14 June 1985 @ 09:54 pm
One hundred sit-ups in two minutes, that's what was required.

Jake used to be able to hit his goal in a minute forty-five, but now he found himself missing time by an annoying ten seconds. With each breath he pushed himself harder and let out a shout of frustration as his watch buzzed loudly. Jake fell back into the grass of his backyard, arms spread out to the side. Fucking. Hell. Jake had not thought he was in decent shape, but after more than three years of not doing much of anything, he'd lost any definition or strength he once had. It was one thing to remember the many spells he needed to pass his evaluations, but aurors had to have endurance that Jake simply did not have anymore.


It gave him something to focus on, and if his brother had arrived in the middle of Jake's set, he would not have noticed him. But, the younger brother sat up and watched Will cut across the grass, putting a hand out to block out the sun.

"What's the matter?" Jake asked instinctively; it wasn't often that his brother sought him out, at least in person. He had received many pestering owls and journals checking in on him since he'd moved out in January. Jake reached for his shirt, to wipe the sweat off his face and chest. The near-summer sun was ready to burn him to a crisp, but he'd always worked out better in the outdoors. He stood, gripping the shirt in his fist. "No practice today?"
09 June 1985 @ 11:04 pm
The first few days were rough, Theo would admit. He spent too much time convincing himself that Holly would return. She would realize the past was just that and give him at the very least a chance to explain himself. It became clear quite quickly that she was not returning. He could almost understand her leaving him, but to have Theodore ask him every day where she was, why mum wasn’t coming home, that he didn’t understand. That she continued to stay away from Theodore. It made his heart ache to hear the questions from the small boy. He deserved her, even if Theo did not.

As weeks past, he found himself in a routine much similar to the days after Cordelia, and before Holly. Except now such a life, he found it lacking some how. He couldn’t seem to remember how he use to occupy his time before she entered his life, though he was sure it didn’t include sitting on the floor playing with with dragons and trying to keep up with his sons rapid talking. He didn’t get it. Holly had been much better at these sorts of games than he could ever try to be. All he heard was his son telling tales that made no sense. That had no logic or reason. It was hard for him to sit on the floor and play this game of pretend he didn’t believe in, but it was the only thing that kept the boy happy and from asking questions Theo couldn’t answer.

He knew better than to get his hopes up at the sound of the front door opening (he had made that mistake few too many times). Or at the sound of footsteps down the hall. He knew he would just be disappointed when he looked over his shoulder to see who was casting the shadow in the room. And disappointed he was, even still. “Are you still here Rhys?” He asked dulling, surrendering the dragon he had to his son and pushing himself up off the floor. “I thought you had left.”
05 June 1985 @ 11:02 am
Party Thread, get those bingo boxes!  

By the time the party was in full swing, there may have been a bit more than 'just the important' people milling about Thomas' backyard. Kendall was also just drunk enough to not care about the wrath that he was potentially incurring from his best friend. It had started out small enough, when he was still sober and cooking food. He had been grinning all afternoon and now that the sun was setting, even more people were showing up. There was a quidditch game going on, people swimming, dancing. He couldn't think of a better way to be spending his birthday.

Pulling himself out of the lake, he grabbed his towel to dry of his face as he made his way over to get another drink. He scanned the crowd quite pleased with himself, he couldn't remember ever throwing a party that quite like this. And last minute as well. His had a great team, great friends, a great thing going on with Anya. He couldn't remember the last time he was this happy.

Taking a drag of his drink, Kendall settled himself on the grass laying back to stare at the colors that were starting to paint the sky. He was looking forward to Charlie's fireworks, the phrase 'whatever you want, have fun' probably shouldn't have been used, but it was guaranteed to have spectacular results. It didn't take long before a there was shadow cast over him. "Oh hey, fancy seeing you here," he grinned as he tilted his head back to see who had joined him. Propping himself up on his elbows he nodded to empty stretch of grass next to him. "Enjoying the party?"

(ooc: Open to pretty much everyone? Lol if you can connect your character to Kendall by 3 people then its legit. Kendall's tag is up for grabs. :* Have fun get, dem posts.)
05 June 1985 @ 02:39 am
WHO: Delilah Spinnet and Matt Summerby
WHERE: Her house!
WHEN: idk last night?
WHAT: Random visits leads to random talks and things?

Suddenly, she wasn’t so tired anymore. Perhaps it was the nap she took. More likely it was her boyfriend had shown up and turned her hello kiss into a full on snog session )
02 June 1985 @ 01:07 am
Thomas had left Alice with his mother because he could not allow his daughter to become a distraction from his goal. His lips twisted in frustration and he knocked rapidly on the front door of Rose Knightley's house.

He had--Thomas has reasoned that he had been very good at giving her space and privacy to figure out whatever it was that she needed to figure out. He understood privacy, he lived in it. But--but she had missed the first game of the season. That was! That was serious. The whole lineup of the Catapults was in shambles, but he only gave a damn about Rose. If she was pregnant, then yes, that was understood. Wonderful, even. Thomas had found himself excited at the idea of Alice having a cousin of sorts so close in age, if Rose was indeed pregnant.

But he didn't know. Rose had always been very quick to run to him with her problems, her concerns, her secrets. It startled him that he couldn't get a straight answer out of her and he feared that his indiscretions from last year had irrevocably ruined their friendship. Was there a lack of trust? He had been so sure that they'd rectified the damage he caused, but now he didn't know. What could be serious enough that she couldn't talk to him? He felt terrible.

