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Tatum Donnelly ([info]ojandtostitos) wrote in [info]blueridgeau,
@ 2012-08-13 15:05:00

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Characters: Tatum & Mack.
Setting: Shawnee dormitory and outside; February, 2012.
Content: NSFW.
Summary: Tatum is just realizing she's pregnant, but Mack already noticed.

She couldn't stop her eyes from flitting back and forth, from one problem to another. One the edge of her desk sat the pregnancy test, staring back at her obnoxiously with it's bright positive result on the end. On the other end of the desk was everything that she had gathered up from around her room; dimebags of weed, pill bottles, a nugget of hash. It all had to go then, she had already decided. She could feel herself dying for a joint, especially with all of the stress and emotions pulling her right now, but she knew she couldn't do it. She was due for her bipolar medication as well and she knew that too, but there was no way she could take that. She wanted to flush it down the toilet, all of it. She was no strange to drugs, prescription and otherwise, and it was already making her panic as she wondered what damage she had already done.

If the test was right, she wasn't far along, there was no way. She knew exactly when it had happened, or close to it. How was she supposed to tell anyone? Sam, for one. Michi, more importantly. It was bad enough that she had been keeping the other girl like a dirty little secret, befriending her in the open but only loving her behind closed doors. They had done enough fighting about their relationship, the strain that her family put on it, her parents. Oh god, her parents, telling them was out of the question. But how long could she go before they would find out? They loved Sam, had wanted her to be with him, but this probably wasn't what they had been expecting. It sure as hell wasn't what she had been expecting. It was all supposed to be harmless; Sam was harmless, he was her best friend. Things weren't supposed to fuck up like this.

But despite all of her fears, her panic, not knowing what was going to happen or how long this had been going on, she was already feeling protective. She had been feeling protective as soon as she realized it was true, it stirred something of the wolf inside of her, she couldn't explain it any other way. Keeping the baby was the only option she wanted to consider, even if she knew that there was an easier way out. She had always felt that she would have taken another option, but now that it had happened, she surprised herself with feeling so attached. Even if everything went to shit, if Michi and Sam didn't want her, or if her parents went ballistic, she still had to do right by the baby. That began with getting rid of all of the drugs in front of her, and that was causing more panic. She would have to go and see Doctor Lisi tomorrow, but she couldn't take any of this stuff anymore. He'd have to give her something else, something that wouldn't hurt the baby. She had already googled the effects of lithium on fetuses and scared the shit out of herself. Diagnosing oneself online was never a good idea, but the worry was already implanted now. It all had to go, prescriptions and all.

Standing up from her desk on shaky legs, Tatum gathered all of the bottles and baggies up in her arms, heading into the bathroom attached to her room, shoving the door open with her shoulder. She dropped the armload of medication into the bathtub, and letting out a strangled sob of disgust. She had never been religious, even as her parents tried all of her life to drill it into her and her siblings, but she was thankful to some higher power of some kind. That she had taken the test, that she had been cautious for once. She hadn't felt any different before, but she knew now. She took a brief glance in the mirror, hating how much like shit she looked. Pale and shaky. "I'm sorry," she murmured to her reflection. She had read somewhere before that babies were supposed to be able to hear things in there, and even though it might be a bit early still, it made her feel better. "It's okay, we'll do it now. I'll take care of everything."

She wasn't sure where to go, she didn't think she could handle confrontation of telling anyone tonight, but she couldn't stay holed up in the bathroom with all of her contraband. She hadn't felt even a bit of morning sickness yet, it was a bit early for that too, but she suddenly felt like she was just on the verge of getting sick as she shoved her way back out of the bathroom. She didn't know where she was going, just out, as she grabbed her coat from the back of the door and headed down the stairs. It was freezing outside, for Georgia anyway, and Tatum still didn't really care where she ended up. She didn't want to go to Roanoke to see Michi, she still didn't know what to say to her. She could go see Sera, but she doubted that would be much help. Rath would likely throw her down the stairs or something, she figured. Leaving her room was mostly to avoid Sam; he lived across the hall, and the chance of him dropping in on his own girlfriend was a big one.

Outside was a better alternative to facing anybody. Tatum just pulled her jacket tighter around herself and headed for the edge of the woods, where she normally went to relax and calm her mind. Normally she went there to smoke too, but not tonight. She just wanted to be alone, mostly, until she could figure out what to do with herself.

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2012-08-14 12:17 am UTC (link)
It had been a miserable week so far for hunting, the weather had taken a turn for the worse. It was unseasonably cold for Georgia, and even though the weather didn't bother Mack too much, it seemed to bother the animals though. It had put her in a terrible mood, her already constant hunger even more gnawing than usual. Alex had kept pestering her to just pick off one of the younger kids and get on with it. She had considered it for a moment before stomping off to hunt rabbits in the woods. Feeding on a freshman would be more enjoyable than wandering around in the dark.

