For the first seventeen years of his life, Noah had no clue where he had come from. What he knew was this: He was born on May 4th, 1982, somewhere in one of the burroughs of New York. His mother was a young woman, unknown age, that couldn't have taken care of him. So he was born and taken from her that very day, and given to a couple from Chicago, named Diane and Samuel Carlisle. They were a couple in their mid-twenties that had met in college and married, later to realize that they may not be able to have children. After years of trying, they chose to adopt through an agency. And this gave them baby Noah, whom they were able to take home when he was eight weeks old.

There was no other information given to the family, other than the knowledge that once Noah turned eighteen, if the chose, he would be able to go through the agency and contact his birth mother. And so Diane and Sam started their life with their new son, only to realize four years later that they could have children, once Diane got pregnant again and gave birth to a little girl. Three years after that came another little girl, and they chose to stop. Noah, Emma, and Madeline, the three Carlisle children. The family was comfortable, as Sam was a police officer and Diane was a History teacher at the Catholic high school. And the Carlisle's were a very caring couple. They never once made Noah feel like he wasn't part of the family. To them, he was. And he was given everything he needed.

It wasn't that Noah was an ungrateful child, he wasn't. They explained the adoption to him when he was six years old, which he didn't fully understand, but he knew that he was different than his sisters. He just didn't feel..he fit. Anywhere, really. He was apart of the family, but he always felt like something was missing as he grew up. Elementary school, middle school he tried to fit in, tried to join clubs and teams, but he always got bored easily. His teachers thought maybe it was a learning disability, but he was a relatively smart kid. Better in mechanical things than he was anything creative. Science and math, for the most part, he was decent in, though he was no genius, but give him English or art and he failed miserably. History was just a little bit better, with the fact that his mother was a history teacher. But he always was better with technical things.

High school turned out to be a little better for him. He didn't quite fit into a clique or a type of person, but he found his own group of friends. One was Zack Quinn, a guy he had known for awhile. They had been friends since elementary school, and became best friends as they grew up. They were close, hanging out and getting into trouble together. His freshman year, Noah started to get into a little bit of trouble, so his guidance counselor and teachers thought it would be a good idea to get him involved. So they put him in the Audio Visual (AV) club for the productions, which guy him around sound and lighting equipment. For some reason, this was something that clicked with the young teenager. He found the different lighting fixtures and equipment interesting, and started to volunteer to do all the shows and concerts at the high school. He wasn't the best in school, but he managed to pull decent enough grades each other to keep him from failing.

As there is a story about a boy, there always seems to be a girl in the middle of it. And there was one girl for Noah, Emily. She was the same age as him, a sweet girl, definitely too nice for him. A big heart, and definitely believed in him like he didn't feel like he deserved. Sometimes he wondered how he even got her in the first place. They started their sophomore year, as a simple crush, a friendship, turned into his first girlfriend, her first boyfriend. Her first kiss (not his) turned into first love, for both of them, surprisingly the hell out of Noah. And before he knew it, they were going on nearly two years, approaching graduation. But there was always something that just...wasn't enough for Noah. His family, his friends, Chicago, Emily. He needed to know something, it had been bothering him for years. His parents, of course, had expected it, having been told when they adopted that this tends to happen with children. He wanted to find out about his birth parents.

So his senior year was spent researching, contacting the agency that the Carlisle's had gotten him through, finding out about his origins. He found Sarah Burke, the woman that had been the fifteen year old that had given birth to him. She was now living in New York City, working for the Dean of Admissions at New York University as his secretary. There was no information about his father, but that he hadn't been present at the birth or signed the papers. Noah contacted her, and to mostly everyones surprise, she got in contact with him and offered to pay for him to fly out and meet her. He did this just before Christmas of his senior year, and oddly enough he felt pretty good about it. It went well, and he stayed there for a week. And then she surprised him with a proposition: She could get him into NYU and into the theater design program to do lighting, if he could move out to New York. Deciding to take this idea, he applied and got into NYU (with her help, of course).

Though this upset Diane and Sam, and his sisters as well, they understood that Noah was restless, and was still trying to figure out what he was about. His friends understood, too, and of course so did Emily. And so Noah broke up with her, and moved out to New York to attend school. His first year was rocky. He spent a lot of time with his mother, more than anything, and they found that he was slacking off in school. He didn't make many friends, and he was trying to find out too much about his past that he later realized he didn't want to. What he found out about why he had been put up for adoption was that his mother had been a fifteen year old girl that had been forced to have sex with a much older man, a man with a gambling and drug problem and two children with her cousin. Her cousin had been living with her family because of the situation the father of her children (Noah's birth father) had put her in. He basically raped Noah's birth mother, causing her to get pregnant. She made the decision to put her baby up for adoption, and therefore gave Noah his situation. It made him angry, and for awhile, Noah retreated. He didn't go to class, which put him behind, and somehow, he got addicted to medication that kept him awake. This was only for a few months, before his roommate figured out what was going on and made him stop.

