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dungeonmaster From: [info]dungeonmaster Date: October 18th, 2011 11:54 pm (UTC) (Link)
Hellooooooo I am EJ- the elusive person here.

I have four characters in this joooint:

Leon ([info]mightbeclever)- He is a 13th year Sonnier who has a rep for being a total, unapologetic asshole. No, really. He's pretty much in the running for most-hated XD. Ask anyone around. He isn't likely to make friends, so- yeah.

Ginger ([info]mylollipop) - Captain if of the Lalaurie cheerleadering squad. Senior, Ditz, anorexic, Dating Sam Ruiz, and sometimes a bitch when she is around the right group of people. :D If Holly is chill with her, though, she'll probably chill right back. Sam's had a good influence on her.

Brain ([info]littleredd) - A sophomore in Lalaurie, and suffers from OCD. He keeps to himself, and can't handle social situations very well. He would be nice if they talked though.

And Laaaastly, his guy- Jackie. He is also a Junior in Beau, and is a muggle-born nerd of epic proportions. He likes D&D (hence the journal name), he is a future DJ, and pretty much likes to make life a party. He'd be a good choice for friend. XD maybe even more or something, idk.
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