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Jenny Parry ([info]sosuccsexy) wrote in [info]blueridgeau,
@ 2012-08-14 20:07:00

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Characters: Jenny & Chuck.
Setting: Charlie's dorm in Shenandoah; middle of the night.
Summary: Jenny doing the usual walk of shame circa four AM.

It was basically the same old tired routine for Jenny by the time that she made her way back into Shenandoah, quiet as a mouse as she tip-toed through the darkened common area and upstairs, hesitating in the junior class hallway for that familiar moment as she eyed the rest of the stairs that would take her up to her own room. She could go up to her own floor, but Ella probably had Hendrix over, and there were undoubtedly things going on that she didn't want to see. One experience with Hendrix and his little friend had been enough for her, she didn't see what Ella was making such a big deal about. On top of that, the two of them just sucked, they were always so rude and her sister thought she was hot shit. Jenny wasn't very bright, but even she knew that Ella would love a chance to rub it in her face that she was sulking in again at half past three.

She honestly hadn't meant to be out so late, she had wanted to come back to the dorms earlier and just watch tv with Charlie or something. It had been her plan, for all intents and purposes. But then some of the Quodpot boys from Roanoke were going out, and she never could resist a free evening. They had been loaded down with E, and they had bought all of her drinks, and she had even managed to swipe a really nice class ring from one of them and an Aeropostale giftcard from the wallet of another. The ring didn't even fit her thumb but she could probably sell it somebody, and she had no idea what was on the giftcard, but whatever worked. She still came out richer than she had gone in, and she was high as fuck for free.

Sleeping with them was just part of the deal, it didn't mean anything, and with most guys it was over before she even realized what was happening. There were a few good lays around Blue Ridge, but Jenny wasn't particularly picky on any given night. It was just something that happened, and she didn't really mind. It was an easy way to thank them for taking her out, and it wasn't like she was making love to them or anything. She only did that, of course, with Charlie. Whenever she went out with guys, when she was hanging all over them, kissing them, she was always thinking of Charlie anyway. Of when she would get to go back home, and Charlie would take her inside and tell her that she loved her, and everything would be alright again for a little while.

Some part of her knew that what she did wasn't right, but she could never stop herself in time. Once she found herself in a situation, she could never say no, even when she knew Charlie might get mad at her. It always disheartened her that Charlie didn't approve of what she did, but Jenny couldn't very well change who she was. She never meant to upset her girlfriend, but it always happened, and she always ended up here just the same, standing in the hallway outside of her girlfriend's room, staring at the door for a few minutes before she would actually think to knock. She always ended up coming back here, and she knew that Charlie knew what she did, but she would take her in anyway, take care of her. Charlie had never turned her away, that was part of why she loved her so much.

Knocking lightly on the door, Jenny tried her best to straighten up as she waited, though she still reeked of overpowering cologne and looked a hot mess. She pulled Charlie's jacket tighter around herself, feeling there were still a few joints in one of the pockets. Maybe Charlie would want to have one, and they could forget the whole mess she had gotten into. She was just fooling around, and she hoped the other blonde wasn't too upset with her when she answered the door. She knocked again, hoping she wouldn't wake the other girl's roommate; it wouldn't be the first time. She usually showed up loads more drunk than she was right then. She was much less troublesome when she was stoned, and after the bit of E she had taken before leaving the boys, she just wanted to be close to someone again, for Charlie to hold her and be with her. She pulled the jacket tighter still, biting hard on her lower lip and waiting.

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2012-08-15 01:04 am UTC (link)
Charlie had ignored the first knock on her door, her half asleep brain telling her it was just a part of her dream. It was the middle of the night anyway. The second knock, however, stirred her from her sleep. Her alarm clock glared back at her in the darkness of her room, four AM. Her roommate certainly wasn't getting up to answer the door, and Charlie had a sneaking suspicion that it was for her anyway. She hauled herself groggily from her bed, in her usual pj combination of basketball shorts and sports bra, and walked sleepily to the door. She unlocked the bolt and opened it to find Jenny standing outside.

