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Jenny Parry ([info]sosuccsexy) wrote in [info]blueridgeau,
@ 2012-08-13 14:33:00

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Characters: Jenny & Charlie.
Setting: Parking lot for BRU.
Content: SFW? AU!Jen needs her own warning.
Summary: Cheerleader car wash, bitches!

They had been planning his car wash for almost a month now, and Charlie had promised that she would come by, when Jenny had swung by to borrow some sneakers from her girlfriend. But the entire Shenandoah team had been out here scrubbing for a couple of hours now, and Charlie still hadn't shown up, although Hunter and Sera had been through two or three times now. Hunter insisted that she had no idea where Chuck was, because apparently, she wasn't her babysitter. It was hot out, deadly hot, and Jenny had never been particularly patient. She had been hoping that Chuck would have shown up long ago to save her from all of the hard work going on. People kept asking to get their rims shined, and their bumpers waxed, and it was a lot of effort to exert just for a few dollars for the team.

None the less, Jenny was as enthusiastic as ever, even if she kept passing off the harder work to some of the younger girls on the team. They had to earn their cred somewhere, she figured, and it was her job as captain to ensure that they did. No one really questioned what she told them to do, which was great, and just another perk of being captain. Even if some of the girls looked kind of pissed about having to do the dirty work, they kept their mouths shut, which Jenny liked.

It was only getting warmer as the day went on, and by the time two o'clock rolled around, Jen had discarded her tanktop somewhere on the pavement and she had her sunglasses on and the top button of her jeans shorts undone as she laid back on the hood of one of the cars parked into the lot. It was her break time, she figured, since she was practically soaked in soap suds from the last truck that had just come through. It was time to take it easy for a bit, the other girls had it under control. Next year they were doing something way easier to raise money, she decided, as she opened one eye and watched Charlie's car pulling up slowly. She could barely contain her excitement as she sat bolt upright on the hood she was laying on, waving enthusiastically at her girlfriend.

"Baby!" she cooed, hopping down from the car and rushing over to Charlie's car instead, crouching down to kiss her through the open window, grinning. "You're late," Jenny pouted, lower lip sticking out a mile.

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2012-08-14 01:30 am UTC (link)
Charlie had spent the day out riding her bike down by the lake with Fido, it was a normal Saturday after all. She knew she had promised Jenny she would show up to the car wash, and she knew she wanted to, especially after seeing what Jenny was wearing when she stopped by earlier. She had to dirty up her car though, it just wouldn't do if she showed up with it looking too clean. She had also lost Fido in the underbrush as well, and had spent a good hour tracking him down. All in all, she was very late when she finally rolled up to the car wash.

She grinned as she saw Jenny and waved back at her as she pulled up, a large grin on her face. It was definitely a good sign when she showed up to find her girlfriend shirtless and covered in suds. She hummed happily and kissed Jenny back, making a noise of protest when Jenny pulled back and pouted at her. She frowned slightly, cutting the engine on her car and getting out.

"I'm sorry, baby," she said, stripping off her motocross shirt, leaving her in just a tank top. "I really meant to be here on time, but Fido ran off and it took me forever to find him!" She reached forward, her frown turning into a wicked grin as she hooked a finger in the front waistband of Jenny's shorts and pulled the smaller girl against her.

"Plus, I couldn't just show up with a clean car." She grinned devilishly and wrapped her arms around Jenny's waist so she couldn't go anywhere. "How can I make it up to you, sexy?" she purred into her girlfriends ear, giving the sensitive skin under Jenny's ear a soft kiss.

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2012-08-14 03:30 pm UTC (link)
Despite Jenny's plan to stay firm and try to act irritated ad Charlie got out of the car, she couldn't help but crack a smile as soon as Charlie pulled her closer by the front of her shorts. She was soon grinning manically, closing her eyes a little as Charlie kissed so close to her ear, a well-known weak spot of hers. "Well, I guess it was Fido's fault then, right?" she murmured back, taking a moment to consider what Chuck could do to make it up to her.

