am UTC (link)
But she and Mars had talked in the past, about if Emma got into trouble, and maybe it was for the best. Emma couldn't go away. That would be much worse. Mars, at least, knew what she was doing. They were orphans, and Emma and her parents had taken them in. They owed the Thompsons practically a lift debt, especially since they had never been very well behaved kids. Emma had parents, and they didn't have anyone, so what did it matter if Ruby or Mars went away? They'd really only miss each other.

She let Emma settle her down on the shore without much protest, taking the hoodie from her friend and instinctively wrapping herself up in it. She had almost forgotten about all of her nudity under the blanket that she had wrapped around her still like a toga. "Thanks," Ruby finally got out, her first words since they had left Marney behind. The sweater smelled like Emma, like her room at home, and that was comforting. Ruby snuggled down in it more, her chin tucked into the zippered up collar as she let Emma work on cleaning the blood splatter off her face. What she really needed was a shower, but there was little chance of that until the heat at their house died off. It was chilly on the beach and she had no idea how long they'd have to stay out here. Her room was a crime scene now, it would take a while. It would probably be stained for a long time.

Sighing heavily, she scooted closer to Emma, frowning as her face continued to get cleaned up. At least she had Emma, and she wasn't going to let her go. No one was going going to take both of them from her. "Your mom and dad are.. gonna go ballistic, aren't they? I don't know what we should do, I just.. I wish Mars was here but she's not and she's supposed to know what to do!"

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2012-08-08 11:11 am UTC (link)
Emma finished cleaning up Ruby's face as best she could and tossed the wet-wipe away. She pulled the other girl closer so she was sitting on her lap again and brushed the hair out of her face. Inside, Emma was a mess. Marney was taking the blame for something she did, something much more serious than stealing from the 7-11 or drinking underage. She had killed someone in cold blood, and even though the concept made Emma want to cry, she didn't regret her actions one bit.

"Sh, Ru, it's going to be okay." she cooed, leaning forward and peppering Ruby's face with soft kisses. She had to be strong for Ruby, it was her job to protect her now that Mars was gone. "We're going to tell them we were down here the whole time, okay? We weren't even at that party. No one will rat us out to the cops, not with the amount of shit we have on them. Plus, you're in charge now, babe, they aren't going to mess with you, I won't let them."

She hadn't meant to let that small term of endearment slip, it had just fell out. As much as Emma's mind protested that Ruby was hers, it wasn't exactly true. Best friends were different than the girl you were in love with, right? She coughed awkwardly, and loosened the tight grip that she had on Ruby to search her pockets for another joint to try and mask her embarrassment.

"Sorry," she muttered again, a blush creeping onto her cheeks. Perhaps Marney had been right, and it was only now that she was realizing exactly why their older sister had been teasing her so diligently all those years. "I shouldn't call you that."

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2012-08-08 12:54 pm UTC (link)
Ruby sat obediently and allowed Emma to continue cleaning her face, managing a very weak smile as the blonde finished up with her. "Yeah, I guess I am in charge," she sighed weakly. "Little gangster princess, inheriting an empire, right?" the dark haired girl laughed bitterly, scooting in closer on Emma's lap. "But what if I'm not even good enough? Nobody is gonna listen to me, I'm thirteen, I can't-- I wasn't even trusted enough to sell anything but weed up until tonight.."

It was a big jump, but what was done was done and all they could do now was move forward. She didn't have much of a choice except to step up, grow up, and run things for her sister while she was gone. Mars was fun, but she ruled with an iron fist, and Ruby would have to do the same. She was sad for Mars, for Emma, but she didn't regret what had happened either. Rob had been getting on her nerves on the best of days, and neither Em or Marney had ever liked him. She really hadn't wanted to sleep with him, far from it. She was still more than a little sore from it, in fact. But she felt better with Emma there, safer now. It made what lie ahead of them a bit less overwhelming, to know her best friend would be with her, that she would protect her. Even if protecting Ruby was what had gotten them all into this mess.

