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Hey whats up? Welcome to the game.

I'm Jill and I have two kiddos here right now.

Firstly there's Shelby [[info]drummerboy], a senior in Reinzi. He's basically a big goofball who just likes to have fun, skateboard and smoke weed. I don't know how well him and Holly J would know each other but they've probably at least seen each other around on the quodpot field and stuff. Shelby's the Reinzi mascot and never misses a game no matter who's playing. HAHA and I was just reading her bio and he's definitely not like omg lesbians are hot. He's totally chill Tatum's like one of his bff's (haha and his boss).

Secondly is Sera [[info]imperfectly] a junior in Sonnier. She spends a lot of time in the library, loves nerdy things like birdwatching, muggle sciences and history of magic. She's also involved in a bunch of school activities, including cheerleading and is secretly dating the co-captain of the Beauregard cheerleading team, Jenny Parry. Being in the same grade I think Sera and Holly J would definitely know each other but I don't know how well they'd get a long. I can kind of picture them two ways though; either friends (cause she'd love to tease Holly J about thinking her sister Tatum's cute, she'd also definitely encourage her to go for Quinn cause she thinks Jenny might still have a thing for her) or dislike each other, she can be a bit of a snob and likes to flaunt how smart is but she otherwise tries to be nice to be people.

Anyways that's them, I'm up for whatever really so let me know what you think. Hit me up on AIM @jimmiboii.


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