"You're so late, I should make you wash your own car!" Jen teases her girlfriend, leaning in and kissing her briefly again. "But I won't," she sighed dramatically, untangling herself from Chuck and heading back over to where her bucket of water and sponge were from earlier. It had been about an hour since she had actually helped with the washing, not since Hunter had brought her truck through for the third time earlier, so Charlie's car was probably as good of a place to start as any.

"Sorry I got soap on your kicks, Hunter said you'd be mad," she added suddenly, as she wrung out her sponge over the hood of the car. "She said you might spank me!"

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2012-08-15 12:38 am UTC (link)
"Definitely Fido's fault," Charlie agreed quickly before Jenny leaned back in for a kiss. She let Jenny go with a huff, and watched her saunter over to her bucket of soap and water. Charlie grinned, how did she get such a cute girlfriend? It was all she could do to stop herself from dragging Jenny away from the car wash. It wouldn't look very good if the Captain of the quodpot team dragged the cheer captain away from her own car wash. Her car was pretty dirty, and Charlie hated a dirty car.

Charlie's eyes flicked down to her shoes, noting that yes, Jenny did indeed get them soaked with soap. She should have known that would happen when the other girl had skipped out the door in them earlier. It was worth seeing how cute Jenny was clunking around in her over sized shoes, even if they were probably going to need to be retired to working on the car shoes after this.

She frowned, trying her very best not to let it turn into a smirk, and walked over to where Jenny was bent over the front of her car hood. She placed a hand on either side of the girl, pressing herself against Jenny's back and leaning so that she was right next to her ear again. "You've been pretty bad, Jen," she rasped in the smaller girl's ear. "I just don't think I can let this slide." She gave the girl's shoulder a rough bite. "You're gonna have to find a way to make it up to me, you know."

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2012-08-15 09:55 am UTC (link)
"I just wanted to look fresh for the day," Jenny pouted a little, wringing more water out of her sponge and onto the car. She wasn't even very good at washing cars really, all of that detail work and waxing was tough stuff. Usually when Chuck washed her car, Jenny suntanned and supervised. But she was doing her best today,and as long as she got her shirt nice and wet and made sure to rub herself on the hood a bit, most people enjoyed the show. Hunter and Sera had gotten her to rub down their whole truck earlier using no hands, and that was more fun than doing anything else, but it was tiring.

She was just about to pour some water on herself, when Charlie was suddenly behind her and all around her, pushing her roughly up against the hood. Jen gasped a little, though it was mostly excitement. "What are you gonna do to me?" she asked innocently, turning her head just a bit to meet Charlie's gaze, biting her lip gently as they made eye contact. "They were pretty expensive sneaks," she giggled after a moment.

The hood of Chuck's car was already soaked, and being leaned over it with her girlfriend pressing into her back wasn't doing her any favors in keeping her dry. She could already feel the water running down the front of her shorts. She let out another little surprised gasp as Charlie bit her shoulder, making her whimper a little after. "You're so rough," she chided her, "Always gotta be on top," the shorter blonde teased. "Wanna go smoke a joint? That'll be my apology!"

Sure, she had gotten the weed from some guy who had came through earlier, and maybe she had given him an extra detailed job. But it had been a long boring day waiting for Charlie.

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2012-08-16 01:25 am UTC (link)
"Gotta make sure I keep you in line, little Jay," Charlie said, kissing the bite gently, and trailing a few more kisses up towards Jenny's neck. She paused right before she got to the older girl's ear, hovering just a hairs width away from her skin. "I haven't decided what I'm gonna do to you yet," she said quietly, pressing a little bit more against Jenny. She gave Jenny's hips a squeeze, dragging her nails against her skin.

"I suppose we could start with that joint," Charlie murmured, kissing the skin behind Jenny's ear. "Why don't you get in my car and we'll go somewhere a little more, private."