She knew that all of this had to be killing Emma, she was normally so laid back and goofy if she wasn't provoked. Rob had just made the mistake of provoking her. It bothered Ruby a lot that her friend had needed to be so violent, but violence had been the answer, and there would be lots more violence ahead of them if they were supposed to be taking on Marney's position as leaders. "I made you do it, I told you to," she blurted as Emma kissed her face and she found herself closing her eyes tightly. "We should tell mom and dad the truth, things just-- it got out of hand. I shouldn't have even dated him, he was such an asshole but.. it's all my fault, I let him do that to me and then you had to.. I might as well have pulled the trigger, I asked you to do it," she whimpered dejectedly, still fighting back her tears. It was harder than ever to be tough, but at least they were alone in the privacy of their spot.

"What is she going to tell them? Maybe if the cops know what he did.." she trailed off a little. "It's going to look so bad without the full story, they'll make her look like.. just some hoodlum but she's our big sister!" Ruby protested, already taking the joint from Emma once it was lit, not bothering to ask. They normally shared almost everything. "She's a hero and nobody will ever even know," she sniffed, hitting the spliff. When Emma apologized to her, she just barely lifted her head. "I don't care what you call me, just don't leave me.."

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2012-08-08 03:50 pm UTC (link)

"You're good enough," Emma said firmly. "Mars knows you are, or she wouldn't have left it to you." It was true, and Emma believed it full heartedly. Marney knew things, she always had. There had never been a time that the older girl had told them things would be alright and they weren't.

It broke Emma's heart to hear what Ruby was whimpering, and she tightened her arms around her once again. "Ru, I did it because I wanted to," she reassured the other girl, kissing her cheek softly again. "I want to kill anyone who hurts you, people who do don't deserve to live. It's not your fault, okay? He didn't deserve to go on living after what he did to you. It's. Not. Your. Fault."

She gave Ruby a kiss on the cheek for each word, as if to emphasize it. She took the joint back from her friend, and puffed at it thoughtfully for a few minutes before speaking again. "No, we aren't going to tell mom and dad. They won't understand. Mars is smart, she'll handle it, and we'll know what a hero she is. We just have to do her proud while she's gone. Keep the gang together and keep each other safe, right?"

She handed the joint back to Ruby and nuzzled the other girl's head affectionately. She cupped the brunette's cheek and tilted her head up so she could look into her eyes. "Ru, I'm never going to leave you, okay?" she told her shakily, working up the courage to say what she wanted to next. Killing someone had been so easy compared to this. "I love you, Ruby Sykes. Nothing and no one is going to ever take me away from you."

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2012-08-08 07:19 pm UTC (link)
"Maybe I won't totally fuck it up," Ruby relented weakly. Mars did know things, and she trusted in her judgement just as much as Emma did. But she was older and smarter than them, and seemingly much more clever. Mars could get out of anything, which was one fact that made her feel the tiniest bit better about tonight, but not much. This was a big something, bigger than usual. She wouldn't be there to help them at all from where she was going, for however long, and it was a lot for Ruby to take on.

It was beginning to really set in that overnight she was about to be going to go from small-time drug dealer to running the entire operation. They weren't the biggest gang around, but they did good for themselves, and they were all tough girls. She had to believe that they would support her and Emma now that Marney was gone. It was sort of strange to consider herself an heir to anything, but she supposed that she had been all along. She let herself scoot closer to Emma as the blonde tightened her arms around her. "Take care of the gang, take care of each other," she agreed quietly.

Ruby scrunched up her face a little as Emma kissed her cheeks, and she rolled her eyes, taking the joint back and inhaling sharply. "You're an asshole, it's all my fault, everything.. but we'll keep that a secret, okay? If you don't think we should tell mom and dad, then.. just let everybody think what they want to think, I guess," she sighed. Ruby tucked her head under Emma's chin for a second, pressing her cheek against her neck. "We'll make Mars proud.. starting tomorrow, I swear I will. It's all my fault but I'm-- I'm gonna make good on it. On everything, I really am."

Letting Emma lift her head up a little, Ruby looked seriously at her, searching the other girl's eyes for some sign that she was being untrue. There was nothing there though, except for the same honest Emma that she had always known. In all of the time that she knew her, she didn't think Emma had ever lied to her or led her on, though they both did plenty of it to other people. With each other was different. "Okay, me either," she agreed softly, accepting her declaration. She grabbed her friend's hand, squeezing her pinkie finger with her own. She only hesitated for a moment when the blonde told her that she loved her, and she found herself searching the blonde's face all over again, but once again she seemed true.

