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Mackenzie Dubinsky ([info]thedirtysouth) wrote in [info]blueridgeau,
@ 2012-08-13 00:05:00

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Characters: Mack and Tatum
Setting: Summer of 2005, Portage Lake
Rating: NSFW
Summary Mack and Tatum have their first kiss, but things go south when Mick catches them in the act.

It was a normal summer day, really. Mack had made the trip back to Portage Lake after spending a week with her father and the summer had resumed like it always had. A week after school ended with Adam and then out to the boonies of Maine to spend the rest of the time until school started up again with Kate. As Mackenzie had gotten older, she had gotten much better at avoiding her mothers violent moods. Kia had also gotten old enough that she could reason with their mother, mostly. Today had been unlucky, and Mack found herself escaping the house with a darkening eye and a cheek that was still smarting from the back of her mothers hand.

She was going to head down to the little island by the lake, the fort that her and Tatum built so many years ago was still standing and still stood as an escape for the older girl. She didn't really want to go alone though. Being alone after verbal and physical abuse from her mother had never been something that Mackenzie enjoyed, which was why her feet had carried her automatically over to the Donnelly house. She was just about under Tatum's window now, and stooped to pick up a small rock to get the other girl's attention. She really didn't feel like facing the rest of the Donnelly's in her current state.

The rock bounced off Tatum's window, and Mack stooped down to pick up another. "Tate!" She hissed in a stage whisper, throwing the rock again at the window. "Tate! Can I come up?"

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2012-08-13 04:32 am UTC (link)
Tatum had been having a pretty rough day herself. They had spent most of the summer so far doing nothing, although today they had spent the morning in church as usual and driven two hours to their grandparents cottage for dinner. Being there always made her uncomfortable, it was boring and they always expected her to eat too much and told her she was too skinny. Plus just the conversation between her father and his parents was terrible, but then there was the fact that her grandmother couldn't understand why they weren't all at bible camp in Portland for the summer. Her father had spent every summer there apparently. Tatum had spent one when she was eight, and that had been more than enough for her. She wasn't interested in a repeat.

She was relieved when they finally came home, and she immediately retreated to her bedroom, immersing herself in laying on her bed and watching television, trying to just forget how crappy the day so far had been. She had almost been dozing off, it was incredibly hot and stuffy especially in her room it was always worse, when she heard the rock hitting the glass. She jumped a little, glancing over to her bedroom door for a second, as if making sure no one was there before she got up and hurried to the window.

Pulling it open, she leaned out, grinning at the sight of her best friend standing down below in the darkening yard. She looked in rough shape, but that only made Tatum want to see her more. "C'mon up," she whispered back. She wasn't supposed to go out after dark without telling her parents, and it was almost dark now. And she definitely wasn't allowed to have anyone in without asking. But Mack would only be there for a minute, and then they would go down to the lake anyway, and they'd probably never even know she was gone. No harm, no foul. She could hear the crickets chirping, and something about it made her want to go out, to escape her room for a little while.

"I have to put my hair up," she told her, before ducking back inside and waiting for Mack to join her, heading over to the top of her dresser to feel around for an elastic to tie her hair back with.

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2012-08-14 12:34 am UTC (link)
Mack was relieved when Tatum opened her window, and smiled back up at her. She scrambled up the terrace, taking care to not disturb any of the flowers or vine plants. It only took her a matter of seconds before she was expertly clambering into Tatum's window. She sat on the window seat, sniffing some of the residual blood in her nose, and watched Tatum look for a hair tie.

"Are your parents home?" she asked, standing and crossing the room to where Tatum was rummaging around. She hugged her friend from behind, burying her face securely in the crook of Tatum's neck. "You smell nice," she mumbled quietly into Tatum's skin.

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2012-08-14 12:36 pm UTC (link)
Tatum finally found an elastic, and began to reach to pull back her hair, when Mack enclosed her in the hug from behind. She hesitated, tensing just a bit, before relaxing into the embrace that her best friend had around her waist. She turned just a little to face the taller girl better, and Tatum slipped the elastic onto her wrist instead before occupying her hand with pushing hair out of Mack's face so that she could get a better look at her. She looked, as Tatum figured she would after scurrying over here this late, like shit. Kate had a bone to pick with somebody, but as usual, Mack was on the receiving end mo matter whom her mom was sour at.