Charlie studied her girlfriend momentarily. Her hair was a mess, her tank top slightly ruffled and she reeked of cologne. It wasn't the first time Jenny had come home like this, and Charlie barely let out a tired sigh before reaching out and pulling the smaller girl into her room. She lead Jenny to the bathroom, closing the door quietly before sitting her down on the toilet. Jenny looked about a thousand miles away, and Charlie didn't really feel like guessing what the other girl had taken or who she had gotten it from. She lifted Jenny's face up and gave her a soft kiss on the forehead, just so she knew she wasn't mad.

She wasn't mad either, not really anyway. It had happened enough times in the past that Charlie had stopped letting herself get upset over it. Jenny always came home in the end, she never stayed the night with anyone else. Charlie was the only one who was allowed to wake up next to her, to be the first thing that she saw in the morning and the last she thought of at night. That was one consolation anyway. She gave Jenny another kiss on the forehead, and went over to start running the bath. "Take off your clothes," she instructed sleepily, making sure the water wasn't too hot before adding bubble bath to the water. "Let's get you cleaned up, hun."

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2012-08-15 08:29 am UTC (link)
Every well worded apology that she had tried to formulate in her scattered brain fell flat as soon as Charlie opened the door. She could think up a whole buttload of sorry in get head, but she could never get them out when the time was right. She met the younger girl's eyes, noticing the way Charlie only looked her over for a moment before yanking her inside. She was immediately grateful, even more so that Chuck's roommate still appeared fast asleep. Worse, Charlie could have just slammed the door and left her out there, but Jenny hadn't been expecting her to do that. She never had in the past, and as she was ushered off to the bathroom, it was already starting to feel like every other night. Cleaning up before bed was just part of that tired old routine.

Jenny sat obediently on the closed toilet, smiling a little as Chuck kissed her forehead, immediately making her feel better about the whole mess she had made. "I love you," she informed her girlfriend plainly, watching her begin to run the tub. She did feel exhausted and a little sticky, she was pretty sure that she had dropped a strawberry daiquiri on herself earlier. She secretly loved baths in the middle of the night, when no one would bother them. Charlie always played with her hair after she washed it, and that alone was usually enough to make Jenny start feeling sleepy.

"Okay babe," she replies, standing shakily from the toilet lid and shedding her dirty clothes, throwing them to the floor behind Charlie's bathroom door. She knew the routine, all of it, because she had dragged Chuck through it so many times. Once she was stripped down to her underwear, she went to the sink, turning on the water and letting the basin fill up as she located her toothbrush. She always tried to remember to brush her teeth after she came home. Her mouth tasted like liquor and somebody else's gum.

"Sorry I woke you up, I didn't.. wanna go to bed by myself," she admitted, spitting in the sink. She was still pretty buzzed from her pills, and she still wanted nothing more than Charlie's affection and attention. She felt warm, without the fuzzy yet. "When we.. when Ella and me sue our stupid.. stupid whore mom, I'm gonna buy you a.. like a, brand new girlfriend who's better."

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2012-08-15 11:36 pm UTC (link)
"Love you too, Jen," Charlie replied, giving the girl a tired smile. She did too, loved her too much probably. Everyone was always wondering why she stuck around, especially when it was common knowledge that Jenny slept with anything that moved. There had been the rude comment here or there, and Charlie had gotten in enough fights to last her a lifetime. It was all worth it though, even when Jenny showed up at her door like this. Charlie loved her more than anything in the world, and if this is what being with Jenny meant, than she would take it.

She turned the water off once it was at a reasonable height and turned to Jenny, giving her a funny look. "What makes you think I want a brand new girlfriend?" she asked, walking over to the smaller girl and hugging her from behind. She was warm, and her skin was soft, and Charlie could almost tune out the linger smell of cologne and sex. She plucked the bottle of mouth wash from the counter and dangled it in Jenny's face. "Rinse your mouth out and then I'll wash you up, okay?"

"Maybe we can even smoke a joint in bed if you're quick." She gave Jenny a peck on the cheek, waiting patiently. She really wanted to kiss the girl, but god only knew where her mouth had been. "I'm glad you woke me up, you know I like sleeping with you better than without you. Waking up next to you is one of my favorite things."

