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Emma Thompson ([info]wipeoutqueen) wrote in [info]blueridgeau,
@ 2012-08-15 22:07:00

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Setting: Their senior and first years of University
Rating: SFW? It's AU
Summary: Charlie runs into a ghost from her past

It had been month since Charlie had so much as said hello to Jenny. Their relationship hadn't ended well to say the least, but the rumors she had heard afterwards had been worse. The straw that had broken the camels back wasn't anything special, wasn't anything abnormal in their lives, but Charlie had been drunk, too drunk. Everything had just come out like word vomit, the tears, the accusations, the insecurities, it was awful. She couldn't do it anymore, she couldn't share Jenny with anyone. The months that followed had been lonely for Charlie. Hunter and Sera were long gone, although she still visited them quite a bit, it wasn't quite the same. She had lead the team to yet another Quod championship though, and had brought victory to her house once again. It didn't mean as much to her.

Now it was half way through her senior year of high school and graduation seemed miles away. She was already being scouted by several different Quodpot leagues and Charlie couldn't wait to get out of here. All she had left now was Quodpot, and really, why bother finishing school if she was just going to play sports the rest of her life. She spent most of her days now skipping class, training and smoking more weed than was healthy for a athlete of her status. It was a miracle they were even letting her captain the team anymore. Ichiro had talked to her several times about her failing academic record, but they had come to some sort of agreement. At least she was going to graduate, she wasn't sure what the requirements were for the Quodpot leagues, but she figured not having a high school diploma would kill her eventually.

She was just finishing up her morning training now, sweat dripping off of her as she made her way back to her dorm. She had her broomstick tossed over one shoulder and her training bag over the other. Her headphones were blaring in her ears. She was in the zone, running through the drills she wanted to run later with the team in her head, when she hit something solid. At first she thought it was a wall, it wouldn't have been the first time she had run into one recently. It took her a few minutes to realize it was actually a person, and she shouldered her bag back into place with a wince before looking down a the poor person in concern.

"I'm sorry! I didn't see-" It was only then that Charlie realized who exactly she had knocked over. Looking back at her was none other than Jenny herself. Charlie gaped at her speechless, she wasn't prepared for this, she had been so careful to avoid the other girl. She had even resorted to ducking into empty classrooms when she saw her around campus. Now she was right in front of her. "Jenny, I-" she stuttered, dropping her bag out of surprise.

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2012-08-16 08:55 am UTC (link)
It would have been a definite understatement to say that Jenny was lost without Charlie, but she hadn't been surprised really by the way things turned out. It was probably best that she was alone anyway. Some part of her had always known that it wouldn't last forever, no one had ever stuck around as long as Chuck had, and everybody had an eventual breaking point. It just pained her to know she had been the one to push Charlie to that point. Harsh words had been said, tears cried, but it couldn't change anything now and Jenny didn't even really hold a grudge against her ex-girlfriend for breaking up with her. She had always told Charlie that she was a bad girlfriend, and now this was proof. Jenny hadn't even seen or heard from Charlie in over a month now, and she knew that among other things, it probably had the most to do with how they parted ways and her rapidly growing belly. Which, of course, had been half the reason for their break-up. It wasn't a problem she could easily fix, and she couldn't blame Charlie for bailing. On top of everything else she put the younger girl through, Jen knew as soon as she found out that she was pregnant that it would be the final straw. What young star athlete wanted a washed up pregnant ex-cheerleader from a trailer park for a girlfriend?

Sure, some part of her brain had been hoping that Charlie would take it well, that they'd just deal with her problems like a team as they always did. Charlie always took care of her, even when her own family didn't, and some part of Jenny had desperately hoped this could be the same. They could have the baby together, and they'd just work it out, like always. It wasn't that simple though, and Jenny realized now that blurting it out during a fight at a party when Charlie was drunk probably wasn't the best way to tell her girlfriend she was pregnant. Not to mention the fact that she was pretty sure it was Apple's, out of all her friends that could have been the father. The one Charlie could stand the least. She hadn't meant for any of it to happen like that.

