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Activity Check/ Plot Check
Hey there everyone! So here is our first official activity and plot check in! This will help us keep a decent time line and easy access to threads and logs. So here's what we need from you. So tell us, what's up? Comment here with what you and your kiddies have been up to lately! You get bonus points for links! <3


samtheman From: [info]samtheman Date: October 1st, 2010 09:45 pm (UTC) (Link)
Apple hung out with Vinnie. He also hung out with Paco and partook in illegal activities.</i> These are both unfinished.

went muddin with Henrike. She took a smoke break with Kyle. Meka hung out with Rowan at Charlie's party and she met up with Sera at the library on a Friday night. None of these are finished.

Sam went fishing with AB. Sam and AB hang out at his parent's house and have awkwardness. These are done. Sam and Keegan plot for Halloween. We're working on this.

Michiko gathers her closest friends to meet her bb! This thread is so unfinished. XD Addy and Michi toss the quod around for a bit. She and Addy have a conversation and then she drags Addy away from Leon at Charlie's party. Mama Michi and Addy have a super srs talk and Michi sort of apologizes. These are done!

Sunny and Stas exchange letters and then make out and fight on their first day back to school. They hang at Charlie's party. Sunny and Stas introduce their familiars and agree to go to homecoming together. Sunny and Bobby help AB pick a dress for homecoming. These are all done except the last one.
howemuchtrouble From: [info]howemuchtrouble Date: October 1st, 2010 10:35 pm (UTC) (Link)
Before the school year started, Keegan met Rowan's familiar and heads to see Michi's bb. (complete and incomplete, respectively)

Casey had a run in with Henrike. All three of my kiddos have appeared at Charlie's Party. (both incomplete)

Casey has since been seen wandering around, Keegan visits Sam for prank planning, and Quinn bumps into Mari. (Cssey still open, others in progress)
atotheb From: [info]atotheb Date: October 1st, 2010 11:52 pm (UTC) (Link)
Abby and Sam go fishing on the day before the first day back to school. Starting off the school year properly Abby gets into a fight on the first day with rival Adelaide that lands both girls in detention for a week with three months of probation. She exchanges some letters with her brother, serves the last detention of her sentence, and then spends the weekend at Casa Ruiz; learning that Sam's homelife is falling apart and sees him in his boxer shorts. She gets an accidental text from Leon (which was meant to go to Adelaide). After being nominated to homecoming court Abby has a minor freak out while buying a dress and agrees when Bobby asks her to be his date to the dance.

Anastas starts a summer letter writing campaign to win the heart of Sunny Garcia (which is in turns hysterical, horrifying, and kind of stupidly sweet). On the first day of classes he corners Sunny in a hallway for an impromptu snog and a punch. Stas meets Sunny at Charlie's party and proceeds to woo her with unbelievably sweet gestures (such as a foot rub and giving her a piggy back ride home). Sim, Stas, and Gray light some fireworks at the tail end of Charlie's party. The morning after Charlie's party Stas invites Sunny up to his room so their familiars can meet. Stas gets bored and seeks out entertainment in the form of one Miss Emilie Devlin which results in a broken library chair, a declaration of love, and a stern glare from that hot librarian.
From: [info]spiceitup Date: October 2nd, 2010 01:40 pm (UTC) (Link)

Adelaide and Abernathy get into a fistfight on day one. Then Addy bitches to Michi about it. Detention is served. Charlie throws a party, at which he and Addy talk briefly. Later, Michi and Addy check out the offerings. Then Leon and Adelaide run into each other at the drinks table. Words are had. Casey is molested. Rike punches Addy in the face. Leon and Addy get closer... and then Michi dives in for the cockblock. Adelaide is nominated for stuff. She is selected for Lalaurie Quodpot captain. Surprisingly, she is nominated for things, but backs down in favor of Quinn. Leon and Addy get to texting, and their romance is rekindled. Michi has some things to say about this. Addy and Leon are mysteriously nominated for homecoming court.

Bobby is nominated for stuff, to his shock. When team captains are announced, Bobby is revealed to be the new Sonnier team mascot. Bobby and Paco exchange letters about The Man (no, not Leonard Fortis). Bobby is somehow nominated for Homecoming King. Sunny and AB drag him shopping and he accidentally asks AB to be his homecoming date in a panic.
mightbeclever From: [info]mightbeclever Date: October 9th, 2010 09:56 pm (UTC) (Link)
Leon's been.....

Well, first is He got into a fight with Kyle. Because that's what they do best. Mostly he just wanted to poke fun at the guy, and got punched for his efforts. Party foul, dude. Party foul.

Then he chatted with Janis about nothing too terribly important.

But after that things start to get interesting. Leon and Addy got into a fight, then almost made up. Later that week he texted her, and they got back together.

Then Gael and Leon chatted, making a bet about who could get laid first. After that, Leon and Addy went to homecoming, followed by a private party.
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