Mack had finally taken down a fox of some kind, bleeding it dry and throwing it off into the brush for the scavengers of the forest to enjoy. There was warm blood still dripping from her face and hands as she wandered aimlessly through the woods. If she could find another animal that big again tonight, perhaps the insatiable hunger she felt would subside for a bit. Maybe she could convince Alex to let her have a little taste. Now that Mack had her super human strength, it wouldn't be hard to force her into it either.

She was wandering by a particularly boring tree when she caught a whiff of something unusual in the air. She wrinkled her nose in disgust, what was that smell? It was a cross between fruit and something rotten. Mack sniffed again at the air and began to follow it towards the edge of the forest. It became stronger and stronger as the trees started thinning out, and she twisted her face into a grimace as it became its strongest. All she could see besides the usual trees and shrubbery was a swatch of red hair in the darkness.

"Great," Mack thought. She wasn't sure if she was happy to see the other girl or displeased. They used to be friends, but now...well, too many things had happened over the years. Their current relations never truly ended in satisfaction. The strange smell was coming from Tatum though, and Mackenzie was just irritated enough to not be able to leave well enough alone. She circled around the girl, keeping to the shadows of the woods for a bit before stepping out from behind a tree in front of her.

"Well, well, well, if it isn't ickle Tatum come out of her hidey-hole for a walk." She was smirking, fangs still extended fully in the moonlight. She still hadn't bothered to wipe the blood entirely away from her face, and she could feel it cooling. "The woods are dangerous this time of knight, you never know what you might run into." She gave the smaller girl an experimental sniff and frowned. "What did you do? You smell like shit."

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2012-08-14 10:49 am UTC (link)
Tatum didn't even know what she was doing outside, with no joint and no company, it was fixing to be a boring night alone. But anything was better than her room and that fresh air was doing her good, it was helping her to clear her head, until a familiar but unpleasant smell assaulted her nose. Just as the knowledge of the baby had woken up some maternal part of the wolf inside her, this smell woke the same part of her, stirring the wolf, and the redhead was already growling lowly in her throat as Mack circled her from in the trees. She couldn't see her yet, but she knew she was there, just the same as Mack had sniffed her out. She was still upset, but now she was also on guard. She was unsurprised when the tall blonde came finally skulking out of the shadows, just like she always did when Tatum wanted to see her the very least.

It felt like every hair was standing up on her head, and she was sure that she looked bristled even without being transformed. The full moon had been a week ago, and the wolf hadn't bothered her since, but Mack's presence was egging her on. "Don't tell me where I can and can't go.. maybe you should be worried about who was out here first, leech. I can take care of myself.. and you, if you wanna throw down or something," she shot back, sneering.

They had been friends once, the very best, but that was too long ago to get weepy over now. They were different people, different creatures, all together. Her interaction with Mack had been nothing but aggressive and bitter in the last few years. Neither of them had spoken a civil word to each other since before Kia's funeral. That had been the last time they had seen each other that hadn't ended in a fight. She didn't want to fight tonight, but she would if she had to. She knew, at least, that Mack wouldn't feed from her. Wolf blood was disgusting to them, as far as Tatum knew. She eyed some of the blood already drying on Mack's chin and rolled her eyes.

"I don't smell like anything," Tatum insisted haughtily, pouting at the blonde. It was a struggle not to fold one arm protectively around her stomach. She had always been so little, even as a wolf, it was hard to imagine anything surviving inside of her, but it was happening. Mack wouldn't know what pain was until she tried to get between Tatum and get baby. "Get the fuck away from me, how does that sound? Don't to have someone else to be terrorizing?"

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2012-08-15 02:06 am UTC (link)
Mackenzie smirked, a laugh bubbling out of her. "You? Throw down with me? I'd tear you limb from limb, squirt." Or at least she hoped. It had been a long time since they were friends, but she remembered teaching her to fight all those years ago. Tatum was different now, and perhaps she wasn't as weak as Mack remembered her being. Then again, neither was she. They were both stronger now, and more ruthless than the past. "Remember little pup, I own the darkness now."

She wiped the back of her hands across her mouth, wiping away some of the blood, watching Tatum carefully. The girl was too quick to disagree, to eager to dismiss the possibility that something was wrong. She felt slightly bad, the other girl seemed distressed and extremely deep down, she was worried. It couldn't be that way now and Mack squelched the feeling of concern for something else. She grinned dangerously, moving quickly to pin Tatum against the nearest tree.

Mackenzie grabbed both of the smaller girl's wrists and secured them above her head. She began trailing kisses down the other girl's jaw, biting here and there every so often. She had retracted her fangs, and was careful to not bite Tatum hard enough to draw blood. Mack slide a leg between the other girls and chuckled. "No, how does that sound?" She growled against the girl's collar bone. "Why would I bother to terrorize anyone else when I can do this instead?"

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2012-08-15 10:32 am UTC (link)
"You don't own shit around her," Tatum sneered back instinctively, baring her teeth for just a moment before looking away again. "I could take you faster than.. you'd even know what hit ya. I mean it, leave me alone, I'm not in the mood," she went on, trailing off and shoving her hands into the pockets of her jacket instead of fidgeting with them like she wanted to. "Nobody is afraid of you and your little harem," she reminded her.