For all of her indiscretions and years of unplanned hook-ups, Jenny had always been careful. She had only had a handful of pregnancy scares, and she took her birth control pills like clockwork every day. But nothing was a hundred percent, especially when one got as wasted as Jenny did every weekend, and things never worked out as planned. She had always wanted a baby, being a better mother than her own mom had been her dream for years. She had been jealous of Charlie's friends and their baby since Tatum had been pregnant, but this wasn't how Jenny had wanted it to happen. Babies were expensive and exhausting. Charlie was supposed to marry her one day, and make her stop destroying herself, and they could settle down and have a real family. She wasn't supposed to be alone. So much for that though, thanks to her. It was hard not to blame herself everytime she looked in the mirror, and she hated looking at how huge she was getting anyway. Her protruding belly looked ridiculous on her tiny frame, like her back could barely support her. And her back did give protest, it was killing her every day now. Cheerleading was out of the question, had been for months, even though she had been so excited to join the university team. She had gone to university just to cheer, practically. For cheer and for Charlie.

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2012-08-16 08:58 am UTC (link)
She had been surprised that her mother hadn't kicked her out when she found out, especially since she and Ella were eighteen now. But she let her stay, and her little brothers and sisters were really excited about the baby, but Jenny figured the real reason her mom mostly let her stay was so that she could make offhanded comments and put her down about it. Her mother had been even younger than the twins when she had them, but it didn't stop any of the names she called Jenny, calling her a stupid whore and screaming at her about being so stupid for getting knocked up, giving them another mouth to feed when her mom's latest boyfriend had just walked out the door last week. She let her stay, but it was almost worse that she did. It was worse still because Jenny agreed with all of it, she was stupid and she was a whore and she had been telling Charlie that for years, and now Charlie wasn't even around to listen. She couldn't even control her own impulses for the sake of the most important person in her life. Her mother kept reminding her though, better knocked up than be with that dyke. Jen still hated learning, especially with how worn out she was, but she almost preferred being away at school to being home with her raving mother. Not that going to school was a peach either.

Tatum and her pregnancy had slid by the social radar pretty easily with her low profile, aside from the occasional rude comment, but Jenny's experience was different. Everyone knew who Jenny was, most had at least kissed her if not more, and no one was surprised that any of this was finally happening to her. Girls looked down on her and had catty remarks everywhere she went and guys, most of whom she had slept with, just loved to catcall at her and preach how glad they were it wasn't theirs. She had never been strong, that was Charlie's job to be the strong one and look after them, but she kept her chin up as best she could on her own. She wasn't entirely alone, Apple tried to help sometimes but it wasn't him that she wanted. The one that she wanted was way too focused on her sports and her weed now, and on tuning Jenny out of her life. Rightfully so, she figured. She had always been a bad girlfriend.

It was definitely shaping up to be a miserable and lonely year, but she had brought it on herself and even if she wasn't very bright, she knew that much. She could never help herself. Sex was fun, and seemingly harmless before this, and just because she got her rocks off everywhere didn't mean Charlie wasn't her rock, the only thing holding her stable. She was lost now, nothing but a shadow of her old bubbly self. How many times had Charlie begged her to stop? But everytime a boy smiled at her, or gave her the time of day.. it didn't take much. But everytime she wanted Charlie after, every single time. Other people didn't hold her or kiss her ears just where she likes, or tell her they loved her. Charlie never fucked her and ducked her, until all of this mess anyway. She had been ducking her plenty good in the last couple of months. Jenny was muddling through, her life had always been that way, rolling with the punches. But it was harder to handle with a kid on the way. She couldn't even get a job stripping to make money, not now that Sera was gone and she was showing anyway. She didn't want to raise her baby in her mother's trailer, and that was just a fact.