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2012-08-15 11:59 pm UTC (link)
Jenny herself often wondered how much Charlie would take, or why she even bothered to put up with her in the first place. Before Charlie, Jenny had never really had anyone that wanted to stick around. Everyone in her life, whether it was her mother or her mother's boyfriends or her own boyfriends, they used her and moved on, but Charlie stayed and Jenny had clung to her ever since. She couldn't imagine life without the taller blonde there to take care of her, especially with how much she fucked things up all of the time.

But how much would she take? She knew that she hurt the younger girl, even if she didn't mean to, even if that was never her intention. She couldn't help herself, and although Charlie hadn't cried about it in a long time, she had more than once and that broke Jenny's heart. The first time she made Charlie cry, she had started bawling uncontrollably herself. It hurt her to know how her girlfriend felt, but it didn't stop her from giving into her impulses, she never thought ahead, and it didn't stop her from coming back here every night and doing the same song and dance. Sometime soon, Charlie would get sick of cleaning up her messes. Everyone else did.

"I dunno," she sighed loudly as Charlie sidled up behind her. It was impossible for her to keep from deliberately arching back against the other girl a little, pressing her bare back against her. She took the mouthwash and filled the cap, rinsing obediently twice, spitting in the sink and then rinsing with water. "Better?" she asked, turning her head a bit toward Chuck as she kissed her cheek.

She was excited about the prospect of joints in bed, and she clapped her hands together happily. "I have some in your jacket! You can have one while you wash my hair if you want," she suggested eagerly, squirming away from Charlie and stumbling over toward the tub a bit. She felt cold now, extremely cold, and she couldn't wait to get into the warm water. It was going to feel amazing, she was sure of it. Jen turned her head again, looking back at Charlie over her shoulder and grinning a bit sheepishly. "It's one of my favorite things too," she informed her. "I can't sleep without you.. you know, like unless I pass out."

Hyped up on pills like she was, she honestly wasn't sure if she would get any sleep, but even if she could just lay in bed with Charlie, that would be enough. She didn't have to actually sleep, she could always skip classes if she took a long time to come down. She just wanted to be with her girlfriend, for as long as Charlie wanted her.

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2012-08-16 12:56 am UTC (link)
"Better," Charlie said, giving the older girl's ass a little smack as she wriggled away. The suggestion of a joint sounded nice, and Charlie figured she might as well start one while she washed Jenny's hair. It would take a little bit to get her back to sleep again anyway. She went to grab a joint and watched as Jenny stumbled over to the tub, goose bumps rising all over her skin. She had to be cold, Jenny was always a bit cold and being as high as she was, Charlie could bet that she was freezing. She was just about to remind her to get in the tub again, when Jenny turned around and looked at her. Charlie was struck speechless by the sheepish grin Jenny was giving her, she looked so cute.

Charlie was surprised by Jenny's confession, and any resentment she had been harboring was gone in an instant. She tucked the joint behind her head, and joined Jenny by the tub, turning her around gently. She tilted the girl's face up a bit and gave her a soft, lingering kiss on the lips. "I love you," she told her softly, stroking a hand through Jenny's hair. "You mean the world to me, Jen."

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2012-08-17 12:14 am UTC (link)
Jenny watched Charlie tuck the joint behind her ear, looking at her with that same sheepish grin, and she quickly wormed her way into the younger girl's arm as soon as she came closer and turned her around. She had felt flushed and warm earlier, but now she was definitely freezing, and she was shaking a little as she shuffled closer to Chuck and leaned her head up to kiss her back. Charlie was always warm, especially her hugs. "I love you too," she replied, biting her lip as Charlie played with her hair. "You know that. I'd probably die without you, baby. You're like, my girl."

Or she hoped the taller blonde did, anyway. Jenny knew that she wasn't always the best at showing it with her actions, so she tried to make sure that she expressed it a lot more often. She always liked to remind Charlie how much she appreciated her, especially on nights like tonight, when she was always there with her patient care. "I really.. I r-really shouldn't eat so many pills though," she giggled after a moment, closing her eyes and leaning heavily onto Charlie, trying to regain her focus. The room had been spinning there for a split second.

"You're like.. the best girlfriend for taking care of me and when I'm at the mall, I'm gonna steal you something really nice. Like, a new helmet or something, no shit," she told her, opening on eye to squint up at Chuck. "Do you have any smokes?"

