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Mackenzie Dubinsky ([info]thedirtysouth) wrote in [info]blueridgeau,
@ 2012-08-28 21:33:00

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CHARACTERS: Kia and Benji (Probably Mack and Alex at some point too?? MAYBE EVEN TATUM? GOD WHO KNOWS.)
SETTING: The beach in front of the bar where Kia died on the anniversary of her death years later
SUMMARY: Kia is drawn here for some reason and runs across Benji. TRAUMATIC DRAMA ENSUES.

She wasn't sure what had drawn her to this place among the tall grasses of the dunes. There was a bar behind her, the noise slowly drifting across the waving grass. Mack had told her once that this was where she died, and Kia thought it was a shame, it seemed so peaceful. It was a marvelous waste. Kia vaguely remembered that night, it seemed like a blurred dream to her now, something that may or may not have happened. She couldn't really imagine her life any other way than it was currently. She lived with Alex and Mackenzie, the tall blonde taking care of her more than her companion but Alex still had her moments.

It had taken some getting used to, being a vampire. There was the insatiable hunger for human blood that plagued her almost constantly. Mackenzie refused to feed on humans, and as Kia's creator had forced her to follow the same guidelines that she had been following since she had been turned as a kid. Alex, however, had taken Kia on a few different hunting trips, ones that Kia was quite fond of. Mack hadn't been too happy when she had found out, and Kia had felt guilty, really, she had. Nothing compared to human blood though, and as much as Kia had been trying to appease her creator, it was had to deny Alex's persuasive tendencies. She supposed that was what had brought her out here tonight. Mackenzie and Alex had gotten in a fight again, or rather, the tall blonde had caught them trying to sneak out the back door. Either way, Kia had felt guilty and had decided to leave the two older women to their argument (and what was sure to be destructive make up sex eventually), and wandered until she had found herself here.

She had sat and watched the waves roll in for an hour or so, lost in thought, wondering just what her old life had really been like. Mackenzie had told her a little bit about her family and friends, but she couldn't help but feel like there was more. The tall blonde had made it seem like her old life was terrible, and Kia truly believed that the woman was telling the truth. After all, she had been murdered. There had to be more to her life than that though, it was like the memories were right there just out of her grasp. The wind picked up, and Kia subconsciously drew her hoodie around her tighter. It had been a while since she had really felt the cold but old habits died hard. There was something else that the sudden gust of wind brought, and she gave the air a experimental sniff catching the familiar smell again. She wasn't quite sure what it was, but it was familiar, comforting. She stood up from her spot on the beach and began to follow it, the wiff of scent on the wind carrying her closer to the bar.

The music was louder here, and she could hear loud chatter from the open windows. The front of the place was deserted however, the patrons preferring the back porch with it's Christmas lights. There was a lone figure though, standing in the shadows of the parking lot, leaning against a beat up Jeep. Kia's eyes narrowed, and she circled around a few of the cars parked opposite to get a better look. It was a blonde girl, a very familiar looking blonde girl, the one that had let her die. Mack had showed her the tall gangly girl from a distance once, and as much as Kia felt a tug at her heart strings when she saw her, she knew that the blonde was responsible for her murder. She frowned, and stood in the shadows just watching the other girl. She wanted to jump her, drink her blood, make her pay for making her this way. Something held the brunette back, and she stayed hidden for just a few seconds longer until a pair of headlights flashed in her direction, illuminating her hiding spot for what seemed like eternity. She stepped back into the shadows as quickly as she could, for Mack had warned her against being seen by the blonde girl, but the damage was done.

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2012-08-29 09:08 am UTC (link)
Benji had to admit that despite everything, including the loneliness of it all that she still couldn't shake, life in the last few years had been treating her surprisingly well. It had been a long time since Kia had died on her, and she knew it had been a long time even though she still woke up screaming once or twice a week, drenched in a cold sweat and gripped by despair everytime she rolled over to tell Kia about her nightmare, finding the bed empty again and realizing it was never a false nightmare at all. It was a lot to get over, even in five long years, but she had come a long way from the borderline comatose shock she had been in for the first couple of months, the whole turbulent first year even, even the refusal to eat, trying to take her own life. She had been so numb then, and she was numb now but she was learning how to deal with it and to try to experience other things despite it, to explore the world even if it she had to do it alone. There was still good in the world, there had to be, and she wasn't totally alone anyway. She had her sister, and even her relationship with her mothers had improved in the last six months. Sera and Hunter hadn't had a drink all night long, not tonight or at all since Taylor and Eddie had their second baby. And there was Izzy by her side, always, and that did help. He kept her grounded, reminding her they were only twenty-six and there was still a whole world out there, and they were going to explore it, her and her best friend.

