Blue Ridge School of Witchcraft and Wizardry

THE TAKE OVER @ 03:15 pm


Characters: Gemma and the revolutionaries and later on everyone!
Setting: The woods near Gemma's cabin then King's Hall, night of the Spring Dance
Rating: NSFW- violence
Content: Gemma gets everyone amped up for the takeover of BR

Gemma stood in front of the gather students and rebels at the cabin, there were too many of them to actually fit inside the small structure so they stood outside. She smiled as she paced in front of them. "Tonight is the night," she said cheerfully. "We're going to take over Blue Ridge, we'll snatch it right out from under their noses. Now, the job is simple and the plan is simple as long as you stick to what I'm telling you right now. If you fuck up and it ruins this all, you're dead," she said simply.

"Any questions?"

One of the boys from the school stepped forward and cleared his throat. "I want to get rid of mudbloods as much as anyone else but what is taking over the school going to prove?"

Gemma's eyes narrowed and she flicked her wand with malice. A green light shot from the wand and hit the kid squarely in the chest. He fell dead. "Any more questions?" she asked calmly as she flicked at the boy and one of her followers scurried over to clean up her mess.

"Now, as I was saying," she said grabbing a piece of paper out of her pocket. "Alex and Charlie, you will be my key elements. I want you to each take one of the smoke bombs I prepared earlier. Set them both off at the front doors at 11:45 sharp, make sure not a minute sooner or later. 11:45," she looked at the two girls pointedly but knew they would come through. "Stand by to guard the door and make sure no one leaves," she said steadily. "Samir and I will come in through the front with a group. Angel and Shiloh, I want you to come in the back way where Kekoa and Marcus will set off two more smoke bombs and stand guard. Do. Not. Let. Anyone. Leave," she said slowly and carefully. "The rest of you will surround the doors while we commence with the takeover. Fighting is going to break out, you have to ready yourselves for it. You might very well have to fight your best friends. If anyone sees that you're not contributing..." she smirked. "Well we simply can't let you contribute to the other side either."

"I want you to know that what we do tonight will be remembered for centuries. People may not think it's the right thing now, but we are the bringers of revolution. Hands are bound to get bloody in some ways but imagine the greatness we bring. We're not just about weeding out the mudbloods like that idiot said," she sneered. "We're bringing change, empowering witches and wizards against those filthy muggles. We are powerful, we are more powerful than them and we will take our rightful place in the world. We will not live in shadows any longer. We will not be ruled by a muggle government we can easily destroy. We will no longer stand this indignity," there was a lightness to her voice despite the intensity in her eyes.

"Go to the dance like there is nothing different, try your best to pretend that you know nothing until 11:45. If necessary, use force on your fellow classmates. If they stand against you, they are only standing in the way of true progress. Show the others that we can protect ourselves and we can protect all wizards... and we will," she said simply. "Just like..." she motioned and waved toward where the body was being taken care of. "Just like I proved with that one," she shrugged.

"Now those of you still enrolled at Blue Ridge, get back to the school and don't let anyone know anything is different. We'll see you tonight," she waved them all off and went to her chair where she began rocking slowly and meticulously. There were only two thoughts on her mind; the long awaited takeover and the hope the Ellie would have the sanity to stay home.

Blue Ridge School of Witchcraft and Wizardry