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User: [info]objection (posted by [info]franziska)
Date: 2008-03-19 21:18
Subject: Tutorial 02: Shining Rose
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Tonight we will be taking this image and making this icon:

Tutorial written for Adobe Photoshop 7.0 but I am sure it's easily translatable to other programs.

First off, you'll want to prepare your base following my last tutorial. Because of how dark the image is, I went ahead and made another screen layer at 50% opacity.

Make a new layer (Layer/New/Layer) and using the paint bucket too, filled it with the color #000015. Set this layer to exclusion (100% opacity).

Create a new layer and fill it with the color #A090A0. Set this layer to overlay (100% opacity). This brings out the purple more in the icon obviously. Depending on the main color of your base, you may want to substitute this with another color. Experiment some to see what you get personally.

Make another new layer and fill it with the color #C6B4AC. Set this layer to multiply (50% opacity). You can change the opacity based on what you feel looks good for your icon. 50% is usually my safe zone, so I stick with that for a lot of coloring. :)

Create a new layer and using this scratch texture (made by unknown, it was one of the ones I snagged from a deleted journal pack - if you made it let me know? :D) and place it at screen 50% opacity. You can change the opacity with this if you like, 100% makes the scratches really obvious while the lower you make it blends it. I advise changing the opacity around after the rest of the layers are in place though to get a feel of what looks good.

Next, you make another layer and use a light texture to create a bright glow. I slightly modified one of sanami26's simplelights pack and made this texture, by placing the red light where I wanted it and adding black to the rest of the space so it didn't look odd. Now this is a step most people usually use screen on, but for this icon I wanted it to be more vibrant and so I used lighten (100% opacity).

I went back to my original base and duplicated the layer, dragging it all the way to the top. Here I used Filter/Blur/Gaussian Blur with a radius of 3.0 to set a blur to the image. I desaturated the image and set it to soft light (100% opacity), which gave me the following effect;

Finally, I made a border. The easiest way to make a simple border is to create a new layer, then select the entire image by either pressing Control + A or clicking Select/All. After you have selected your icon, you go to Edit/Stroke. Here you can chose how thick to make the border, I usually go with 1-2 px. width. The location MUST be inside if the icon's dimensions are 100x100. Chose the color of the border, I chose #D2272D from the colors within the icon and accepted the settings.

And ta-da! If you don't like how any of the settings or colors turned out, feel free to go back and experiment for yourself. If there's any questions, don't hesitate to ask~

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