Things were finally looking up for the two of them, and that was why she had agreed to come here, to this bar that she had told herself she would never go back to again. She had even started driving around it, taking routes to avoid it, to avoid even looking at it. But that past was gone and done and over, tonight they were celebrating the future. When they had been younger, before all of this, the three of them had dreamed over moving away from Texas, dreamed of doing big things. But Kia had been the special one, and now it was just her and Iz alone, but opportunity still came knocking. Surfing had been painful at first, it was something she did while Kia laid on the beach, and the disappointment of going alone kept her out of the water. But she had really thrown herself back in over the last two years, it was dangerous and distracting two things that Benji craved now, and it had finally paid off. She was kind of old, even if she didn't feel it, past her prime surfing years for most people. But she was reckless and that was how she surfed, and people were almost always impressed. She took risks even young guns didn't dare try, mostly because dying didn't seem so scary anymore. Kia always told her to be careful, so without her warnings, Benji did as she pleased on the waves. What did it matter? She didn't want to die, not really, but she wasn't afraid to anymore. Everyone went whenever it was their time, she had come to terms with that five years ago. Your time was up whenever some greater power decided to end it, so why not have fun with it in the meantime?

Someone had taken notice of her having fun, and that was how they had ended up celebrating. It had been a little over a month ago that she had been approached by a woman on these very dunes, and asked to come to California and do some work with Roxy. Demos, commercials, modeling their clothes, she didn't really care. It was the first thing she had been excited about since that night Kia left her. The girl that had been nothing, that had aspired to nothing, and had wanted to kill herself just a few years ago, was going somewhere. She had a major surfing company interested in taking her on as a rep, and she was going to take it. She and Izzy were leaving in two days, just before her birthday. She wondered what the December surfing in California would be like. Her whole family, even some that had only recently started talking to her again, were inside the bar celebrating. It had been a favorite place for her, before it was tainted. Izzy had set the whole thing up for her, and though she had been drinking a little, she was barely buzzed and just not feeling it. She wanted to be happy, she surfed down on the beach all the time and said she was fine with the venue, but she wasn't.

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2012-08-29 09:12 am UTC (link)
It was hard to be back here, even after letting time go by. Someone, she decided, was lying with their advice; people said time healed all, but time didn't heal all wounds, not this one. Going to California was always their dream, but it was supposed to be all three of them. Kia was supposed to be a genius doctor to the stars, and she and Iz would just be beach bums. But that was the old plan, now they had to go it alone. She was glad to be finally moving out of Taylor's house, she knew what a burden she had been on her big sister and her growing family, but she was going to miss that security. Taylor and Izzy had been like her crutches since Kia died, and now she was hobbling away with just one crutch. Working for Roxy was a dream come true, she thought when they got to the west coast that maybe she could even talk someone into letting Izzy work with Billabong, she had already been planning how she'd scheme her way in, but it wasn't going to be the same without Kia.

Surfing all day, making money from it, but to spend on who? She would never have a family to spoil or provide for like Tay. Ben figured that she would be lucky if she didn't end up drinking it all away, a classic Sommer move. Her mother didn't really have a cent of her Quodpot money left now. It was only lucky that Sera had made Hunter invest some of it and hold onto it. Benji knew that generally speaking, her life was getting better now, she could rightfully move on. But it didn't feel right, especially in this bar, in this parking lot, it all felt like a big mistake. It was perverse to think she could get away from Kia and the memories here. Who was going to look after her without Tay around anyway? Who was going to cook and give her advice, and tell her to be strong? Izzy couldn't be her babysitter all the time for every little thing. It wasn't fair to him. It wasn't fair to Taylor either though, and so Ben knew she had to go. This was growing up, whether she fully embraced it or not, she was leaving the nest.

