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POWERS/ABILITIES: Danica has the ability to call forth holy weaponry and armor. Her preferred weapon is a dagger with an ivory hilt. Her armor is silver, inlaid with ivory and some streaks of gold. There's a very comforting aura about Danica, when one is near her they feel peaceful and content. She has very little affinity with white magic, and can only perform basic healing spells. When injured she has to go to holy ground to heal, and she always goes St. Joseph Catholic Church where she and her family still attend mass weekly.

WEAKNESSES: Anything unholy and black magic. Sin can cause her soul to deteriorate and therefore she becomes more human than angelic. Any injuries inflicted by anything unholy causes her great pain, and wounds that come from any altercations can last for a long time unless she finds shelter in a church. People are another weakness of hers, and she loves to help as often as she can.

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• Hates wearing dresses but does so when Sunday rolls around to appease her mother.

• Learned of her heritage when she was twelve, just after she hit puberty.

• Has a good relationship with her 'mother', and speaks with Zadkiel whenever possible.

• She has a huge sweet tooth, but can't bake or cook really to save her life.

• Has never been sexually active, and is a bit naive when it comes to things of a sexual nature.

• Owns a Calico cat named Mittens.

• She loves her family deeply, but worries that her younger step-siblings might get into trouble. Danica does all she can to look out for them, and sometimes can become a little overbearing with her mother hen like nature.

• She loves to swim, and does so as often as she can.

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Danica McClure 

DATE OF BIRTH / AGE: March 11, 1988 / 23
AIM / JOURNAL: lorddanimort / ~mclure.
RACE: Nephilim, daughter of Zadkiel
PARENTS: Argus and Mary McClure
STEP-SIBLINGS: Timothy McClure (20), and Rachel McClure (18)
EXTENDED FAMILY: Miriam McClure (Paternal Great-Grandmother), Jackson Phillips (Maternal Grandfather), Wilhelmina Phillips (Maternal Grandmother), Patrick Phillips (Uncle - Mother's Brother), Harley Phillips (Aunt - Patrick's Wife), Faith Phillips (Aunt - Mother's Sister), Ruby Rollins (Aunt - Mother's Sister), Derrick Rollins (Uncle - Ruby's Husband), and many cousins and other extended family.
PLACE OF BIRTH: New Orleans, Louisiana
PRIMARY RESIDENCE: 1 Bedroom Apartment at The Cove
SEXUALITY: Heterosexual


Danica is a bleeding heart, through and through. She will give everything she can and then some to those who are truly in need. Though she does believe in the motto that God helps those that help themselves, there are times where Danica just can't help but help. Danica is a very sweet and even tempered woman, some going so far as to say she's too nice. It's true, she is too nice and often leaves herself open to being walked all over by those who she lets in or those who just want to use her giving nature for their own gain.

She's a bit of a mother hen, and tries to take care of everyone. It's definitely a major downfall of hers since she can become too overbearing to those she's closest to. Danica has good intentions though, but not everyone sees it that way. She can come off as a bit naive for her age, especially concerning sex. It's not that she doesn't understand it, but innuendos tend to go over her head.


The first thing that normally captures people's attention about Danica is her eyes. They're a vibrant blue, sometimes almost appearing gray in appearance, mostly depending on what she's wearing. For a female she's a little on the tall side, standing at 5'10" and even taller if she's wearing heels. Which thankfully, she doesn't wear heels all that often unless she's going out for a fun night or a date. Her build is fit and trim from the time she spends in the gym, though some might say she's a bit on the thin side. Long blonde hair falls to the middle of her back, and when she's not working it's most often down and naturally wavy. Typically her dress consists of scrubs for work, and outside of work you'll normally find her in plain jeans and a t-shirt. She prefers comfort over flashiness.


Comfort. That was all that Zadkiel had wanted to bring poor Argus McClure. The young man had seen many hardships in his short life, and with the death of his parents weighing heavily on him, he was two steps away from committing the worst of sins before Zadkiel breezed into his life. She (as the angel was currently taking a female form) was a breath of fresh air, giving him comfort in his darkest hour, and it wasn't long after their initial meeting that Argus found himself falling for her.

After a confession of love from Argus the two of them slept together, and thus conceived Danica during their first time making love. Zadkiel stayed close to Argus after finding out she was pregnant, knowing that after the babe was born she'd have to return to Heaven. Argus was the happiest man on Earth, and naive to the fact that his beloved was an Archangel of the Lord.

Nine months later, Danica Marie McClure made her debut into the world, and as Argus held her in his arms, his life was suddenly complete. Once they were home from the hospital he urged Zadkiel to stay with him, to marry him so that he could make an honest woman of her. It was then that she revealed who and what she was, and why she couldn't stay with him. She loved him, yes, but there was much work to be done.

When Danica was merely two months old, Zadkiel left, leaving her daughter with Argus, knowing that the man would give her the best life imaginable. Zadkiel's absence hurt Argus, but this time he had something to live for; he had his Danica. It would be the two of them for a year, until fate (or perhaps an angel) nudged Mary Phillips into Argus' way. She was a vivacious woman, full of quick wit and a smile so bright that would put the sun to shame.

The two dated for six months before they were married in a very lovely, yet small, ceremony.

It wasn't much longer until Mary became pregnant with her first child, and when they sat down to tell Danica the small toddler didn't quite understand what was going on, but if her parents were happy she was happy. Finally the day came when Timothy was born, and as her father helped her hold him in her tiny arms she knew that she would have to help protect him.

More years passed, the McClure family welcoming another bundle of joy to round off their family. Danica was five when Rachel was born. She took it upon herself to help Mary more around the house, even at a young age, she could sweep the kitchen for her or help carry laundry to the hamper. Whatever she could manage to do, she'd help her out with.

To Danica school was wonderful, although she wasn't sure about some of the other children, but she was well liked among her peers. By the time middle school rolled around, Danica hit a growth spurt her height increasing significantly. While most of her peers found their bodies awkward, Danica seemed to just fit right into her skin. Though when she became agitated things happened that she couldn't explain. It was then that her father sat her down, and spoke to her about what had happened to him.

To say Danica didn't believe him was an understatement, it wasn't until her mother visited her that Danica actually began to believe. The rest of her teen years, Danica would see her mother periodically, although it wasn't as often as she would like. During the time she spent with her mom, she taught her how to use her powers and spoke to her about the importance of keeping her soul. Danica understood what that meant, and rarely ever did she stray far off the path.

High school ended, Danica's grades - while not outstanding - were good enough and she was accepted at LSU where she went to study to be a dental hygienist. Now she's happily living a peaceful life, and keeping an eye on her two younger siblings.