Realizing that maybe it hadn't been a good idea to tell him all of this information, Noah's birth mother decided it was best that he just focused on school. He was able to enroll back into his freshman year, given a second chance. His second year he made a few friends, including two students a year younger than him, two freshman that were friends with a few kids in his classes. Though they were involved with different majors and classes than him, he managed to become good enough friends with them as he got into the theater programs and focused on schooling. The next few years were fast for him. He spent them at school, going home to Chicago on vacations to see his real family, which he started to realize was probably where he wanted to be. The city wasn't a big deal to him, but he didn't want to admit that he had made the wrong decision. So he stayed in the city, and graduated NYU with a degree in Lighting Design. He took up a job for an off Broadway production, working lighting for about two years.

That was when Noah decided to go home, at the age of 25. He moved back to Chicago, back in his parents house, working at a local theater doing various productions. But again, he was bored. He would never admit this, but learning the story of where he had come from and meeting his birth mother had changed him, but not as he expected. Possibly for the worse. He lost touch with his birth mother, whom he learned wasn't the most stable person, and chose to just take up his life back in Chicago. He had been staying in touch with his friends from the city, and of course his best friend Zack, and come to find that they all had moved to an island where they worked for a resort, doing various different things. He had been mulling over the idea of joining them, after he realized how bored he was at home. Finally applying, he was given a position as a lighting technician for the entertainment and shows, and he took the first chance to have a flight out there.

It was there that he met Leah Morgan. She was slightly older, beautiful, and intimidating (he would admit later). They met randomly, a few months into his stint on the island, and he wound up attracting her with his sense of humor. Eventually, the relationship started off as physical, but there was something very different about Leah than he had found with any other girl. Soon, he found feelings that he hadn't even realized could exist for someone else. After a few months of their relationship staying without any labels, Noah learned of Leah's fear of her own feelings for him. The two got into a brief fight, but it only led to them confessing how deep they felt about each other. And so they decided to give it a try, the whole relationship thing, which turned out to out to be a pretty good decision.

After a few years of staying on the island working and dating Leah, Noah decided that it was time to take the next step. He was ready to start his family with Leah, the only woman he wanted to be with. And so one morning, to her surprise, he popped the question, after asking her father's permission (he was a gentleman, after all, his parents taught him well). To his excitement (and slight surprise, though there was no reason for it) Leah said yes. And so they made arrangements to leave the island and move back to the US. They were both were offered jobs in Chicago that they couldn't pass up. After a long talk, they decided that Chicago would be a good spot to start their life together. After a flight home and a road trip to Florida to get Leah's things, the newly engaged couple moved and furnished their newly purchased condo in the city.

The pair were living in Chicago for a few months before they were married on October 9th, 2010. They are currently still in the honeymoon stages of their marriage, and Noah is enjoying every moment. It gets hard because of their schedules, with Noah working mostly nights as the light tech on the Broadway play Wicked, and Leah working during the day. He makes it a point to meet her a few times a week for lunch, and they text and email constantly. His friends from back home and new friends in the city tease him for how whipped he is, but he doesn't care, because he's more than happy the way things are.

Noah Carlisle.
Full name: Noah Christopher Carlisle
AIM: fried noah
Birthday/Age: May 4th, 1982/28.
Occupation: Light tech for the show Wicked.
Height: 6'3"
Build: Tall and lean but fit.
Hair Color: Light brown/blonde.
Eye Color: Blue.
Location: Home in Chicago.
Hometown: Chicago, Illinois.
Sexuality: Heterosexual.
Marital Status: Married to Leah Carlisle.

Noah is generally a really good guy. He was raised by good parents to have manners and always be respectful, and he is still sometimes a southern gentleman. He has a good sense of humor and can be sarcastic at times, but he always means well and doesn't like hurting any feelings. He has a big heart and loves to help people, and will do what he can do to so.

In the past, Noah has been quite restless and known to have a bit of a temper. That was more in the past, now he has gotten over his urge to run, since he met his wife. He has calmed down some, and doesn't have a temper unless provoked (which usually has something to do with Leah). Jealousy can be a bit of an issue, though, but he's learned to keep that in check.

Deep down, Noah is a big kid at heart, and he's dying to be a parent. He loves children, and would be a great father. He's become a lot more responsible over the years, and always shows a urge to protect those he cares about, especially his sisters. He is extremely loyal and also wears his heart on his sleeve, and doesn't hold back emotion as much as most guys do. Mostly he is a happy guy, a bit of a dork, and definitely enjoys joking around and not taking much seriously.

  • He is left handed.
  • Lived out of the country for two years, where he met his now wife.
  • Noah is allergic to strawberries, mold, and pine nuts. Mold makes his allergies work up and causes a severe cold, strawberries make him break out in hives, but pine nuts can make his throat close, which is what he has to be careful for in restaurants.
  • His freshman year of college he had an addiction to pills that kept him awake, which was why he had to graduate a year later. He was lucky enough to stay at NYU.
  • Broke four bones in his body falling from a lighting booth during a show.
  • Has never been to the West Coast.
  • Carries around an Epipen with him at all times in case of an allergic reaction.
  • Favorite food is fried chicken, but he could also live off of pizza.

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    Zack Quinn - Best friend since high school.

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