His mind drifted to Brookstanton; he was the change in Rose's demeanor, Thomas knew. He had kept his distance from the relationship, but if the Kestrel was doing something to her that could cause her any sort of pain, it--it would not be pretty, Thomas could assure. He made to knock again, but the door opened. Thomas pressed his lips together.

"You missed opening weekend," he stated as he looked over Rose. She didn't appear to be dying, but that didn't stop his mind from continuing to fret that might indeed be the case.
02 June 1985 @ 01:00 am
WHO: Max Fancourt and Mattie Scarpin
WHAT: They had dinner and he wore a bowtie! Cuties
WHERE: Mattie's doorstep

I *think* that’s what the young folk call them these days… )
01 June 1985 @ 09:12 pm
Owl to Adian Rosenberg  


Are you busy tomorrow?

29 May 1985 @ 01:04 am
Who: Adian's BFF and crush, who just happen to hate each other,
What: are forced to spend the day together.
Where: At the Snitch!Radio Station
When: Earlier today!

This is where the magic happens, so to speak )
27 May 1985 @ 11:52 pm
He lifted his chin, examining the bruise that was forming along his jaw in the window of Flourish and Blotts. Jake scowled and dropped his head, only to catch sight of his already black eye. He wished he could remember the concealment spells that didn't make his face twinge, because now he had to walk Diagon Alley looking as if he'd just gotten mugged. He tugged the collar of his scarlet robes a bit tighter, making sure that his auror badge was fully visible so that there could at least be a chance that people would think he'd been doing something useful.

Jake had been incredibly surprised this morning when arriving at work today. Instead of the usual busy paperwork he was shoved, Auror Booth and Dawlish led him to the training area and told him that today would be the first day of his physical rehabilitation. Jake had been too stunned to argue, and far too stunned to avoid the first few hexes that were hurled at his head. That hadn't been a pretty sight. The training had only lasted a half hour, much longer than Jake had expected himself to manage, but that was only the beginning of his morning.

Parchments were signed, healers were talked to, the bloody minister had come down to congratulate him on making his way back into the ranks. Jake had spent his morning in utter shock and complete silence, unable to argue against their desires to get him back into fighting shape. He was an auror, he took orders when they came, but what in the bloody fuck was going on?

He was supposed to be meeting Lottie for lunch in half an hour, but he wasn't entirely sure he could handle having to explain his morning, let alone his face. Jake slowly made his way through Diagon, meandering to waste time and try to think of an excuse to cancel. Maybe he could use work as an excuse, as it was giving him a splitting headache. He turned to head to the nearest owl post to begin this lie of a letter and almost rammed straight into a walking by pedestrian.

"Sorry!" he let out in surprise. His instincts needed to be better than that. Jake's eyes widened and he felt his ears grow extremely hot as he realized who it was that he'd almost knocked clear off the pavement. "Greta! Hi!" He cleared his throat gruffily. "Hello," he repeated, straightening his shoulders.
26 May 1985 @ 08:27 pm
Michal Conway Lynch Intervention  
Seth had been meaning to ask Henry to be his best man for so long, he didn't even think twice about using The Tattler announcement as an opportunity. In hindsight, he probably should have spoken to Michal first. Now he wasn't responding to his owls, his floo calls, or even coming to the door. He needed to sort this out and quick. It was understandable his best friend his best friend was upset. There was a period of time Seth didn't speak to Henry. A long period of time. He couldn't exactly recall exactly, but there may had been a drunken conversation at some point where they spoke about being each other's best men. Seth was certain he laughed at that, certain he would never get married.

But he did once already, he eloped and told no one. So, clearly he had every right to be upset, but Seth couldn't admit he made the wrong choice. A lot had changed since those drunken nights. His brother pulled his life out of the drain. Turned him around. Seth would not be even getting married right now if it had not been for Henry. They had been through so much in the last two years. It couldn't be anyone else.

Michal didn't exactly make the decision difficult with his reaction to the news that he was engaged. He didn't know what else to do to alleviate this irrational fear that Michal had that he was suddenly abandoning him, and while making Henry best man didn't exactly help, he wasn't about to base his major life decisions around Michal's whimsy. He was though, going to get to the bottom of what ever was going on. Because amount of hostility Seth was getting, suggested there was more going on.

In fact, Michal had been in a funk for ages. And Seth tried to help, but there was only so much he could do when his friend shuts him down at every turn. Either way, he wasn't leaving today until Michal finally spilled where all this misdirected anger was coming from. Breaking into his house was easy. Though was it really breaking in if Michal's super kind, prettier and much smarter sister let him in? With a charming smile and a well placed bribe you could get anywhere. He placed the bottle of whiskey on the counter before starting to roam through his friends home. "Oi! I know your home, and I may have trapped you in here with some crafty spells, so you might as well come out and talk to me. Or not, I have all day, and it seems you have plenty of food for me to eat."
22 May 1985 @ 07:26 pm
WHO: Henry Wadcock and Phoebe Doge Smethwyck
WHAT: He can't seem to locate his protégé
WHERE: Their offices!
WHEN: Today!

Regards? )
22 May 1985 @ 06:39 pm
WHO: Theo Nott and Holly Troy
WHAT: Death
WHERE: Her old house
WHEN: A day or two after their last thread

Today was their ‘what if.’ )
18 May 1985 @ 06:32 pm
Who: Theo and Holly Nott
Where: Nott Abode
What: Theo is not having a good day.
When: Nowish?

I won't risk losing you and Theodore )
18 May 1985 @ 02:58 pm
Owl to Rhys Nott  

I hate to be a bother. Your brother did not come home last night I'm-- Is he with you? I can't think of where else he may have gone I'm going to--

He's never done this before.

- Holly