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2012-08-19 03:15 pm UTC (link)
"You really shouldn't," Charlie agreed quietly. It wasn't like the star athlete didn't use her fair share of drugs, but Jenny took it to a whole new level. Sometimes if Charlie thought about it too much, she was almost sure that she would be getting a phone call from Ella telling her that Jenny had OD'd. It wasn't something she ever wanted to go through.

She steadied Jenny as she leaned against her, and rubbed her back gently. "Okay babe, but you should get in the bath so I can light this joint." She gave Jenny a little nudge towards the tub of foamy, hot water and a kiss on the top of the head. "I've got a few, I'll go get you one, hold on."

Charlie untangled herself from Jenny's embrace and tiptoed back into her room. She rummaged around in her school bag for a few seconds before sneaking quietly back into the bathroom. "You better be in that tub, young lady," she chided as she closed the door to the bathroom. "Or you wont be getting any of this joint or your hair washed."

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2012-08-19 09:14 pm UTC (link)
"Okay cool," Jenny replied dreamily, her focus on the room had been waning again and that dizzy feeling was taking her again, making her look far away for a moment as she stared down at the tub. Charlie kissing her head was enough to snap her out of it though, and she was careful and slow as she made her way over the edge and dipped one foot tentatively in the water.

It felt as amazing as she expected, and she only slipped a little as she climbed the rest of the way in, sinking down to the bubbles up to her chin and waiting impatiently for Charlie to come back. "I am, I swear I am!" Jenny called back to her, grinning as she saw the taller blonde returning to her.

"You gotta wash my hair," she pouted up at the younger girl. "You just gotta, cos I.. I think I got something sticky in there and it smells like boys, they're so gross. Not soft and good smelling like girls," she sighed loudly. "I missed my girl.."

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2012-08-19 10:05 pm UTC (link)
"I missed my girl! I get lonely without you," she admitted. Charlie lit the cigarette for the older girl, and handed it to her before sitting on the edge of the tub with her feet in the water. She got comfortable before lighting the joint, letting it hang from her lips as she put her hair up in a messy bun. She couldn't help but smile back at the younger girl's pout. It was just too cute. Charlie leaned down and kissed the older girl softly, giving her pouty lower lip a little bite.

"Alright, alright, little Jay," she reassured the other girl. She grabbed the plastic cup that sat by the tub for nights like this, and dipped it into the water. "C'mere hun."

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2012-08-19 11:56 pm UTC (link)
Jenny graciously accepted the cigarette, carefully taking it between her lips and puffing away on it happily without employing her hands at all. It was a skill, to be sure, but she was used to this routine, every last bit of it. She moved over a little bit to make room for Chuck's legs in the water, and she finally used a wet hand to move her cigarette aside so that Charlie could kiss her, the biting of her lip making her whimper a little. She was still feeling all hyped up and tingly from the pills, and just the tiny bite was enough to work up her sex drive in seconds.

It took a lot to keep herself from lunging out of the water and pulling Charlie right in on top of her, even in all of her clothes.

But her mind was quick to switch subjects, as she remembered she was getting her hair washed and that made her feel relaxed all over again, and she moved closer to let Charlie dump some of the water of her head. "Don't get any soap in my eyes," she warned the other girl, pouting all over again. "Do you have that.. that yellow no tears shampoo? It smells like happy babies!"

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2012-08-20 01:14 am UTC (link)
"I won't," she reassured the other girl, not being able to resist kissing her pouty lips. Charlie took care to keep the water and suds out of Jenny's eyes as she got the smaller girl's hair wet. She worked methodically, rinsing through Jenny's hair with the bubble bath and following it with a gentle hand to work the tangles out. The joint was smoking merrily between her lips and she took a few puffs of it every few minutes.

Charlie chuckled at Jenny's request, "Yeah babe, I have that." She grabbed the bottle of shampoo from the side of the tub where the cup had been sitting and squeezed out a good sized blob into her hand. She gently began lathering the soap through Jenny's hair, humming quietly to herself. "How's that feel, baby?" she asked, combing her fingers through the soapy locks of blonde hair in front of her.