Pretty soon, Benji was pretty sure someone was going to come looking for her. It had been almost half an hour since she had ducked outside to take a call on her cell, checking in with the scout who had asked them to come to Cali in the first place, making sure things were still on track. It hadn't been a particularly long phone call, but Benji had been outside for a long time anyway, ignoring the slightly chilly air and just leaning back against her driver's side door, thinking. Her eyes were on her phone as she fiddled with it to kill time, not wanting to go inside again yet, bracing herself. She had told them she could do it, come back to this place even though so many bad things had happened here that night, but now she was shaking just remembering it. Being in the parking lot alone made her feel it and remember it like yesterday. She had an odd feeling of being watched, a chill up her spine, but she ignored it, still just playing with her phone and hunkering down against the side of the Jeep behind her. Ben didn't look up until a car a couple of spaces down started to pull out, and she looked up to make sure that it was no one she knew. This was her party, people would probably get bored and leave if she didn't get inside. Her eyes never found the car or the driver, however, because they were immediately drawn across from her when the headlights splashed across the parking lot and illuminated the cars across from her. And the familiar girl standing between them, watching Ben like an animal in a trap. It was clear just in her body language that the other hadn't wanted to be seen. Benji's legs almost fell from under her, she could feel blood draining from her face and her heart racing painfully her chest, but her hands and her grip went slack first, her phone dropping to the pavement with a smashing sound that didn't phase her. Her mouth was hanging open and she knew it, gaping like a fish.

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2012-08-29 09:13 am UTC (link)
What was she supposed to say, to do? Her physical reaction was immediate, every part of her was alive again and humming with excitement, she was shaking and she was full of emotions, but mostly confusion. She took one shaky step forward, almost falling to her knees, but steadying herself. Was it a dream? Was she drunker than she thought? Or was it some awful prank? It felt real enough, but it simply could not be. She swallowed hard, words caught in her throat, her mouth was dryer than it had ever been and she knew that she was crying before she could even stop herself. It was impossible to ignore the lump in her throat. Kia looked different, off in a way, and her expression made it look like she was scared of her or something, but Benji didn't care. Working in California, the party in her honor, the last five years of hell, it all seemed irrelevant now.

If it was a trick, or a lie, a glamour of any kind, Benji was going to tear someone limb from limb for it. But it still felt real, this was reality, she could feel the slick heat of years coursing down her flushed cheeks. How long had it been since she had seen Kia? Really seen her, so long since she watched the girl's face and her expressions. She had tried not to forget, but five years was long and the brunette's face had become blurred around the edges in Ben's memory. She hated herself for it, but she had forgotten little features, how her hair fell, the location of freckles on her cheeks and how her nose was just the tiniest bit crooked from when she broke it once when they were kids. But this had to be real, it was in full technicolor, every detail and more. It was really Kia. Ben didn't know how, but it was, and she didn't care how because she had gone too long feeling empty without the older girl at her side. "B-Babe?" she managed to choke out, wishing she had something more meaningful to say. Her brain was still in shock, adjusting to the fact that this could be happening, right in this same parking lot. "Kia? What are.. h-how, how did.."

She trailed off, sniffling and unsure what she even wanted to ask. If this was a dream, then it didn't matter, but she had a feeling it wasn't, and she wanted to say the right thing. But what could she possibly say? Ben had no idea. There was still several paces between them, and it was taking all her strength not to rush the brunette. But something was still off about the other girl. She could feel herself choking up again, a hoarse sob bubbling out of her throat as she clapped a hand over her face. "D-Don't leave me again, okay? If this is.. if this is s-some kind of dream, just.. don't wake me up, please don't go."

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2012-09-05 10:41 pm UTC (link)
Kia watched the other girl's reaction warily, feeling uncomfortable at the emotion behind the other girl's gaze. She stood rooted to the spot as the tall blonde babbled until she was only a few paces away. She couldn't tell what it was about the other girl that made her uncomfortable. It could have been the love in her eyes, or the way she was so desperate to hang onto this moment, but Kia stepped away quickly as soon as the girl go too close.

"Don't," she said simply, her voice dropping to a panicked growl. "Don't you dare come any closer."

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2012-09-05 10:48 pm UTC (link)
Benji halted immediately, her face falling as she stared at the other girl. All of the guilt, everything she had been working to get over, was coming rushing back in a matter of seconds. She could feel the familiar lump in her throat as she stood there, awkwardly now and still shaking, just looking at Kia. It still felt real, it had to be, but it felt so wrong.

"I-I'm sorry," Ben offered weakly, her voice cracking. She raised both of her hands defensively, a gesture of surrender. It was all her fault, Kia had every right to hate her, to be mad at her. She had let all of this happen, how could she expect the brunette to just let her run back into her arms?

"I didn't mean to, I really-- I r-really tried, I never forgot, I never.. I always knew it was my fault, I knew y-ya were disappointed in me, I didn't try'n let it happen!" she blurted out, a sob escaping her as she clapped a hand over her mouth. "I'm sorry, I- baby, what can I do?" she asked desperately, keeping her distance but fighting the urge to break free. She felt paralyzed.

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