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Tatum Donnelly ([info]ojandtostitos) wrote in [info]blueridgeau,
@ 2012-09-04 21:23:00

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Characters: Michi, Tatum, Sam, Mack, Sera, little Kia, and basically anyone else in attendance [or crashing].
Setting: Lake Lanier Resort, April of 2017.
Content: NSFW? Who even knows, THESE KIDS.
Summary: Michi & Tatum's wedding!

When Tatum had been growing up, she had never been the type of little girl to plan her wedding. She and Mack had played wedding many times when they were young, always in their backyards, until her father had put a stop to it. But it had never felt like a reality, that she would get there, get to be happy. When she had been very young, she and Mack promised they would get married someday for real, but before they were even in high school it had become abundantly clear that such things wouldn't be happening in their future together.

Weddings, and the idea of being married to someone, became less of a game of pretend to her and more of a looming fear as she became a teenager. She had always dreaded the thought that if she wanted to get married, that most likely she'd never be happy with the person she would end up with, that her parents would decide for her like always did and that would be that. She began to think she would be lucky to even tolerate a husband, let alone like him. They'd pick someone awful. They had already spent her life trying to hook her up with their sons of their friends, with proper young men from church. She had been sure that one day, they would reel her in and she would have to spend the rest of her days with a 'nice catholic boy' that both of her parents would approve of and pick out just for her.

The idea that she could be standing where she was today, wearing am overly expensive wedding gown that she enjoyed wearing more than she let on, actually ready to marry the woman that she loved, that she had chosen. It was a nice twist on how the rest of her life had played out to this point. But she and Michi had been together for almost seven years now, and it had been almost just as long since she had spoken to her parents, she was ready. They couldn't ruin her special day, and her real family was here to support her, the family she had chosen to surround herself with. Though her stomach was riddled with butterflies as she looked at herself in the mirror for the hundredth time, Tatum felt like nothing could knock her down today.

They had been through so much together now, and Tatum didn't want anyone else. Kia and Izzy were getting bigger every day, not to mention the little bump in her stomach that was just beginning to show. Getting married, graduated with two kids and one on the way, and still everything worked out better than expected. When she had gotten pregnant five years ago, she hadn't ever thought her life would end up this way, working out this way. Never in a million years had the redhead believed that she could have this life, a wife and children that she loved more than anything, and no one to tell her it was wrong. It was her day, their day, and she wasn't about to let anything bring her down.

It wasn't a particularly big affair, and only a modest amount of guests, even if the venue was a big expensive. Tatum hadn't wanted anything over the top, but she had fallen in love with the view of the lake. It was the next best thing to being home, it was comforting. She didn't have much home here. They both had very few blood relations in attendance, but Tatum didn't really care as much as she once would have. Letting the actions of her parents bring her down was a thing of the past. Her brother and sister were here, her nieces, her kids and her friends, she didn't really need much else. They had come a long way to get to this point, the mood was good, and even the weather was perfect for an outdoor ceremony. Tatum had opted out of using a church as her first official decision about the day. She absolutely did not want to be married in a chapel, or by a pastor.

Yes, she was ready, but it didn't really stop her butterflies. She was supposed to be working on finishing writing out her vows, but that was proving to be the hardest part. Everything she and Michi had been through together since they had met, since Sera and Hunter had first introduced them at a party in high school, was a lot to address. Everything she owed her future wife thanks for, everything Michi had put up with, everything that Michi had helped her through, was not easily summed up on a little scrap of notebook paper. She had taken forever to begin writing them, and now it was her last chance to finish them and she didn't know where to stop. She had a knack for being long-winded, and she doubted that everyone wanted her rambling on for an hour. God, she'd probably start crying.

She could do this though, she was definitely ready, and she barely even jumped as there was a knock on the door.

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Pre-Ceremony & Getting Ready
2012-09-04 09:38 pm UTC (link)
Wedding starts in an hour or so!

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2012-09-05 08:03 pm UTC (link)
When Tatum had proposed, Michi had been entirely floored. She stared dumbfounded for about a minute before she started giggling and then came the tears. That moment had made her so profoundly happy that she didn't even know what else to do. Yes didn't seem like enough of an answer for the question being posed.

Things seemed to pick up after that. Time was moving by so quickly Michi could barely keep track of the dates. Even though it was a small wedding that they were planning, it still took up a lot of time and energy. From seating arrangements to vow writing, everything seeped away the hours in a day. And there they were. The day of the wedding. There was nothing left to do but wait, which was something Michi had never been good at.

She had paced back and forth and jostled with Hunter and Charlie but it wasn't enough. She just couldn't sit still so finally she broke down and pushing her bad luck snuck down the corridor to where she knew her soon-to-be with would be waiting for the very same moment. On the way, she plucked a fresh flower out of a vase and carried it proudly just as she did on one of their first dates; one flower for the prettiest girl she had ever seen.

She knocked gently and proceeded to push the door open. "T," she called out as she stepped into the room. Her face brightened instantly when she saw Tatum standing in the room. It was like there was nothing else in the Universe. The sky itself fell short when compared to her future wife. She felt the breath get knocked right out of her. She wasn't a girl anymore, neither one of them were. Suddenly, Michi felt very silly for bringing a silly flower.

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2012-09-05 09:00 pm UTC (link)
Tatum had already done her share of pacing, and her only turned to look over her shoulder as the other woman came into the room. She had just sat down, finally pleased with how her dress was falling, to try and think of how to end her vows. Or cut them down to something more concise, at least.

But she hadn't been getting anywhere with it, and her fiancee's sudden appearance was a welcome distraction. "This is extremely bad luck, y'know," she warned her, although she was already smiling as she turned a bit to face Michi better. "You're going to ruin the whole thing."

Despite her joking, however, she couldn't help admiring Michi as she came further into the room. She looked so beautiful, so grown up. It almost made the redhead tear up a little. Tatum was careful of her gown and her stomach as she stood up, she crossed the room, stopping in front of the other girl and grabbing her hand, squeezing it. "You look amazing," she told her. "Truly."

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2012-09-27 10:30 pm UTC (link)
"Wouldn't be too far from the norm then would it? If I just up and ruined everything?" she grinned mischievously.

Michi smoothed the front of her dress with her free hand and smiled nervously. "You took my breath away from the moment I saw you and today is just..." she shook her head. "I can't even function right now I'm so happy.

She forced her arm up weakly, extending the flower to Tatum. "I know it aint much," she shrugged. "But I saw it and just thought of you. I don't want nothin' but the best for you." She leaned in and kissed Tatum's lips sweetly. "I love you T," she whispered. "An' I didn't want to wait another minute to tell you."

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Wedding Ceremony
2012-09-04 09:38 pm UTC (link)
Too late for cold feet now!

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Dinner & Reception Time
2012-09-04 09:39 pm UTC (link)
Dance, you bitches!

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