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Tatum Dubinsky ([info]drtandthewimmin) wrote in [info]blueridgeau,
@ 2012-08-29 23:56:00

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Characters: Tatum & Mack.
Setting: Mack and Alex's place, shortly after Tater finds out about Kia being back.
Content: NSFW.
Summary: Show the fuck down.

Other than the fact that she was furious beyond belief, Tatum didn't know much. Her entire vision was painted red, seeing past it all wasn't easy to do, and she didn't really want to. Things in her life had just been coming back around, she thought less and less about her loss every day now. She would have never forgotten Kia, and full moons were still awful without her, but some of the sharpness of the ache in her heart was starting to fade. Kia was gone, and for what it had been worth, she had begun accepting it, the edge was coming off. She had even gone so far as admitting that staying mad at Benji wasn't going to bring her back. She had been healing, so had Sam ans Michi, Izzy and the other boys, the whole family had been moving toward moving on. But then Mack had come and screwed up everything.

She knew that it was selfish, she should have been thrilled that Kia was back, no matter what the circumstance. But sometimes dead was better. Mack had changed her, stolen her away, lied to her, and willingly let Alex Quentin have influence over her. It wasn't the first time that Mack had messed with Tatum and her daughter, there had been incidents when Kia had been much younger, but now the redhead was sure she should have killed Mack the very first time she even looked in Kia's direction. Tatum couldn't forgive it now. She had always felt guilty about her daughter being a wolf, born into it with no real choice, but this was not how she wanted to fix it. Kia was different now, she even smelled different, like them, like those blood sucking bastards, and the whole pack knew it. They could all feel it. She wasn't one of them anymore, she was one of them. She was now a natural enemy to what had previously been her own kind, her family, and it was Mack's fault. She had no right.

It wasn't even quite like having Kia back, not after the things Mack had told her, the lies she had indoctrinated the brunette with. She had warped the girl's mind. Tatum couldn't see past that, the way Kia felt and acted toward them now because of Mackenzie's lies and leads. It was unforgivable. Combined with the audacity of the act itself, Tatum didn't know what else to do except get mad, she had to get even. She had promised Michi that she would leave it alone, that she at least wouldn't go alone, she had told Sam that she wanted them to go together, but she didn't wait for him. He was surprisingly easy to dupe. This whole mess was between her and Mack, once her best friend and confidante but now just a monster she didn't think she knew anymore. If Mack hadn't been trying to get back at her, to make her pay for a lifetime of mistakes and anger toward each other, none of this would have happened. It was time to settle it once and for all, and Tatum was ready.

It was nearly the full moon anyway, and her senses were riding high. She didn't know exactly where Mack lived anymore, but she had a vague idea. She knew, or had a feeling at least, that it would be close to the park that she used to take Kia to many years ago, before Texas, before her and Izzy had grown. Back in Georgia, the same park where she now realized Mack had been watching them the first time, all of the times she didn't know about, with that wistful look on her face. She had thought at first that Kia was making it up, the blonde lady she always talked about was just assumed to be her imaginary friend, but eventually Tatum had caught on. That unsavory vampire smell had hung in the air. It enraged her now that she had even allowed any of it to happen. Had Mack been thinking of doing this to her, even then? Of stealing her daughter away? She should have torn her throat out right then and there.

Going to that old park was vague, yes, but it was a solid enough guess that she could follow her nose from there. She followed it right along the street, to a nice looking brownstone house, no different than any other on the block. One could easily watch the park right from the upstairs window, if they wanted. Tatum didn't doubt it. No questions, this was it, she was sure of it. Mack was inside. It was risky, if her whole little posse was inside, it could easily be three or four on one of her. She wanted to do this between them, and only between them. Things needed to be settled once and for all.

She only let herself hesitate for a moment, her brain considering the danger of what she was about to do for a mere second, before Tatum was rushing the door, her foot connecting solidly with it once in a kick, twice, and then three more times in a row before it came open, the frame around it splintering. It was high noon practically, but the street was otherwise quiet except for her now ragged breathing. She was baring her teeth, an unconscious instinct, as she entered the house and immediately squinted against the darkness inside. Every curtain was drawn, but even in the dimness of the entryway alone, she could already tell that the entire place had been decorated by Alex. It reeked of her, in appearance and scent, and it only made Tatum angrier as she advanced further inside.

"Mackenzie Dubinsky, you fucking lowlife," the redhead growled, her voice rising. She didn't know where the vampire was residing in here, it seemed much bigger inside than she thought, but she could definitely scent the blonde out somewhere close by. "Come out here and face me, or I'll tear you limb from fucking limb when I find you instead of making this quick."

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2012-09-02 02:22 pm UTC (link)
Despite the common rumor that all vampires slept during the day, Mackenzie Dubinsky wasn't one of them. Sure, she slept a majority of the day but more often than not, she spent her time reading in the library. Alex had decorated it all herself, not that Mack really had any say in the matter, but the library was her space. When her insomnia over took her and the sun was still out she would spend hours buried away in the stacks. It was a bit of peace, a bit of escape, and Mackenzie loved it. She didn't have to worry about anything when she escaped into the pages of her books. Things could be good in those books, endings could be happy.

It was one of those days today, and Mack was engrossed in a thick fantasy novel. The house was quiet, the other occupants all up in their various bedrooms sleeping. She had slipped away from Alex several hours ago, who barely acknowledged her absence, and had been sitting in her favorite chair ever since. She wasn't expecting the loud crash that was her front door being kicked in, or for the angry voice that followed. Mack scowled, closing her book slowly and placing it on the table beside her chair. This was the last thing she wanted to deal with right now, but it was bound to happen eventually.

