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March 12th, 2012

06:17 pm - So Then This Happened
In lieu of making a third new character I'm porting over some old characters and bringing back a retiree (because let's be honest, I've been playing her more here than anywhere else; it's like she was never really gone). I've been keen to play more in St. George's and the surrounding area with the adults/alumni. There's one more that might come over after this batch, but I'm going to cool my heels a little bit.

The Ford Family Proper: Abby Ford you all know. She's sometimes pretending to be Bernadine. Sometimes she's herself. Depends on the situation (I'll be posting with her from this journal from now on, until I decide I've confused myself again). Her brother you've probably met. His name is Timmy Ford and he's a really excellent squib. Her dad you probably haven't met, but you may have read about him. His name is Bill Ford and he's got a whole lot of secrets and baggage that I'm aching to explore. He's a cool guy and he might be seen around campus or at the pub with James Walsh. Then there's Abby's Aunt Veruca Kidd. At the moment she has her head shoved up Bill's ass. It'll probably stay there, but I'll try to rectify that and get her some friends. Or something.

The other de Kooning boy: You may have read about Valentin de Kooning, Stasi's older brother. Well, I'm letting him loose here. He may end up teaching at Dresden, though I'm not entirely sure he's qualified for it.

The Nikitin bitch: Then there's Elena Nikitin, Luka's older sister. She's a cantankorous bitch and a lawyer for the NY Wizengamot, so if you end up in need of counsel, she'll serve all your needs. Not entirely sure what to do with her, but she might end up settling down on the Way.

The boyfriend: and then there's my little muggle mailman Jesus Suarez. He made a stop in during parent's weekend. He's Addy's brother's boyfriend and he's spectacular.

If you think you have any connections with any of the gang feel free to comment here so we can remember later when it's 3 o'clock in the morning and our heads aren't screwed on correctly about who knows who and who banged who and who knows about that nonsense. :D

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Christina (Tina) French is a Hudson senior, cheerleader, into earthy kind of subjects (herbology, enviromental studies etc). She does ballet and is in dance and pride clubs (she's an out-ish lesbian) and moonlights in choir. You'll find her being quiet and friendly and trying v hard to be supportive of all you self-destructing lunatics as best she can.

Your kids will know her from senior core classes, Advanced Herbology II, Art and Environment Studies, and Dance, Cheerleading, Pride and Choir. Hit me up for friends/acquaintances/past attempted (or even semi-serious) S.O.s, the works!

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March 10th, 2012

10:03 am - Sighard Wieland Valemont
I really have a problem. Did I tell you they come in threes?

Let me introduce you to Sighard (usually called Sig or Siggy, sometimes referred to as Valemont which ends in someone shedding blood or serving detention).

He's a Champlain junior, very smart and somewhat worldly. His claim to fame is that his dad is a well-known vampire and for the first two and a half years at Dresden he went by his mother's maiden name before admitting whose child he was. Since then he hasn't had it terribly easy (lots of his early friends ditched him after the reveal), but he's figured out who he is and who is valuable to him since then.

Originally from Germany, he's been in America so long you'd never know it. He's crazy smart and he loves a good (if pointless and even stupid) adventure (especially if it's ill advised).

He's taking ADV Potions I, Transfig I and Herb I (thinking about becoming a mediwizard if he continues to do well) as well as Divination II, Music, and Lit I. He's in the chess club, intramural sports, school paper, honor society, and he plays the sax in the school orchestra.

We're looking for friends and ex-friends. Sig spent too much time worrying about getting his friends back to be chasing around S.O.s, though that could certainly change now.

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March 2nd, 2012

05:50 am - Marina
I should probably introduce Marina Beauchamps. She's kind of fabulous.

She's an out and proud bisexual with pink/purple hair. She's on the cheerleading squad, does drama, art, and orchestra. She's taking Language Arts II, Magical Crafting, Cultural Magic, Ritual Magic. Advanced Herbology I.

She's a Hulett junior, bit of a drama queen, very protective of her younger brother. Her parents died 3 years ago in a car accident while she and her brother were in the backseat; she doesn't talk about it much. She's brave and usually a very happy sort of person. Bit of a creole accent. Always carries a rosary on her person.