She could see Mack watching her, reading her like she had always been able to do so easily, and Tatum felt immediately unnerved. What did the other girl smell on her, aside from the usual wolf scent? Why was she looking so intently at her like that? Tatum parted her lips to inform the older girl that she was being creepy, but she was caught off guard and shoved up against the tree behind her in a matter of seconds. her hat fell off somewhere in the scuffle, and she was already growling, her eyes narrowed at Mack. It was always wise to never get distracted around a vampire, but she already had enough going on without Mack on her case now too. "You have three seconds to let me go before I tear your fucking throat out," she warned Mack lowly, as her hands were held above her head and the other girl began the assault on her neck. Which made Tatum's knees start going weak quickly, despite herself and how angry she felt herself becoming.

Mack was mocking her, and she knew it. They didn't really keep it a secret from each other that both of them thought of each other as the weaker fighter. They were both pretty scrawny, and Tatum felt she could take her. Especially now, if she had to. She was still fighting that urge to wrap her arms around her stomach the closer Mack got to her. Feeling the blonde's leg slip easily between her own, Tatum struggled for a moment to regain her thoughts, just the light friction was distracting. But she couldn't do this, not now, not with her. She knew she should have gone to Michi's room after all. "Get the fuck off of me, I'm serious," Tatum warned her, growling right back at her though her words did shake. "You don't get to do this, I'm not yours anymore."

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2012-08-24 01:30 am UTC (link)
Mackenzie had continued to ignore Tatum's threats, thinking it was just a ploy for her to release power to her. It had happened many times before and Mack had stopped falling for it a long time ago. Tatum's final warning was different, and that made Mackenzie stop cold. They might have both had other people they were with but neither had ever flat out told the other that they held no ownership. Mackenzie felt a pain in her chest that she refused to acknowledge. In another time, she might have been hurt, upset, heartbroken, but not here. Those feelings couldn't exist here, because that would mean having to admit that she was desperately in love with Tatum, and that just couldn't happen.

Instead, Mack looked up at Tatum, glaring and searching the younger girl's eyes. There was something different about her. "What the fuck do you mean?" she demanded, her anger rising. It was the only outlet for the tornado of emotions that was happening in side of her. "What the actual fuck, Tate?"

She hadn't let the smaller girl go yet, but as soon as the old nickname slipped past her lips, she released Tatum like she had been burned. Swearing quietly to herself, she pulled out a cigarette and lit it, smoking it moodily while she glowered at Tatum.

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2012-08-31 08:51 am UTC (link)
"It means exactly what I said, you don't own me," Tatum snapped back, slumping her shoulders and leaning back against the tree behind her. She gently rubbed her wrists where Mack had been holding them, watching the girl smoke for a moment. She could smell blood on the blonde still, it was heavy in the air, and Tatum exhaled shakily through her nose, the overpowering scent making her feel kind of queasy. She was glad to be free, she felt less on guard now that there was space between them, but she was still longing for a closeness. Even though Mack was rough, and usually hateful with her, it was still closeness. It was still another body, even if it wasn't a warm one, someone who wanted her. Not many people would want her after all this was over. Her parents, her girlfriend, her boyfriend.. who, more importantly, was her best friend and bandmate. She knew how close she was to screwing everything up.

When Mack called her Tate, the memories of conjured up were immediate, and she quickly stared down at her sneakers as a result. It wasn't an uncommon name, she was called it every day practically, but not from Mack. Sometimes they didn't even speak anymore when they were together, just growls and fights for dominance. The affection behind the name, the images it brought up of afternoon by the lake and backyard weddings, was both painful and undeniable. "I'm not.. that to you anymore. We're past that, right? I'm dead to you, I really fucked you over, right? Well, you left me behind too," she muttered weakly. It was sort of true, she had, her father put such a scare into her that their entire friendship had more or less imploded. She had abandoned Mack, too afraid of her parents to fight it, but Mack had left her too. Left the lake, left everything. She had always hoped, in her heart of hearts, that Mack would come back and save her from Portage lake, but things never worked out like they were supposed to. In ways, she was still waiting.

"We can't do this anymore, this.. whatever this fucked up thing is, us and this and.. all of it. I have a boyfriend, I.. I have responsibilities and I have a lot going on and I don't have time for your macho head games just because you think you have some.. right over me just because you kissed me when I was like ten, we're not kids anymore. I'm not that kid, that little girl, anymore.. and you sure as fuck aren't either. I can't take this.. shit anymore!"

She was breathing heavily, frustration closing in on her. They had both changed, even if they kept getting drawn back to each other. Their relationship, if you could call it that, wasn't healthy. It wasn't good for either of them, especially not now. Mack was the last person she wanted to face when she was dealing with the mess she had made of her life now. Her boyfriend, the baby, her secret girlfriend. Then Mack and whatever this was on top of it. Someone was going to end up broken hearted, and she figured it might as well be the girl who broke her heart the very first time. "I love Mi-- Sam. I love him, and you can't.. come sneaking up on me and just fucking with my head like this, I'm done. Like, fucking done, Mack. I am."

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