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2012-08-16 11:59 pm UTC (link)
"You can put me in my place anytime you want, baby," Jenny replied easily, giggling and biting her lip a little as Charlie worked up her neck. She knew that anyone else in the parking lot could look over and see them, pressed up against the hood of the car in their own little world, but that didn't particularly bother them. Let them stare, she figured. She loved Charlie immensely, but it never hurt that they looked good together. If Jenny lacked anything, it was modesty.

She couldn't contain her excitement at the anticipation of what Charlie might be planning, and the squeeze of her hips immediately had her grinding back against the taller blonde a little. The kiss behind her ear had her excited enough that she practically ran to the passenger door as she moved away from Chuck, hopping in and pulling her legs up, getting comfy as she always did. Jenny didn't need to be asked twice to slack off, and besides that, she figured the other girls could handle it. They'd probably be quick.

"I like the sound of private," she assured Charlie as the younger girl climbed in. She leaned clumsily over the center console to give her a light kiss. "Am I gonna get some brain? I could so get down with that, I've been working like.. really hard and stuff," Jenny told her, pouting playfully. "I could totally use some head."

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2012-08-19 03:47 pm UTC (link)
Charlie smirked as Jenny scampered to the passenger side of the car, and shooed Fido into the backseat as she slid smoothly behind the wheel. She kissed Jenny back, lingering a bit as she started the car and revved the engine. "Hm," Charlie hummed in thought, shifting her car into gear and peeling away from the car wash. "You have been working hard, Jen. I guess you deserve a little treat."

She turned down the dirt road to the lake, driving faster than was legal. It would be a perfect place to get away for a little while. She could let Fido go roam around while her and Jenny had a little alone time. It only took a few minutes for them to pull up to the little bank where Charlie always liked to park. She parked the car under a large oak tree that leaned out over the water, and opened her door. "Out Fido," she ordered, leaning her seat forward so the dog could hop out. As soon as the little Korgi's butt was disappearing into the bushes, Charlie slammed her door and turned to Jenny.

"So, where were we, beautiful?" She asked with a smirk, eyeing her girlfriend.

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2012-08-19 09:05 pm UTC (link)
Jenny never hesitated to make herself at home when it came to Charlie and being in her car was no different. They were barely out of the parking lot before the shorter blonde was already leaning forward and messing with the knobs and dials on the stereo. Whenever Charlie was working on her car, Jenny was always asking her to improve the audio system, although it was already quite stellar. She was always down for more speakers, more sub-woofers, and louder music.

She recognized the familiar spot where they almost always came to park, and she grinned slowly, rolling down her window a little bit as Charlie let Fido out to explore. She leaned forward, searching Charlie's dash for a joint, and clapping her hands together as she found one. She grabbed Charlie's lighter and sparked up, eyeing the taller blonde back, up and down.

"We're anywhere you want us to be, sugar. Where else?" Jenny replied, inhaling deeply before passing to Charlie. With her hands free, she was already undoing the button on the top of her shorts.

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2012-08-19 10:38 pm UTC (link)
Charlie accepted the joint from her girlfriend, taking a hit before glancing back over at Jenny. She watched the other girl's hands as the deftly began unbuttoning the jean shorts. The tall blonde took another hit from the joint, blowing out smoke rings lazily, and grinned at her girlfriend.

"Get that fine ass over here, Perry," Chuck demanded, scooting her seat back as far as it would go. She leaned back lazily, joint hanging from the corner of her mouth. "Don't think I've forgotten that you ruined my Nike's. It's time you pay your dues, baby."

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2012-08-19 11:51 pm UTC (link)
"I knew you wouldn't forget. I always pay up my dues," Jenny reassured her girlfriend, wasting not a second of time in scooting her way over into Charlie's lap. She snatched the joint from the other girl, puffing it for a second herself before leaning forward to exhale and kiss Charlie all at once. "Don't tell me what to do though, or I'll just do what I want," she teased, leaning back a bit to look at Charlie closely.

