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March 24th, 2013

THE TAKE OVER @ 03:15 pm


Characters: Gemma and the revolutionaries and later on everyone!
Setting: The woods near Gemma's cabin then King's Hall, night of the Spring Dance
Rating: NSFW- violence
Content: Gemma gets everyone amped up for the takeover of BR

Gemma stood in front of the gather students and rebels at the cabin, there were too many of them to actually fit inside the small structure so they stood outside. She smiled as she paced in front of them. "Tonight is the night," she said cheerfully. "We're going to take over Blue Ridge, we'll snatch it right out from under their noses. Now, the job is simple and the plan is simple as long as you stick to what I'm telling you right now. If you fuck up and it ruins this all, you're dead," she said simply.

"Any questions?"

One of the boys from the school stepped forward and cleared his throat. "I want to get rid of mudbloods as much as anyone else but what is taking over the school going to prove?"

Gemma's eyes narrowed and she flicked her wand with malice. A green light shot from the wand and hit the kid squarely in the chest. He fell dead. "Any more questions?" she asked calmly as she flicked at the boy and one of her followers scurried over to clean up her mess.

"Now, as I was saying," she said grabbing a piece of paper out of her pocket. "Alex and Charlie, you will be my key elements. I want you to each take one of the smoke bombs I prepared earlier. Set them both off at the front doors at 11:45 sharp, make sure not a minute sooner or later. 11:45," she looked at the two girls pointedly but knew they would come through. "Stand by to guard the door and make sure no one leaves," she said steadily. "Samir and I will come in through the front with a group. Angel and Shiloh, I want you to come in the back way where Kekoa and Marcus will set off two more smoke bombs and stand guard. Do. Not. Let. Anyone. Leave," she said slowly and carefully. "The rest of you will surround the doors while we commence with the takeover. Fighting is going to break out, you have to ready yourselves for it. You might very well have to fight your best friends. If anyone sees that you're not contributing..." she smirked. "Well we simply can't let you contribute to the other side either."

"I want you to know that what we do tonight will be remembered for centuries. People may not think it's the right thing now, but we are the bringers of revolution. Hands are bound to get bloody in some ways but imagine the greatness we bring. We're not just about weeding out the mudbloods like that idiot said," she sneered. "We're bringing change, empowering witches and wizards against those filthy muggles. We are powerful, we are more powerful than them and we will take our rightful place in the world. We will not live in shadows any longer. We will not be ruled by a muggle government we can easily destroy. We will no longer stand this indignity," there was a lightness to her voice despite the intensity in her eyes.

"Go to the dance like there is nothing different, try your best to pretend that you know nothing until 11:45. If necessary, use force on your fellow classmates. If they stand against you, they are only standing in the way of true progress. Show the others that we can protect ourselves and we can protect all wizards... and we will," she said simply. "Just like..." she motioned and waved toward where the body was being taken care of. "Just like I proved with that one," she shrugged.

"Now those of you still enrolled at Blue Ridge, get back to the school and don't let anyone know anything is different. We'll see you tonight," she waved them all off and went to her chair where she began rocking slowly and meticulously. There were only two thoughts on her mind; the long awaited takeover and the hope the Ellie would have the sanity to stay home.

January 21st, 2013

(no subject) @ 01:52 pm


Characters: Ellie and Ace
Setting: Ellie's cabin
Rating: PG?
Content: Ellie is in a weird place

Everyone at the school had been really nice since she made her announcement and that had been an unexpected surprise. The whole staff was pitching in to help get her the things she needed for the baby but it just felt terrible knowing that Gemma wasn't supporting her and that Gemma didn't give a damn about her baby. She began fuming at the idea that Gemma could hate something so innocent and sweet just because he wasn't going to be a pure blood wizard. Her hands tightened in her lap as she waited for her tea kettle. Despite trying to push the thoughts out of her head, she was still angry and had half a mind to turn her sister over.

Still... there was a thread of loyalty through blood. Blood, the thing that Gemma herself was so concerned about. Ellie took a deep breath and tried to make herself forget.

October 18th, 2012

HALLOWEEN @ 07:16 pm


Characters: Everyone
Setting: All over campus
Content: Halloween festivities

A cauldron bubbled over sending a thick layer of fog drifting out toward the middle of the darkened room. The room was eerily cloaked in darkness except for the little lanterns that bobbed in the air, emitting soft, orange light. Platters of creepy snacks layered the tables which were covered in dark purple cloths. Spider webs hung from the corners and skeletons did a macabre dance through the halls. It was the perfect atmosphere for a wizards Halloween ball.

July 31st, 2012

(no subject) @ 12:10 am


Characters: EVERYONE
Setting: All over Blue Ridge School, Monday Sept 17
Rating: NSFW
Content: Superhero Day

Monday morning the students of Blue Ridge School woke up and dressed as their favorite heroes and villains. No sooner did they dress when suddenly... they all realized they were not just dressed as their superheroes... they were their superheroes.

