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Bringing Sexy Back eh?
So um yeah Shelby's back check out below to see what's up.

With having to pack up his room and hide all his contraband before his parents arrived, Shelby didn't have much time for goodbyes. His mother wanted him out of that place in a hurry and home where it was safe. He barely even had enough time to find Charlie, pick up and smoke one last NOLA joint with his bros before being rushed back to Canada and into the wonderful world of home schooling. Angela had been in just about a near panic since she first caught wind of Leon's attack, and although missing socks didn't seem like that much to worry about in comparison, the last straw came after hearing that Shelby, her baby had actually been sent out on a school sanctioned monster hunt. Just because he was 17 and a teacher or two tagged a long didn't make it okay in her book, not in anyway shape or form. Even if Shelby had actually been completely unfazed and kind of excited about the whole thing. Monster's were pretty cool as long as they weren't like trying to chew off his face or anything.

As much as he hated early morning classes and generally going to class at all he was going to miss it. Sure homeschool seemed like fun in theory; sleeping in late, video games and mommy's homecooked breakfast in homeroom around noon, he figured. How could that not be awesome? But school to Shelby was never really about getting an education, with the exception of perhaps music. Sure he liked learning cool new spells but at 17 he just couldn't see past drumming and skateboarding. In his world those were really all he needed to make it, the rest was just an excuse to socialize. Why did he need to be home schooled anyway? What did his mom really think this was going to accomplish? It wasn't like he had any plans to go to college, wizard or muggle. School was about chillin with his friends, sneaking out for joints after class and partying hard on the weekends. Throw in a quodpot game here and there and school was basically gravy.

After little more than just few days home, Shelby quickly realized just how good he had it at CCI. At least there he had a free first period. His mom was actually making him get up and not just up but up, dressed and ready for the day by 7'oclock sharp. 7'oclock in the fucking morning? Was she serious?. And why'd he have to get dressed anyway. It wasn't like he had to leave the house, Shelby just didn't understand why she was acting so strict. Did she secretly want to be a teacher or something and was just taking it out on him?Although he supposed it was better than wearing a uniform. Mornings in their house were a complete struggle from the get go, and the rest of the day wasn't always the smoothest either. Seven AM was just too early, and it just made him cranky and completely unreceptive to any sort of learning. He fell asleep at his kitchen table desk sometimes multiple times a day, would disappear outside for hours on end and find the loudest snacks to eat while she was teaching. He loved his mother but she was acting crazy over this home school thing, he never in a million years expected her to take it so seriously. She'd even resorted to pouring ice water over him once to get him out of bed. Maybe he'd just gotten used to the freedom of being away at school but this was almost unbearable.

With Angela ready to pull her hair out or kill him by a couple weeks in they both finally agreed it just wasn't working. Homeschooling was just not for Shelby, as much as he hated real class he needed the structure. His house just had far too many distractions, especially his game collection that he'd had to basically abandon when he went to CCI. His ADD was running out of control. He pushed the boundaries almost more with his mother than he ever did with teachers, even despite his notorious class clown reputation. Realizing she was maybe in just a little over her head, Angela started to look around for alternatives. Wizarding Schools in Canada are sparse to say the least, and she didn't want him going just anywhere. She let him go all the way to New Orleans in the first place, despite the distance because she knew he'd get a proper schooling, just as she had. And believed until recently that he'd be perfectly safe there.

After Salem and two other schools claimed to not be accepting new students so late in the school year, Angela began to feel like they were running out of options. Which Shelby was totally cool with, he didn't need school and if he was going anywhere it better be back to CCI with his friends. What if Rienzi went to the finals and he wasn't there to cheer them on? His mascot costume was probably sitting somewhere collecting dust. What good was that going to do? He really did wanna go back, if he had to look at nothing but his mother and the kitchen stove much longer he would probably go insane. He decided to tell his mother the truth, he knew at this point, overhearing her say that even finding a muggle school would be difficult at this point, that she was running out of options. It was basically CCI or bust. If he couldn't go back he'd just get a job and try to put another band together or something. He still had friends around the neighborhood that he jammed with from time to time, it'd be no problem but truthfully he wanted his mother to say no.

The last thing Angela wanted to do was send him back to New Orleans with everything that was going on but like any mother she wanted the best for him and in her eyes if he didn't somehow finish school she was failing her son. If he decided to give up and get a job there really wasn't much she could do, as a wizard he was already considered of age and within a few months he'd be 18. She knew much like herself that being a wizard really didn't matter much to him, at least where his future was concerned. They both knew he was too lazy to give it up completely. So the fact that he actually wanted to go back to, really did make her proud.

The next morning after having some time to sleep on it, she sent an owl to deliver two messages to New Orleans. One to the Office of Headmaster Pendragon and one to her sister Lizzy.

For anyone who doesn't know Shelby already, his bio can be viewed here but in short he's basically a big goof who loves drumming, skateboarding, gaming, smoking weed and acting stupid.


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