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2012-08-16 08:59 am UTC (link)
Jenny hadn't been paying much attention to where she was going either, she had actually just hung up from an evening phone call from her mother. Just a friendly reminder that she was an expensive mistake, a slut, and that money didn't grow on trees. Like she didn't already know that. She had taken the call outside, mostly to Hendrix and Ella wouldn't listen in and make fun of her, making her feel even worse. But her mother did a fine job of making Jenny feel lower than dirt all on her own, and her eyes were glossy with tears as she shoved her phone into the front of her bra and tried to pat her shorts, looking for her cigarettes. She had given up almost everything for the baby, including drinking and blow, but it was killing her a little to be living such a controlled lifestyle. She had always been the party girl, fucked out of her mind on whatever the drug of choice was at the time, but now cigarettes were one of the few vices she allowed herself. She had been smoking since she was thirteen, it was too late to stop now, in her opinion. She knew it wasn't a good idea to smoke, but she needed it and besides, mother had smoked a pack a day with all of her children including her and Ella and they were all fine. Or fine enough, anyway. None of them were visibly deformed or anything.

She finally found her smokes, and two seconds later Charlie was bumping into her, knocking the pack right out of her hands. She was ready to turn around and flip, hormones were raging, but the words died on her tongue as soon as she saw who it was. "Oh hi," she managed to blurt out, pasting on her best happy face even with her watery eyes. Every bit of it felt and looked fake, but hopefully Charlie wouldn't notice. She was lost without her, but Charlie didn't need this. She was clearly very absorbed in training anyway. "Sorry, I didn't mean to.. get in the way or whatever, my bad," she added, crouching low rather than bending as she stooped down to get her cigarettes, shaking one out of the pack and putting it between her hips. Why was she even by the field? This was stupid, she hadn't been out since quitting cheerleading, and now she had them both in this awkward situation. Charlie looked terrified of her, like she thought Jenny might freak or say something awful, but the smaller blonde just didn't have it in her. Charlie probably hated her, and she couldn't blame her. Without another word, figuring their exchange was done, Jenny began to walk back up toward the school with her back to the younger girl.

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2012-08-19 03:35 pm UTC (link)
Charlie was frozen in place, the swelling size of Jenny's stomach catching her off guard. Her Jenny, her girl, was actually carrying a child inside of her. It was real. She gaped at her like a fish, noting how even though Jenny was smiling, it didn't reach her eyes. There was something missing behind that cheery exterior. She hardly realized that Jenny seemed to be done with their exchange until she was staring at the girl's back. It took Charlie a few seconds, but she dropped her broomstick to the ground next to her bag and ran after the older girl.

"Jen, wait," she said a little too loudly. She grabbed the other girl's wrist to stop her from walking away and pulled her to her. She hoped Jenny didn't mind that she was soaking in sweat, or that she was probably smelly and hot, but she couldn't bare to let Jenny walk away a second time. Despite all the rumors, all the betrayal, Charlie loved Jenny. She couldn't live without her, she was only a ghost of what she used to be. Charlie hugged Jenny as tight as she could burying her face in the crook of the shorter girl's neck.

"I'm sorry, Jen, I'm so sorry," she mumbled, panicking. Was this even the right thing to do? What if Jenny didn't need her? She had never just been with Charlie when they were together, and the younger girl was afraid that maybe she had found that she didn't want her anymore. She hoped to god that Jenny wasn't going to push her away. "Please, I just...I miss you."

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2012-08-19 05:25 pm UTC (link)
Charlie running to catch up with her was the very last thing Jenny had been expecting, and tensing up when the younger girl grabbed her by the wrist was just reflex. She had only just gotten her cigarette lit, when she was being turned around and pulled closer to Charlie in a desperate hug. Her stomach kept them apart somewhat, but it was still the most comforting gesture that she had felt in ages, and it was immediately a struggle for the shorter blonde to not burst into tears.

She had screwed everything up, done all of this awful stuff to them, but Charlie was the one apologizing to her. Wasn't that always the way with them? It was half the problem.

"N-No," Jenny choked out back, shaking her head violently. She pulled her cigarette away, throwing it on the ground and pressing her face into Charlie's chest instead. She could hear the taller girl's heart beating a mile a minute. "I just miss you too, I shouldn't-- m-my mom's right, I'm just a d-dumb stupid little whore!"

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2012-08-19 11:14 pm UTC (link)
Charlie pulled away a little, her right hand running through Jenny's hair as a soothing gesture. She could feel tears prickling at the edge of her eyes, but she couldn't stop them from rolling down her face. Charlie cupped Jenny's face, running her thumb across the smooth skin of the older girl's cheek.

