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My fellow CCI Players. Welcome back to our second year. Over the last couple of weeks we hit the one year anniversary of this community, and we would like to start this by saying thank you. Thank you for being the most amazing players a game could have asked for. We only hope that you’ve been having as much fun with this as we have been having as your mods and fellow players.

There is so much that will start happening now, that we’re bursting to tell you all. Without further adieu, here are some things to look forward to in the next few weeks.

1) We’ve come up with a new way to do rolls for the Quodpot games. Feeling that a system of bonuses and penalties would be fun to try, we have decided to implement a new system that we feel will better take into account your activity, and the things that characters do that would affect their game play, both positively and negatively.

Basically, it would be two rolls out of 100 as a base, reflecting chance and what NPCs are doing. Added (or subtracted) would be things from a bonus/penalty chart that is forthcoming. Your character spends some time making plays, or practices extra hard before a game? Bonus! Your character drinks before a game, or isn’t speaking to someone on their team? Minus! This would make there be more incentive to get your character into the fracas that is Quodpot and a more realistic way than simply doing odds vs. evens.

2) In that vein, we would like to change all rolls to the percentile system. We feel that it would be a more accurate accounting, with more possibility for contributing factors to come into play. Character preparedness (or lack thereof) would be taken into account. Your character wants to smoke in the room? There’s going to be bonuses for the amount of caution taken, or minuses if they choose to blatantly flaunt the rules. No more auto passes just because you made some effort. Also? Heads of house do make completely random room checks. So be prepared!

3) Harry Potter was a wonderful world to be in for so many reasons, big and small. One thing that always made me think of Harry Potter? Hogwarts. The school. And what was in the front hall of that school? The hourglasses that tallied the House Points. We would like to introduce CCI House Points to the game! Bonus and Penalty chart is in the works!

4) Simply something fun and silly, we would like to have a CCI twitter account. Players can access it, and post random silly things. If we don’t see a Leo Fortis compliment on there once a month, we will be very disappointed in you! And so will he :)

We are so excited to start playing a new year! There is SO MUCH on the horizon, plotty and fun, and we are very happy that you are all still here. So get those characters updated, and we will be playing with you all shortly.

Game on!


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