"I love you too," Ruby replied just a little hesitantly, lifting her head a little more to look closer at Emma. It wasn't the first time that they had ever said they loved each other, they had known each other practically their whole lives, and she had been living with the Thompsons since she was only six. They were always close, she would do anything for emma. They were practically family, definitely best friends, but Emma's words seemed deeper this time, more loaded. It made Ruby's chest feel fluttery, but it eased some of the anxiety and upset she was feeling as well. It made her feel good, genuinely loved, as more than just best friends. Like Emma truly loved her, wanted her, cared about her. Something Rob had never done. She suddenly hated herself for ever getting involved with him, for ever bringing him into their lives.

She felt herself tearing up, and she tried to fight it still, but there was no use. She hadn't cried since the funeral for her mother and father, and even that had been more reflex than reaction. They hadn't been the best parents, she hadn't known them long, and they were barely around. But crying for them had seemed like the right thing to do. Even when she had broken her arm when they were growing up, or when she had needed stitches, she hadn't cried. But there was no stopping the tears now, she simply felt awful. That she had ever looked past everything she had already. Everything she needed was already right in front of her, Emma had been there all along, and she would never leave her or hurt her. They were young, but it felt right, it had always felt right. She let one sob bubble out, Ruby buried her face into Emma's shoulder, grabbing a fistful of her shirt. "I l-love you so much, why couldn't it have been you? It s-should have been you, I just want y-you and I fucked up and now Mars is gone! I'm always such a fuck up!"

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2012-08-08 09:03 pm UTC (link)
When Ruby started crying, Emma was a bit at a loss for what to do. Ruby, crying. She hadn't seen the other girl cry since her parents funeral and even then, it was like this. Ruby was actually crying. Emma had cried over a million different things growing up and Ruby had always made her smile again. Now, it was Emma's turn.

"Ru, sweety, you're not a fuck up," Emma said quietly. She ran her hand through Ruby's hair, trying to calm the other girl down. "You don't have to want me, you've always had me. I've always been yours and only yours."

She kissed the top of Ruby's head and wrapped her arms tightly around the other girl again, rubbing her back in small circles. "You know how I always used to get mad at Marney? Well it was because she used to tease me about how in love with you I was. Used to call me a lost puppy, every time I lost sight of you at a party or when we got separated."

"W-we can just forget Rob ever happened," she said quietly, rocking Ruby back and forth a bit. "He doesn't have to count, okay? He doesn't have to exist anymore, he doesn't exist anymore. You're mine, Ru, and only mine."

She kissed Ruby's head again, and held her tightly against her own body. "No one else gets to have you the way I do, okay? I...I'll be your first and you can be mine."

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2012-08-09 12:39 am UTC (link)
Ruby did her very best to pull herself together, sniffling and rubbing furiously at her wet cheeks as Emma kissed the top of her head. "I s-sure feel like a fuck up," she muttered back, exhaling heavily and trying to let the rubbing of her back relax her a little. Every single time that she thought about everything though, the mess she had caused, it made her feel panicky all over again. They were safe for now, out here tonight, but what about tomorrow? Everything would look even worse in the morning, she was sure of it.

She cracked a small smile at Emma's story, lifting her head a bit to look seriously at the blonde again, squinting her eyes a little. "Mars knows things, y'know. I bet she could read you like a book," she teased her. Ruby had felt very much the same way though, if she was honest with herself. Things were just better with Emma, they just sort of went together in a way that other people didn't get. Even when she had been with Rob, she had always had more fun when she was spending time with Emma instead. Being separated was hard. She could still remember how scared she was that she would have to go to Blue Ridge without her.

"You're my lost puppy," she laughed weakly, her head resting heavily on Emma's shoulder again, kissing it through her shirt as the other girl rocked them in the sand. "He's gone," she whispered back, though that reality was still setting in. When she thought of him, she could still feel his weight on top of her, his unbearable beer breath, and the uncomfortable feeling of him sliding into her. But he was gone, Emma was right. He couldn't hurt them or bother them now. "Just you and me, he's gone. We'll just.. forget tonight, everything. Our secret, right?"

She knew that word would get around the school, when people found out that Mars had killed her boyfriend, people were going to assume she was involved. They would figure something must have happened. But she wasn't going to talk about it, and she wasn't going to take shit with people hassling her about it. Dealing with all of the bullshit would be a good, but rough, start to toughening herself up and taking over. It was nobody's business but theirs.