"Yeah, they're downstairs," Tatum replied, letting Mack hide her face against her neck. "Daddy'll be as mad as hell if he finds out you're up here," she added, quickly regretting saying it. Mick and Madeline disliked Mack especially, they always had, but they honestly rarely let their kids have anyone over to the house. It had never made making friends very easy, but neither did the fact that their parents didn't approve of many of their friends on the first place. "It's okay though," Tatum assured the older girl gently. She had been feeling really exhausted and moody lately, and she hadn't been much in the mood for any company. Her parents, she decided, should be happy that she wanted to see Mack. They had been fighting with her all summer about what a house hermit she was acting like.

"Forget your mom, okay?" Tatum told her, after a moment of silence passed with them just holding each other. "She's just.. she's just jealous because she's a bitch."

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2012-08-24 01:48 am UTC (link)
Mack's arms tightened around Tatum's waist, mad parents only equaled bloody noses and bruised eyes. She had learned that at an early age. It was hard to forget when you learned to avoid it or get thrown around. Tatum reassurance made her feel better, but it also caused something in her to break. Mack rarely cried, yet another thing she had learned at an early age, showing weakness only made things worse in the end. Showing weakness to Tatum was something different though, she could trust Tatum. The redhead would take care of her, protect her, and wouldn't use it against her later.

The tall blonde let a sob bubble up and buried her face deeper into the crook of Tatum's neck. Kia did what she could when she was around, but her sister was growing up, just like they were and Mack didn't want to make her be around all the time. She had to learn to take care of herself sometime, right? She usually did too, but hitting her mother back only brought more grief for her. She had tried it once, and that had been the time that she had to beg Tatum not to call 9-1-1. It wasn't fair, the lake had so many good memories of time spent being with her best friend, but it was soiled by her mother's drunken rage.

"I-I love you, Tate, you're my best friend," she sobbed, holding on tightly to the one thing that was keeping her above water.

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2012-09-04 12:04 am UTC (link)
Tatum had never been the very best at comforting people, neither of her siblings ever really needed it and she didn't have that many friends, but she would always do it for Mack. There was something about the older girl that always got her, especially after the things she had seen Mack's mother put her through. It had been easier to ignore when they were younger, it hadn't been as bad and Kate had tried to make some effort to hide it. But the older Mack got, the worse it became, and now Tatum didn't know what either of them could do except cry about it.

She loved when Mack came to live next door for the summer, but she hated it all at the same time, because there was never really anything she could do to help her best friend except hold onto her, which was exactly what she did. She wrapped her arms tightly around the taller girl as she sobbed, feeling her own mood only worsening, letting her head lean against the side of blonde's cheek.

"It's okay,," she lied, letting the blonde cling to her, and clinging right back. "You're my best friend too," she promised her, as she let out a shaky sigh, closing her eyes and hoping her parents would come upstairs and find them. She didn't want to have to send Mack home right now, not with how crappy both of them were feeling. Lately, Mack was the only thing she looked forward to, the only thing that could cheer her up. They were both going through too much, dealing with too much for girls so young, but Mack made it worth it. She could put up with everything else, how her parents treated her and how depressed she was lately, because she knew her best friend was there for her, and she would be there for Mack in return.

"You're the only good reason to smile anymore," she told her, turning her head a bit to whisper it against the blonde's temple, letting a small awkward silence settle in for a moment after. "I hate your mom, I hate her and I.. I love you, I'm gonna tell her what a bitch she is someday. She can't do this, it's not fair!"

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2012-11-28 02:17 am UTC (link)
Mack squeezed the smaller girl for reassurance, it always made her feel better to be around Tatum. The younger girl always knew what to say and her mere presence always made the tall girl calmer instantly. Did Tatum really understand what she meant though? Friends loved each other, and that was fine, but Mack really loved her. Even though she was only fourteen, Mackenzie Dubinsky knew that Tatum Donnelly was the girl she wanted to marry.

"N-no, Tate," she said. Her breathing was ragged and she had to take a few breaths to calm herself down enough to speak. "I mean, I really love you." The last part was no more than a squeak, spoken as fast as she could. Mackenzie pulled away from Tatum, looking nervous. "I'm sorry...I just...I couldn't keep it in any more...just, forget it."

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