"Jen, you're not," she protested, looking sadly down at her ex. "Shh, you're none of those things, sweety." Charlie hesitated for a moment, biting her lip nervously. She just couldn't hold herself back. Charlie leaned down, crashing their lips together desperately. She had missed the older girl so much, and couldn't help but let a small sob bubble up as she kissed her. All of her heartbreak and sadness flooding out.

"I love you so much," she choked out, between kissing Jenny's lips.

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2012-08-20 12:01 am UTC (link)
"I am though, that's exactly what I am! Everybody says so anyway-" Jenny had protested back just as quick, but the kiss from Charlie caught her off guard and immediately shut her up. Just the desperation behind the action, the clumsy way their lips met, pressed together for dear life. She was clinging onto the front of the taller girl before she even realized she was doing it. There was a moment of instincts coming back, a flash of the way things had been when they were together, when things were right.

Kissing Charlie and being able to hold onto her, to have her and to hold her, was how it was supposed to be. Jenny was still lost without her, and if this didn't mean something, she didn't know what she was going to do. She hadn't wanted to kiss anyone else but Charlie since the day they had parted ways, especially since it had been on such bad terms.

It broke her heart to hear Charlie's words, and she nodded her head quickly in agreement. "I l-love you too, shut up, of course I do," Jenny whispered back weakly, kissing Charlie again, harder. "Don't go, please I can't.. I c-can't do this alone, I can't, I'm so scared without you."

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2012-08-20 12:31 am UTC (link)
Feeling Jenny cling to her just made Charlie start crying harder. She had missed the familiar feeling of having the older girl pressed against her. Things used to be so easy, before their fight, before Jenny had told her she was pregnant. This was the way things were supposed to be, the two of them together. She was so stupid to think that Jenny didn't love her. She whimpered as the older girl kissed her again, harder this time.

She tangled her hands in Jenny's hair, kissing the girl back just as hard. She needed Jenny as close to her as she could get her. Charlie didn't even care about the baby bump between them anymore. She was going to be there for Jenny now, and love her child just as much as she loved the other girl. It didn't matter that it was Apple's, he obviously wasn't helping Jenny much from the looks of things. Jenny didn't love him like she loved her, and Charlie wrapped her arms around Jenny's waist holding her close.

"N-no, of course not." She said, breaking their kiss momentarily before kissing Jenny again. "I'm not leaving you again, Jen. Never, okay? We'll get through this together, I'm here now." She kissed Jenny hungrily, tears still rolling down her face. "Just...y-you have to promise me, it's just you and I this time, Jen. I don't want to share you anymore, I can't. Y-you're mine, and no one else's!"

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2012-08-20 10:11 am UTC (link)
Jenny didn't really know or care how long they stayed like that, clinging onto each other, with tears rolling down her cheeks. She didn't want to move away, or let Charlie go again. She had been trying so hard to be on her own, to just ignore her feelings and deal with everything, but it had been so hard with everyone putting her down and then no Charlie there to help pick up the pieces. Apple was nice enough, and even some of Charlie's old friends were okay to her, but no one comforted her like Chuck did. She needed this, the closeness between them, and to know that the other blonde wasn't going to leave her behind again.

She leaned up to rest her forehead against Charlie's shoulder, feeling the younger girl's hands still tangled in her hair. She let Chuck lift her head, kissing her again, and she felt another sob bubbling out of her at her declaration. "Never ever? You w-won't go?" she asked, returning the kiss with tears streaking down her own face. They must have looked quite a sight, hanging onto each other for dear life, and caught somewhere between wanting to make out and bawling their eyes out. It felt natural though, this was what she had needed, to be with Charlie and feel that natural rush of emotions that she gave her, that no one else could.

There was only a moment of hesitation on Jenny's part, but only a split second before she shook her head quickly. "I know, I didn't-- I fucked up, and I.. I know it hurt you and I n-never ever meant to hurt you, but I'm-- I'm just dumb and I.. I want to be with y-you, I want to, I swear but I t-think I need help."