She's looking for friends, enemies, frenemies, and maybe a secret lover.

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December 17th, 2011

09:10 pm - Kazamir de Kooning

Hello, Joey here!

I tried playing Kazamir (and some others) previously but was too overwhelmed with other things going on to play in Dresden. Fortunately, I am back and anxious to get back into Kazamir's perverted head again. I will be playing him as if he has been at Dresden for quite some time now but is just now popping up more publicly due to his older brother, Anastas, transferring to Dresden. Kazamir and Anastas do not get along whatsoever and it will come at no surprise (to Carol and I, at least) if the two go at each other whenever they get the chance. Kazamir is fluent in Russian and English (unlike his stuck up, lazy brother) and enjoys avoiding most of the student body at Dresden, drinking whiskey, masturbating to the thought of Professor Olivier (and her radical legs), playing FMK with Addy, pretending his roommate doesn't exist, and being smarter than you.

He will be taking Astronomy, Charms and Wandwork, DADA, Spell Theory, Advanced Transfiguration I, Advanced Potions I, Advanced Herbology I, and Apparation Study this semester and any plot ideas with Kooky Kaz are welcome.


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December 2nd, 2011

08:36 am - Not the Boy He Used to Be
This is Anastas. Some people call him Stasi. Some Stas.

He used to be a troublesome party boy looking to self destruct. And then he did self destruct, back at his old school. He OD'd over spring break and never finished his senior year. He's been taking some time to recover, living with his older brother in Burnham and re-learning English (one of the side effects of his month long coma was forgetting the language altogether).

He's doing better overall, but he's still got a lot of sorting out to do. He'll be brand new to Dresden, but he might know your students if they went to Blue Ridge at some point.

He's going to be sorted into Hudson; he'll be taking up with the art club, the school paper, and cooking club. He's taking DADA, Astronomy, Wandless, Adv. Transfig II, Adv. Potions II, Combative Magic, and Art.

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December 1st, 2011

06:20 am - Hello
This is Carly.

She's a university student studying Charms with Olivier. She TA's for sixth year. She's the gossip queen on campus, something of a righteous bitch, and obsessed with all things Hawthorne Nikitin (also hell bent on destroying any of his girlfriends, past or present).

She doesn't really have friends, only just some people she won't gossip about. We're up for just about anything.

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03:24 am - Tell me you didn't see this coming
I'm lifting the character limit indefinitely. Changed it in the rules. You still need to turn in additional apps for approval, but you can play as many characters as you want. Students, faculty (adopted or otherwise), family members, people who live in St George's Way. Let's have fun and blow this mother up.

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October 21st, 2011

07:11 am
I added a little bit to the application; I don't know how I left it out before.

In the family/relationships portion I added: Significant Others, Friends, and Enemies.

This is pretty much covered on the relationships pages that most of us set up in our journals, so you don't need to add it if you don't want to. Most of the time it might not even be established until after the character's been accepted, but it's there so we don't forget to do it.

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October 12th, 2011

03:04 am - Updates
Hey gang.

I updated the PB listing so that it's a more orderly block of text.

I also updated our FAQ to contain an explanation of ratings and how we label posts around here.

Keep it classy.

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September 30th, 2011

08:40 am - Intro: Louise 'Phoenix' Whitehorn
Hi all,
Nina here with a new character, zomg woop. This one is a student! Putnam Senior called Louise Whitehorn, though to the student body she's known as 'Phoenix' - just because she's that cool and she feels she has a special bond with that particular animal.

She's your textbook hipster - the retro/vintage clothing, the bands you've probably never heard of the indifference to most 'normal' teenage conventions and dislike of anyone who is too'mainstream' - in fact she shows a general apathy towards most things save the causes that she is passionate about. She's big on conservation, sustainability and on the vegan lifestyle.

She's likely to dislike almost everyone considered a 'popular' kid. And generally disinterested in everyone else save her closest friend Riley - she would never really be outwardly mean to another character.


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September 27th, 2011

09:04 am - Fun things!
So I found an ID badge code on rp_tutorials and I thought it would be fun to play with. They only work in entry posts, but I'll keep playing around with it to see if I can get it to work on the profile page.

