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Eden-Rae Lee ([info]garbagepailkid) wrote in [info]blueridgeau,
@ 2012-08-20 20:00:00

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CHARACTERS: Eden and Dani!
CONTENT: Violence, swearing, you know.
SUMMARY: Lesbos go for slurpees and end up GETTING SHOT AS FUCK.

Today was just one of those days when Eden felt fucking good about just existing. It was a good feeling, coupled by the warm weather, the gorgeous girl next to her and the little life growing in her belly. There wasn't a whole lot to feel bad about. She stared out of the window at the night, other car's lights passing. The window was down just slightly and ruffling her hair and she wondered how she had come this far. If you had asked her when she was sixteen where she would be in ten years time, knocked up and happy would have been the farthest things from her mind, but she had made it. Sure, it had taken some hustling along the way, but she had carved a pretty sweet existence out for herself, and more importantly she was in love.

She turned and smiled at Dani as she drove them to get her one pregnancy craving- slurpees. "'M gonna mix it up tonight, have a cherry one" she drawled in her thick accent, rubbing on her belly with was starting to protrude a little obviously below her cropped shirt. She'd been talking non-stop about slurpees all day, the ins and outs, the flavours and how badly she needed one before Dani had, she supposed, gone crazy and finally drove her to go get one. As they pulled into the store Eden flipped her seatbelt off and pecked Dani on the cheek. "Y'all can stay here. Aint no point in both of us stepping away from the air con" she joked, hauling herself out of the car and pulling up her pants, which were fitting a little too snug these days. "I have the worst fuckin' wedgie" she grumbled before kicking the door shut and making her way into the store.

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2012-08-20 04:18 pm UTC (link)
Dani hated working long hours. She would get home and just want to snuggle on the couch but with Eden's cravings it was almost impossible to just have one night at home. Dani didn't mind though, anything Eden needed and she would get it. She hadn't even changed out of her work clothes when Eden talked her into driving to the 7/11 for a slurpee. Sure she was exhausted but she was happy, happier than she ever imagined herself being.

She reached over and tickled at Eden's little belly, grinning like an idiot. "Livin' on the wild side," she teased. "This baby is gonna be spoiled as all hell, you do know that right?"

Dani hung her head out the window as Eden walked toward the store and whistled loudly. "Shake it girl!" she teased before settling back into her seat.

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2012-08-20 04:35 pm UTC (link)
Eden flipped Dani off before she entered the store, making a bee-line for the slurpee machine and slurping it happily as she wandered around the store, stocking up on shitty food and shittier magazines. She flicked through one as she queued up to pay and was engrossed in the latest celebrity scandal when some man pushed past her up to the counter.

"Hey! Watch where the fuck y'all are goin'" she yelled at two men, but shut up pretty quickly when she saw that they were wearing masks and were carrying guns. She looked out of the window but Dani didn't seem to be watching. Shit, perfect time for her to get distracted! Eden told herself to just be chill, they would take the money and leave. She ducked down into the nearest aisle and hoped they didn't see her as they got the cash from the register. Maybe today wasn't her lucky day, because they soon rounded on her. She tried to remain calm, looking at the floor.

"Gimme yer purse, bitch!" one of the men yelled and she handed over her wallet, hardly believing what was happening. Of all the times to get in the middle of a fucking robbery. The more she thought about it, the angrier she got as the men rifled through all the junk in her wallet, throwing pictures on the floor. "This bitch hasn't got shit-" one of them was in the middle of saying before Eden was reaching for her wand, but maybe it was the pregnancy, or nerves but she wasn't quick enough and before she knew it a pop rang out the store and the forecourt, and the men were running. Had she done that? She quickly realised no, as something warm was escaping from her stomach. She had been cradling her belly protectively, but hte shot had gone straight through her hand into her stomach. She shrieked and fell to the floor, scrambling around, wide eyed.

"Dani!" she yelled not knowing if the girl would even hear her.

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2012-08-20 04:47 pm UTC (link)
Dani had been sitting in the car, fucking with the radio until completely oblivious until she heard the shot ring out. She was lightning fast and practically through herself out of the car and crashed into men as they tried to escape the store. She saw the gun and knew instinctively that they needed to pay. She grabbed the man with the gun by the throat and crushed all the bones with one squeeze. She threw the other man clear across the parking lot and didn't bother to see where or how he landed because the next thing she heard was Eden, calling her name. Her blood went cold.

She bolted toward the sound and came to a dead halt where Eden was laying. "Oh my stars," she fell to her knees and tried to gather Eden up in her lap, smearing blood all across herself and the other girl. "E," she said trying to keep the shaking out of her voice. "It aint no thing baby, aint no thing. Yer gonna be fine, you and the baby," she looked around the store. "Call the fuckin' ambulance!" she called trying not to sound too panicked.

"We're gonna be okay baby, where's it hurt? Just here," she said putting her hand over Eden's. She was quickly soaked in blood and knew if she didn't do something they were in trouble.

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