Shenanigans were afoot much of the day.

July 30th, 2012

(no subject) @ 04:21 pm


Characters: Gemma, Shiloh, Angel, possibly Samir
Rating: Probably NSFW

She had sent a letter earlier in the week in simple script, something to be easily missed by anyone who wasn't looking. Dearest Shiloh, I hope that you are well. The birds are singing here. Watch for the blackbird, they usually carry the best omens. Happy Valentine's Day. -G

The plan was simple enough. Gemma and Samir had been working their fire magic carefully and made at least three powerful blasting devices that would be set off on the west side of the prison. The smoke wouldn't clear in time for anyone to catch them on the east side of the prison which was their real target. After setting things up at Blue Ridge to keep them well occupied, Gemma took her band to the outskirts of Fort Nox. Night had settled over the grounds heavily but Gemma could still count the guards on duty. She gave the simple signal for the others to set out with the bombs before taking her animagus form and flying toward the prison, carrying a large bag with clothes and one small but powerful bomb.

Just as she settled on the window sill of Shiloh's cell, the bombs on the other side of the prison began to go off. Gemma switched back to her normal form and grinned between the bars. "Darlin', you better step back," she set up the bomb and as the second bomb went off she set off the small bomb and blasted away the bits of Shiloh's cell that kept her from getting out.

July 21st, 2012

(no subject) @ 10:10 pm

Characters: Mack and Tatum
Setting: Going to see the new Batman!
Rating: SFW?
Content: Mack and Tate go to see the new Dark Knight, obv since Mack is such a big Batman fan.

Gotham needs a hero with a face )

July 22nd, 2012

Text to Mack @ Work @ 02:00 am


You wanna go see Batman later?

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July 19th, 2012

(no subject) @ 05:04 pm


Characters: Ellie and Gemma
Setting: Gemma's cabin, late September
Rating: NSFW
Content: Ellie makes a confession


June 19th, 2012

Blue Ridge Camping Trip @ 05:23 pm


Characters: EVERYONE
Setting: Saturday July 28 - Saturday August 11
Rating: NSFW

The first annual Blue Ridge camping trip is afoot in the Blue Ridge mountains. There is swimming, fires, s'mores, and hiking every day. Don't forget the canoe races, ghost stories, BBQs, parties, and tarot readings!

June 12th, 2012

(no subject) @ 11:10 pm


Characters: Hunter, Chuck, and Sera.
Setting: Extremely backdated, the evening of the day after Chuck and Michiko's fight.
Content: NSFW for violence!
Summary: It's on like Donkey Kong.

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June 8th, 2012

End of year dance and graduation @ 09:17 pm


Characters: EVERYONE
Setting for dance: King's Hall and outside of it, 6/16, 7PM-Whenever
Setting for graduation and party: The quodpot field, then out in the woods for the party, 6/23, Noon-whenever
Content: It's the end of year dance AND graduation

After a grueling week of exams, the students could finally cut loose and party. The end of the year dance had been by far the most decked out dance of all. The whole Great Hall and outside of it were decorated in rich dark blues and gentle light blues, representing the school's colors. Huge banners with Blue Ridge printed all over them were strung about the buildings. Balloons, streamers, confetti; all in the two different shades of blue and a little white were scattered all around. Everyone wore a look of relief and happiness. The school year was finally over and all they had to do was wait.

June 6th, 2012

(no subject) @ 12:15 pm

Characters: Charlie and Jenny
Setting: After cheer tryouts
Rating: NSFW probably? IDK, ANGRY VAMPIRES
Content: Jenny isn't too impressed by Charlie's new attitude

I know you're trying to forget )

June 4th, 2012

Text to Jenny [Monday morning] @ 07:58 pm

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You`ll be at try-outs right? Not that I'm hoping for any sort of special treatment or anything ;)

June 2nd, 2012

(no subject) @ 06:30 pm


Characters: Michi, Charlie, and the dance club
Setting: The dance room in the gym, night before the big show
Rating: NSFW, violence and cursing
Content: Drama before the big show

It had been killing Michi all year that she hadn't been able to actively participate in her favorite clubs. Sure she could coach and help choreograph in quodpot and dance but it wasn't the same thing. She still showed up though, every day she could, and she got really into directing. She blamed her high stress on the dancers for not being able to hold a beat and stay in time. She was constantly yelling out to them and counting the beats out but they still weren't getting it.

One day. One was all the had left before the big performance and they had been working all year. "Come on guys! Get it right!" she yelled for the last time. She reached over and turned off the CD player. "This is fucking ridiculous!" She wasn't in very good shape for hollering and directing a dance performance, she hadn't even given birth two weeks ago.

"Take it from the top and for Christ's sake fucking count this time!"

Friday and Saturday dance performace @ 06:08 pm

Friday and Saturday the dance club, choir, and band put on a show for the entire student body. The choir and bands bot did a mix of classical and contemporary. The band also performed a song that they all wrote together with Professor Liam Knight.