"Nobody else," Ruby agreed, lifting her head again and pressing a kiss against Emma's cheek, lingering a moment before pulling back. She squeezed Emma's pinkie finger again, pulling their tangled hands close to her chest. "I don't want anybody else, I didn't.. it wasn't supposed to h-happen, I swear. I wish it was you," she whispered, feeling herself choking up again.

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2012-08-09 02:17 am UTC (link)
Emma felt her heart breaking every second longer that Ruby sobbed. She knew what an amazing person Ruby was. Ruby, who had punched out a sixth grader when they were ten because he had taken Emma's ice cream. The one who had read to her every night before bed when they were kids and who opened her eyes to a new world of magic. There was no way that her best friend was a fuck up, even if they were in this situation. "Everyone makes mistakes sometimes, Ru," she insisted. "You're only human, and an exceptional one at that!"

Emma nuzzled at Ruby's head and made a small happy noise. "As long as I'm all yours," she said with a chuckle. She would gladly follow Ruby around like her puppy, she had been doing it all her life. "Maybe you could get me some dog tags, just so everyone knows who my owner is," she joked. She frowned again though as Ruby went on, giving the other girl a reassuring squeeze. "The only thing that happened is this, right now. Just you and me, sitting on the beach."

She could see Ruby breaking again in front of her, and now she was starting to get scared. It was the first time in her life that it occurred to her that they might be too young for this. It was what they had always done though, and now was not the time to second guess. So she squeezed Ruby's hand and leaned forward so their foreheads were touching. Her cheek was still tingling where Ruby had kissed it, and her heart was fluttering around her chest.

"I know, Ru, it's alright," she whispered, looking into Ruby's eyes. "It doesn't have to taint you, okay? I...I still think you're the most beautiful girl I've ever seen. With eyes that shine brighter than any star and a heart that deserves to be treated like the most precious jewel in existence." She leaned forward and kissed Ruby timidly, as if she still wasn't sure if she was really allowed.

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2012-08-09 11:18 am UTC (link)
Scoffing weakly at Emma's words, Ruby shook her head slightly. "Exceptional example of how not to live your life maybe," she muttered. "Exceptionally fucked up and stupid, maybe an exceptional example of how to get your own sister arrested. I'll do my best for her, but I'm.. well, I'm no hero. I'm not going to be able to do it like her," Ruby went on, letting herself trail off. She wanted so much to be like Marney, she always had, but she needed it now. She needed her sister and her cleverness, her attitude, her surprisingly level head. Mars could walk into a room of thug kids and make them all pay her mind with just a look. Ruby didn't know how she was ever supposed to be that adept. Mars had only taught them how to shoot last year.

"You would be adorable, all tagged up.. my right-hand woman," Ruby admitted, brushing her nose affectionately against Emma's and sniffling a little as their foreheads met in the middle. "We just came to the beach, we have no idea what happened," she added weakly in agreement. "You don't think they'll find sleeping on the beach suspicious?"

Some part of her refused to believe that she could be the most beautiful girl that Emma had ever seen, but she smiled sheepishly just the same. "You totally got that from like, a book or something," she teased her, just a bit timid herself as their lips met again, lingering much longer this time before Ruby backed off from the other girl. Their hands were still tangled together, resting in Ruby's lap. "Together forever, no matter what," she told her quietly, sitting up straighter in Emma's lap, leaning back against her less. "There's a whole like, adult world for us out there, isn't there? This might be our last chance to be kids for a while," she lamented. She had never felt so rushed to grow up as she did tonight.

"To innocence," Ruby blurted suddenly, after a brief lapse into silence. "And to lost innocence, kids running the game," she sighed, freeing her hands and lifting them up, using one each to cup both of Emma's cheeks. "I love you with all my heart, with all of me, I'm grown up enough to know that," she added seriously, before seizing her best friend in another kiss, firmer and more confident than before.

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2012-08-10 01:44 am UTC (link)
Emma made a small barking noise and grinned at Ruby. "It's settled then, on Monday we'll go get some dog tags!"

"We'll just tell them...we didn't want to be at the party so we thought it would be fun to camp out at the beach!" Emma said triumphantly, praising herself on her ability to fabricate a convincing story. It wasn't the best excuse, they still didn't have an explanation of why Ruby wasn't wearing any clothes, or why they were spattered in blood, but it was a start, right?