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2012-08-23 11:50 pm UTC (link)
"Never ever will I leave you again," Charlie mumbled against Jenny's lips. It was a big promise, one that she remembered making in the past. This time though, she intended to keep it. It had been too hard to be away from Jenny, her life had been empty. There had been nothing and so Charlie had tried to throw herself into her training. Even the physical exhaustion hadn't gotten rid of the pain she felt where Jenny had left a hole in her heart. She could hardly believe that the older girl was wrapped safely in her arms again. This was how things were supposed to be, they were supposed to be together.

Charlie wasn't sure how to react to Jenny's answer. It was too many emotions hitting her at once and she stood there in silence for a few minutes. She gave Jenny a squeeze, burying her face in the crook of the smaller girl's neck. "Tell me what I can do," she said, her lips moving against the warm skin in front of them. "H-how can I help Jen? Please, I don't know what to do."

She nuzzled into the girl's neck. It was a lot to deal with all at once. Trusting Jenny again, helping her raise a baby, and giving her whatever she needed to stay faithful. Charlie took a deep breath before lifting her head again. She cupped both of Jenny's cheeks, searching the older girl's eyes. "We're gonna get through this, all of this, together. The baby, everything. I-I'm gonna help you with everything, Jen. No matter what it takes, it's worth it, you're worth it."

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2012-09-04 12:12 am UTC (link)
"I don't know either," Jenny choked back, shaking her head quickly and pressing her face into Charlie's shoulder as the younger girl held her. She didn't want to be anywhere except the other girl's arms, and she didn't want to leave them ever again. Everything had been so hard without her there, and things probably weren't going to get much easier as the pregnancy went on, but it would be better with Charlie and that was what mattered. She had been so scared and worried, but she knew that she could count on Charlie to take care of her, especially if she really promised.

"Just.. j-just stay with me and m-make me be good, I'm gonna really try, I don't-- I just want to be h-happy, with you and me and.. us, you know, like us," the shorter blonde managed to murmur, pulling back to look at Charlie as the girl nuzzled at her, immediately comforting her. It was keeping her from bursting into more tears, at least for now. She let Charlie hold her face, just giving the other girl a little pout as their eyes met. "You really think so, are you s-sure?" she asked, a bit sadly.

"I want to.. I just want to be with you, and I w-want to not fuck up, and not l-live with my dumb mom or have to listen to her, and-- if you d-don't want to, I know, but if you really want to.. help, then I really, really want you to," Jen sniffled. "I want to live somewhere really nice, with lots of space, and a.. big porch, a big yard and dogs! Lots of dogs! And babies," she sniffed again. "Can we have lots of b-babies? Our babies?"

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2012-09-05 11:05 pm UTC (link)
Charlie nodded quickly, already sure of her answer. "Of course I'm sure, baby. I really am. I can't imagine a life without you in it."

She pulled Jenny back into a tight hug, and let out a watery chuckle as Jenny rambled on. A bit yard, lots of space, a nice house, Jenny and kids, Charlie had always day dreamed about a reality like that. Hearing the girl she loved have the same ideal made her even happier. "Of course we can have babies, I don't want to have babies with anyone else! We can have all of those things, hun, I promise."

Charlie broke away for just a second to pick up her bag and broom stick and then scooped Jenny up into her arms. She jostled her around for a second, situating everything in a comfortable carrying position before giving Jenny a kiss on the forehead.

"Your place or mine?" she asked happily, beaming at Jenny.

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2012-09-05 11:27 pm UTC (link)
Jenny let out an immediate sigh of relief as soon as Charlie answered her, and she grinned up at the taller girl. "I'm so happy," she told her quietly, burying her face against the other blonde as she was pulled into the hug. She knew it was going to be hard, behaving herself most of all, but she needed to do it for Charlie. She really wanted to be with the other girl, to not be a fuck up for her. She wanted to prove to the other blonde that she could be trusted, depended on.

"If I'm gonna be a mom, I gotta grow up, huh?" she suggested, smiling weakly. Everything was like instinct as Charlie picked her up with ease, just like old times after games. Her arms looped loosely around her girlfriend's neck and helped keep the other girl's bag up on her shoulder, and her legs wrapped around her waist, though she had to shift herself a bit to get comfy with her little stomach in between them. She held on tight, leaning her head against Charlie's and beaming right back at her.

"Can we go for a drive?" she asked eagerly.

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