"I bet you'd like what I have in mind too though," Jenny added with a sly smile after a moment of thought. She leaned closer to Chuck again, trailing her fingers up the front of the taller blonde's tanktop. "You win either way," she murmured, leaning in quickly and kissing at Charlie's neck, hurriedly kissing along the jawline and up to her ear. "Just tell me what you want.. an' I'll think about it."

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2012-08-20 01:48 am UTC (link)
Charlie rolled her hips up against Jenny as she kissed her, sucking in the smoke that was exhaled. She squeezed the smaller girl's hips, her nails digging in softly. "What'd you have in mind, Jen?" she asked, looking up at her girlfriend, her eyes clouded with want. She had been dying to put her hands all over the girl since she pulled up at the car wash. Now she ran her hands up Jenny's bare stomach, enjoying how wet the girl's front still was from the car wash.

She shivered as Jenny ran her finders up the front of her shirt, letting out a soft gasp as the older girl kissed her neck. Jenny always knew how to get her riled up and Charlie pressed her hips back up against the smaller girl again.

"Hm," she hummed in thought, dragging her nail's down Jenny's abdomen. "How about I make you scream, little Jay?"

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2012-08-20 09:54 am UTC (link)
Jenny was never one to take her time, already in the process of shedding the sports bra just as she had done with her tanktop earlier, letting it fall across the passenger seat beside them. "How about that sounds good to me?" she agreed quickly, shivering a little as Chuck's nails scrapped across her abdomen and stomach, leaving little pink trails in their wake. Charlie knew just what she liked, and she always liked for Charlie to leave marks, to mark her as hers.

"Remember, I bet I could make you scream too," she warned the younger girl, leaning in close to her ear again to say it. "Very easily," she added, biting Charlie's ear gently to emphasize. It was all about the teasing with them, it was never as quick and pointless as it was with a boy. She wanted to be with Charlie, enjoyed being with her, dragging things out, really just feeling everything. That was what, in Jenny's opinion, no one else understood. This wasn't a passing fling or something to do because she was bored, she truly did love the taller blonde.

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2012-08-24 01:15 am UTC (link)
Charlie's eyes tracked the arch of the sports bra as it flew through the air and landed on her passenger seat. Then they quickly flicked back to Jenny's chest. She barely heard what Jenny was saying until the smaller girl was leaning in close to her ear. Charlie let out a small moan when Jenny bit her ear, her hands tightening around her hips.

"You can make me scream anytime, baby," she said. She roughly pulled Jenny closer by her hips and began kissing and biting her way down the girl's neck. Her hands slid up Jenny's front, and she flexed her palms as they slid over her chest. Charlie bit down on Jenny's collar bone, sucking until she was sure she left a mark, her hands massaging gently.

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2012-09-04 12:46 am UTC (link)
"Don't tempt me, I know how," Jenny assured the younger blonde, biting her lip roughly as Charlie pulled her close again and began the assault on her neck. It got her every time, and she was already moaning shamelessly as Chuck's hands slid over her chest, sending a shiver down her spine, from her neck right down her back.

Jenny was rarely one to be quiet in any circumstance, sex was no fun without making lots of noise, she justhad to let it out, but she was always over the top when they went parking. It was the thrill of being in the middle of nowhere, being as loud as she wanted without any risk of getting in trouble. Not to mention competition, on busy nights when there was other cars parked out here with them. They hit all the popular spots. She was always good to show off, if nothing else.

She reached up, raking her fingers through Charlie's hair, and pulling the younger girl's head back a bit to look at her. "Don't tease me," she pouted, though she was glad to see a slowly darkening hickey where the other girl's lips had just been. "Or I'll put you on your back and show you how it's done," the shorter blonde purred. "I waited for you all day!"

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