When she was satisfied with the cleanliness of Jenny's hair, she began rinsing the soap out. "There you go hun, all clean," she said, giving her temple a soft kiss. She played with the ends of Jenny's hair as she finished out the joint and tossed the roach in the toilet. "Want me to wash your back for you?"

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2012-08-20 10:01 am UTC (link)
Jenny sat still obediently, just smoking her cigarette and occasionally flicking her ashes onto the edge of the tub when she needed to. She kept her eyes closed and her head tipped back a little as Charlie worked, and if her body wasn't still so hyped up on pills, she was sure that the gentle motions of the younger girl would have put her right to sleep. Before she even knew it, Charlie was done, and Jenny was pouting all over again at her girlfriend. "Done already?" she asked.

She squinted her eye closed as Chuck kissed her temple, but she perked up immediately at the next proposition. "Yes!" Jenny agreed quickly, scooting closer to Charlie's legs. "Can I have a back massage, huh? If I'm real good?"

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2012-08-24 12:45 am UTC (link)
Charlie laughed, reaching over to grab a washcloth and soaping it up. "Hm, when we get in bed," she promised. "Only if you're really good though."

She began washing Jenny's back, gently washing down each one of Jenny's arms all the way to the finger tips. Once she was satisfied with her girlfriends cleanliness, Charlie bent down and picked Jenny up. She set the smaller girl down on the bath mat, grabbed a towel and began to dry her hair and then her body. She wrapped the girl in the over sized fluffy towel when she was done and scooped her up again.

Charlie deposited Jenny on her bed and crossed over to her dresser, looking back over her shoulder at the smaller blonde. "What do you want to wear to bed, hun?" She asked, grabbing the brush off the top of the dresser and walking back to the bed. She sat down and scooted behind Jenny, placing a leg on each side of the older girl and beginning to brush out her hair.

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2012-09-04 12:37 am UTC (link)
"I can be really good!" Jenny chimed back happily, humming contently as Charlie washed her down, lifting her arms obediently as she got each one. Her arms instinctively looped their way around the taller girl's neck as she scooped her up, and she was reluctant to let go when Chuck went to get a towel, but she immediately felt better with the towel wrapped around her. Freezing was definitely her final decision on Charlie's room, and she was glad to find herself in bed, quickly pulling the blankets up over her legs to warm up.

She was still pretty high, and it was harder to keep still now that she was out of the tub, her fingers drumming intently on top of her legs. It tickled a bit, and made her grin as she looked up at Charlie coming back to the bed. "Oh, I dunno! It doesn't matter!" she assured her girlfriend, scooting back as Chuck scooted up, closing her eyes as the younger girl began to brush out her hair. "It should.. it should smell like you though, like your sexy bodywash. You smell really good, better than boys wearing it!"

"That feels nice," she sighed, enjoying the bit of sensory overload Charlie brushing out her hair brought her, making her hum a little again. "Can you braid it for me? Pretty please?"

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2012-11-24 02:38 am UTC (link)
Charlie laughed as she finished brushing out Jenny's hair, obediently beginning to braid the older girl's hair. It was routine, of course, just like everything else. She wove the girl's hair in and out as if she had been doing it her whole life. When she was done, she pulled the extra elastic off her wrist to secure the braid and rose from the bed once more. She took the brush back to the dresser and rummaged around her drawers until she pulled out a worn pair of sweat pants cut off at the knee and an over sized quidditch t-shirt.

"I'm pretty sure I haven't washed these in a while," Charlie admitted a bit sheepishly, handing the clothes over to her girlfriend. "But I only wear them after I shower up from practice or a game, so they should be pretty clean anyway."

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2012-11-25 03:21 am UTC (link)
Jenny felt much better once her hair was brushed out and braided, and she scooted back to sit against the headboard while she watched Charlie rooting around in her dresser drawers. "That's okay," the shorter blonde replied, happily taking the clothes from her girlfriend and pulling the shirt over her head before trying to squirm into the sweats.

"Will you tickle my back?" she asked, flipping over onto her stomach and resting her face against the pillows. There was nothing better than the cool side of a pillow, and she sighed contently. This was much better than staying in the room she had been in earlier. Charlie's bed was the only bed she liked, even beside her own.

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