The codes are here and ready to use.

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September 26th, 2011

05:22 am - Little change to note
I made an !incomplete tag for the comm if you'd like to use it. Mostly since we've had a lot of posts lately; posts we're still playing in have been knocked back to the second page. It's up to you to remove it from your posts when they've been completed and you don't have to use it unless you want to.

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September 20th, 2011

07:56 am - Down the Way
I decided I wanted to make a catalog for Apple's Sweets, like Sassy's totally awesome catalog for the Test Lab. As I was working on it I was thinking, which journal would I post it from?

Thus [info]downtheway was born. Similar to the Faculty Journal, this is a journal for NPCs from St. George's Way. Mostly for shopkeepers, but also for other residents of the way that might interact with your characters.

If you'd like to add something ask for the password.

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September 5th, 2011

07:46 am - Hi!
This is Bernadine. Not Abernathy. The twins hatched a plot to switch places and Bernadine is now studying at Dresden with Mother Criss in the university program.

To avoid confusion I'm using [info]atotheb for Bernadine and I've flocked Abby's entries in [info]runningamok (since she's somewhat officially no longer in the game).

Basically Bernadine is going to pretend to be Abby while she's at school. Which leaves us open to all sorts of intrigue, though only Adelaide, Mother Criss, and AB's dad know about the switch.

Happy plotting monsters!

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August 17th, 2011

03:55 pm - Still here
I'm still here, I promise.

It's been a bit quiet around here, partially because Becky's in the process of moving, but also because I just started a new job (and the sleep schedule has produced a big dip in my creativity). I think once my training is done (mid-Septemberish, maybe sooner) things will definitely start moving a little more.

SEPTEMBER 6th IS THE FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL. I doubt my characters are as excited about that as I am, well, maybe Veronica. By then we might have some faculty shakeups and some devastating news for Quodpot!

I added a silly little tag for the school newspaper so it stands out from other owlposts. I decided to name it the DA Post (DA for Dresden Academy) and it turns out it's kind of funny.

As always, if you need anything from me, just email me (it's listed on the contacts page). I check it daily, even when I don't sign on to aim, so I'll get your message eventually.

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August 1st, 2011

12:56 am - Introduction!
Hullo! So... I made my last kiddo here! She has bounced around from school to school, getting kicked out for behavioral issues and Dresden is her last chance school. She's determined and interested in the dark arts, the perfect mix of elements for a Clemons, but instead Mother Criss gave her options and in the end she decided to be a Putnam. She is now Veronica's room mate.

Kris is off putting at first, snippy, rude, and a bully. But for her quodpot team mates and video game buddies, there's a different good humored side to her, it just takes some time for her to let her guard down. She's brand new to the school and starting in September. :D

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July 31st, 2011

06:55 pm - Hey Gang - A Few Things to Note
Minor Changes )

Advertising )

Updates )


You know me, I do go on, but that's about it for summer updates.

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June 22nd, 2011

07:24 am - For the Lulz
MTV is having a Harry Potter World Cup this summer to determine the greatest HP character ever.

I'm pulling for Neville. Thought you'd all get a kick out of it.

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May 28th, 2011

07:12 am - Intro: Pepper Stark
So I'm not going to let myself be talked into upping the character limit again for at least, well, preferably not until the start of the next semester. And yeah, I know, I talked myself into it this time.

This is Prudence "Pepper" Stark. Jokes about Pepper Potts and Tony Stark notwithstanding; she prefers to go by her nickname Pepper.

She's a wandmaker and shopkeeper at Stark's Wands in St. George's Way. She has a peculiar gift for matching people to the correct wand and usually gets it on the first or second try.

She's an alumni of Dresden (class of 2002) and a former Champlain House. She loves books and hates muggle shops. She spends a lot of her time on St. George's Way, but is known to drop by the school and pester her favorite professor, Pete Rosenthal.

It's possible your student might know her if they've passed through the shop; she may have paired them with their wand (and in a few cases she may have crafted the wand, though her father doesn't let her craft as often as she'd like).

She probably won't have many relationships at this stage of the game, but she could have plenty of acquaintances and I'll definitely throw her in every time we do a St. George's trip.

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