"If it was from a book, you would know which one, Ru. You know I only read when you read to me!" Emma protested as Ruby pulled away. She couldn't help but smile at Ruby as the girl sat straighter up in her lap. She was lost in thought at Ruby's words until she cupped both of her cheeks and kissed her. Her heart felt like it was going to explode, she had never felt this complete in her life.

Emma wrapped both her arms around Ruby's waist and pulled her close again, sighing happily. "I'm all yours, Ru," she mumbled against the other girl's lips, never breaking away as she leaned back into the sand and pulled the other girl on top of her. She slid her hands underneath Ruby's hoodie and ran them up the girl's back, enjoying the smooth warmth of her skin. "Always and forever."

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2012-08-12 07:39 pm UTC (link)
Ruby knew that there were holes in their story, and there was bound to be considering how entangled they were with the truth. But they couldn't very well do anything about that tonight. In the morning, they would have to clean themselves up properly, and find a way to make their story more convincing. But it would work for now, and as long as they had each other and Mars had their back, Ruby had faith that they would make it out of this mess somehow.

She let out a little whimper of agreement with Emma's words, gently biting at the blonde's lower lip for a moment as the other girl pulled her back into the sand with her. She didn't want to be anywhere else. She felt surprisingly safe, even though she was still shaken from the events that had transpired earlier. Just so long as she was here with Emma, she was safe, and she didn't have to think about anything except for the two of them.

"Let's just forget about everything, okay?" she murmured against Emma's lips, kissing the corner of her mouth before beginning to trail kisses along her jaw. "Forever, right?"

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2012-08-13 02:45 am UTC (link)
Emma shivered as Ruby gently bit her lip, humming happily. It felt so right, so warm and comforting. She was made for Ruby, there was no doubt in her mind. Her whole life had been leading up to this point and now she could finally start breathing. The earlier events of the night seemed like a distant dream at this point.

"Okay," She agreed airily. She tilted her head back, allowing Ruby better access to her neck. She threaded her fingers through Ruby's hair, tugging at it gently. "Forever," she echoed. "There's no one I'd rather be with with but you. I love you, Ru. You're my forever."

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2012-08-13 05:03 am UTC (link)
Ruby sighed happily as Emma tugged at her hair, and she bit gently back at the blonde's neck. This was how it was supposed to be, this was exactly what should have happened from the beginning. It felt incredibly right. "How come Mars saw it and I didn't?" she murmured softly, cracking a weak smile as she kissed at Emma's neck further, working down to her shoulder, pulling her shirt aside.

"I never thought.. I just never thought I'd be so lucky," Ruby whispered. "You're so good to me," she added, clinging onto Emma weakly. "I love you, Em."

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2012-08-14 02:02 am UTC (link)
Emma let out a soft gasp as Ruby bit her, her hands tightening gently in the other girl's hair. That felt good, really good. She was having a hard time focusing on what was going on around her, but she let out a small laugh at Ruby's question. "I was good at hiding it from you, but Mars was always watching, even when you weren't."

She lifted her head to look at Ruby, giving her a soft kiss. "You deserve it, baby. You deserve everything!" She kissed Ruby again, lingering a little bit longer than last time. She traced her fingers in small circles over the small of the other girl's back. "I love you too, Ru, so much. I'm always going to be here to protect you and make you smile, okay?"

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2012-09-04 12:54 am UTC (link)
"She was always brighter than me," Ruby admitted easily, sniffling just a bit as she buried her face closer against Emma's neck, pressing kisses to it until the blonde lifted her head. She leaned into the kiss, her lips pressing clumsily and desperately against Emma's, hanging on as long as the blonde would let her. Emma was all she had left now, but Ruby was alright with that. They had each other, they needed each other, they would take care of each other.

"I don't," she insisted back, kissing Emma gently, and leaning more heavily against the other girl as she tickled her back. It was incredibly relaxing, even though it made her shiver a little, but it made her feel more confident in what she wanted to say next. "You're always protecting me, and taking care of me.. I want to take care of you tonight, okay?" Ruby murmured back, hesitantly for just a second before leaning in closely to Emma's ear. Her cheeks felt incredibly warm. "J-Just lay back, 'kay? I'm the boss now."

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