She decided it was best to just confront Tatum without messing with her, especially if she was going to keep yelling like that. She didn't want to get anyone else involved, especially Alex, this was between the two of them and she wanted to keep it that way. She walked into the entry hall, a scowl on her face and arms crossed, to face the angry redhead. Tatum had grown up, aged over the years, but Mack still had the repressed thought that she still looked just a beautiful as she had as a kid. She leaned against the door frame that lead back to the library, still half covered in the dim shadows of the house.

"Stop screaming your head off like a banshee," she said, her voice calm and steady. "You'll wake the kids."

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2012-09-03 11:56 pm UTC (link)
Tatum was quickly growing impatient, but she had still allowed Mack to practically sneak up on her. It was like one moment she was alone, and the next she saw the blonde leaning into the door frame, giving her a familiar skeptical scowl. She wasn't here to mess around though, and she was already growling again, low and deep in her chest as she advanced a couple of steps toward the vampire where she still hung back in the darkness.

"Don't tell me what to do," she snapped immediately, rather uncaring about who she alerted to her presence. If she had to go through Alex to get to Mack, she would do that, but taking them all on probably wasn't a wise idea. Mack was her target anyway, her purpose. It was taking everything inside of her to hold back, to not already be lunging for the blonde. Everything about her, not just the look she was giving Tatum, was familiar, the same as the redhead remembered.

It went without saying, but the other girl hadn't changed a bit since high school. She hadn't aged even a bit, it was hard to believe that she was actually a year older than the redhead in front of her. Even her fashion sense seemed the same. Tatum herself was older, and she knew it and felt it even with the wolf strengthening her, but it had never been so starkly apparent. She had stayed away from Mack for so long, hadn't spoken a word to her since her wedding day, and the mess the other girl had tried to make of it. And now they were standing toe to toe with nowhere to go. She wasn't about to let the blonde get one up on her just because she had the illusion of looking younger and fitter. Tatum could hold her own.

As it were, holding back her transformation, even in the middle of the day was becoming a challenge. There had been only a very small handful of times that Tatum had felt mad enough to transform outside of the moon, but this was feeling like it could become another one. She would need to, most likely, to take the older woman on. "How dare you?" she demanded to know, offering no explanation, knowing Mack would know what she meant. "I told you, I told you a hundred times, to stay away from my goddamn family! I don't want you-- what makes you think you had the right? You didn't have the fucking right! You never did!"


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2012-09-05 10:34 pm UTC (link)
Mack frowned further, feeling her temper rise. It didn't matter how many years had passed since the night that Tatum told her about being pregnant, what was left of her heart still twinged at the sight of the woman. She still loved her deep down, deep enough that she was only willing to admit it on the darkest of nights. She knew it would haunt her forever though, and the confrontation was tearing open the old wound just like it was yesterday.

"I had every fucking right!" she growled back, taking a step towards Tatum. "She was going to die, I couldn't let that happen."

Mackenzie looked away then, gritting her teeth. "She should have been mine," she said quietly. Her hands squeezed into fists, her knuckles turning white. It took every ounce of courage to let that out, and she felt like a small weight had been lifted from her shoulders. "You used to want me, and then you fucking left me."

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2012-09-05 11:05 pm UTC (link)
Tatum took another step closer as soon as Mack did, immediately baring her teeth as she stared up at the blonde. "Sometimes dead is better," she told her curtly, resisting the urge to just reach out and start throttling Mack right away. They had never known when to stop running their mouths once they got going at each other. "Better than this, better than.. you! Being like this! I'd rather her be gone, than be.. one of you, like all of them!" she shouted, gesturing to the ornate staircase in the other side of the entryway.

Kia would never quite be the same, and it was Mack's fault. She would never be a part of the pack again, an outsider in her own family. She would have a bond with Mack, with the rest of those disgusting hags upstairs, for the rest of her life. Which now, would be endless. She would outlive all of them. She had always expected Kia would outlive her, it was something every parent expected and wanted, and it was one of her biggest problems with losing her daughter. People weren't meant to outlive their children. But now Kia would outlive her, Benji, any family they had. Until eventually, one day, all she would have left would be Mack. Tatum didn't doubt that had been the other girl's vindictive plan all along.

"You had no right, because she wasn't yours! She was never yours, and she was never going to be yours! I told you to stay away from her, period! That was the fucking bottom line, and you knew it," Tatum shot back, her lips turned down into a deep frown. She stared at Mack, even as she looked away. She watched the girl making her fists, and mimicked the gesture. "I'm sick of you.. manipulating me! Even when I try to keep you out of my fucking life, you just.. keep coming back! You know just how to fuck with me, don't you? You know me too fucking well."

They had only been friends, true close friends, until Mack was barely freshmen. But even in that short time together, barely ten years, the blonde knew her, truly knew her. Children were more vulnerable, more open. They had always talked about their hopes, their dreams, their true thoughts. They knew each other in a way that only they did, and the bond had hung on, no matter how much Tatum tried to break it. They had depended on each other, and Tatum didn't doubt that in some twisted way, they were made for each other. Things just never worked out ideally for everyone.

"I wanted you?" she balked, trying to hide the emotions now swirling in her along with her anger. "I was thirteen years old! A thirteen year old girl, what do you want me to say? I was scared, I didn't know what I wanted!" the redhead added, her voice rising a little shrilly. "You fucking left me! You know what I wanted? For you to come back for me, and you never did, you didn't even try to fight for me! I know I should have fought too, but you were.. fuck, you were supposed to be the strong one, how was I supposed to fight without you? You just ran away, you fucking coward! You've always been a coward, really!"

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