The dancers did a four piece show featuring original choreography and student costuming. Each costume was customized but along the same nature. For Hometown Glory, the students each painted the name of their hometown on the front of their shirt and on the back, they wrote one word describing them.

Sunny Garcia wrote "NYC" and "Survivor". Michiko Passos, who helped choreograph and direct this years production instead of dancing in it wrote "NOLA" and "Momma". Meka Palakiko wrote "Honolulu" and "Geek". Rath Donnelly wrote "Portage Lake" and "Lover". Hope Fortune wrote "Aspen" and "Liar".

May 26th, 2012

Memorial Day Picnic @ 01:46 pm


Characters: Everyone
Setting: Lake Blue Ridge, the beach
Rating: NSFW

Ichirou loved those one day holidays where it wasn't enough to go home but it was still enough time to enjoy the weekend. He tried to make plans so that the kids would be safe and still enjoy the small holiday. A picnic and beach party seemed like the perfect opportunity, so dresses as silly as he could manage, he helped Teo set up the beach and picnic area and he helped him grill all the food.

The weather was perfect, they couldn't have asked for a better day as the mass of students begin filtering into the beach.

May 25th, 2012

Quodpot Final Scores and Memorial Day @ 07:13 pm


Good evening students and staff!

Quodpot final scores are finally in! Friday the 18th Shenandoah took on Roanoke for third place. It was a merciless battle between the two teams and in the end Shenandoah took home the bronze trophy for the season. An excellent effort by both teams! Tonight, last years champions Appalachia finished off a perfect season when they thoroughly defeated Quirank! Congratulations to all this years quodpot teams and to Appalachia for a second championship in a row!

America, America, there are so many lovely things about this country. For instance, we celebrate our country's heroes by spending an entire afternoon at the beach; barbecuing, parading, and playing lawn darts! So what this means for you dear students is that all classes for Monday are cancelled and we will be holding a beach picnic with hot dogs, hamburgers, fish, vegetarian options, desserts, salads, and more! We will also have games like beach volleyball, horseshoes, and a bunch more set up all day! Please join us, we will begin our celebration at noon on Monday! There will also be a picnic style breakfast on the campus from 7-10:30 am!

June 1 and 2: Musical and dance production
June 4-8: Quodpot, Quidditch, and Cheering try outs for next year!
June 11-15: Finals week
June 16: End of the year dance
June 23: Graduation
July 28- August 11: Blue Ridge Camping Field trip!!

Thanks so much!
-Ichirou Sato

May 13th, 2012

Quodpot, Quidditch, Prom @ 09:15 pm


Good evening students and staff!

What an eventful week! Firstly this week we have four birthdays to celebrate! Today, Apple Evans of Roanoke turns 18 today! And tomorrow Sylvia Sasaki turns 17. On Thursday the seventeenth, both Leland Rivera Sykes and Julian Prideaux of university house turn 20 years old. Make sure you wish everyone a happy birthday!

This weekend we watched the final quidditch games of the season and the found out who is playing in the quodpot finals! Friday we watched Quirank and Shenandoah battle it out on the field. After an excellent game by both teams, Quirank came out the winners. Quirank and Appalachia will fight it out for first place on May 25th and next week on the 18th, Roanoke will take on Shenandoah. The quidditch teams played on Saturday for the last time this year. Team One and Team Two played against each other and Team Two handed over a unanimous beating. The BRU quidditch team played the New York City team and won yet again! Great end to the season!

Next weekend is the prom! The theme is faerie tale couples and don't forget there will be many aurors. I, of course, will be there to chaperon as well and will be in my office afterwards. School rules still apply ladies and gentlemen!

June 1 and 2: Musical and dance production
June 4-8: Quodpot, Quidditch, and Cheering try outs for next year!
June 11-15: Finals week
June 16: End of the year dance
June 23: Graduation
July 28- August 11: Blue Ridge Camping Field trip!!

Thanks so much!
-Headmaster Ichirou Sato

May 12th, 2012

(no subject) @ 01:08 pm


Characters: EVERYONE!
Setting: King's Hall and the woods, Friday the nineteenth
Rating: NSFW, we know ourselves
Content: Prom but mostly the after-party

King's Hall had been decorated in a fantastical landscape. It looked as though the entire building had been wrapped up by an enchanted forest. Even the snack's table looked romantic and fantastic with a golden box for voting at the end. The air was almost shimmering in the hall.

The school ground's was a different story though. Well before the prom had been set up, plans for the after party were already in full sway. As tradition, the kids "snuck" out to the woods but like always, there were adults waiting just outside to make sure no one got hurt. What the adults didn't know was that a huge keg had been concealed from their eyes in the stump of a dead tree. Oh the shenanigans that will be had.

Ballot Box @ 01:13 pm

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A huge golden box sat the end of the snack table. The sign next to it reads:

Please vote for your favorite costumes. You may only vote for one couple or two individuals.

OOC: Have your characters vote for their favorite costumes here! You know I roll, fuck screening.

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