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Name: Amaymon
Name Meaning: Terrible violence, and vehemence.
Alias: Andrew Broderick.
Name Meaning: Warrior, Famous power.
Other Names: Amaimon, Amon, Baal Haamon, Maimon, Mahaziel
Real Age: Beginning of time, ancient.
Assumed Age: May 24th, 1979 - 32 years old
Species: Demon/Fallen Angel
Location/Residence: Los Angeles, CA
Occupation: Coming soon.
Family Members: The Seven Deadly Sins are his closest relatives.
Sexuality: Bisexual
Likes: Having his way, messing around with other creatures, violence in any form, killing and maiming, fast cars, adventure, and sex.
Dislikes: Not getting his way, peacefulness, boring people, showing mercy, people who show mercy, God, the angels, and most of the humans.
Fears: Nothing, a supreme prince of Hell must have no fear.

Former Rank in Heaven: Order of the Seraphim.
Rank in Hell: Crowned Prince, and King.
Ruler of: The Eastern Cardinal point.
Element: Air and Fire.
Planet: The Sun.
Zodiac Position: 0-4 Degrees Taurus
Dates: April 20th-24th.
Tarot Card: 5 of Pentacles.
Candle Color: Red or Gold.
Metal: Gold.
Animal: The Lion.
Plant: Nightshade.
Titles: Sin of Wrath, King of the East, Ruler of Violence.

Height: 6'1
Hair Colour: Blonde
Eye Colour: Blue
Sense of Style: Sharply dressed. Even his casual wear is neat and sharp.
Demon Form: In his true demonic form, Amaymon takes on the appearance of what can only be described as a huge bipedal black wolf with large raven's wings, and dark colored serpents, and fiery serpents crawling all over him. When he opens his mouth, poisonous gas escapes, and when he yells, flames shoot forth from his mouth. He is a good eight feet in this form, and his wingspan reaches a good ten-twelve feet in length.
Let thy wrath consume all of thine enemies. Scourge them with flames of fire.

When one hears the title 'Demon of Wrath' they are likely inclined to think of a being that is fierce, angry, full of hate, and full of wrath. It is because of this misconception, and Andrew's normally calm, and collective nature, that most people never suspect him of being the demon Amaymon aka Wrath. That's the way he likes it, because he sincerely believes that more damage can be done if the one doing the damage was a normally calm, and peaceful person to begin with.

That, and there's the fact that one key trait of Amaymon lent him the title as the demon over wrath. It is true that there are several wrathful demons, but Amaymon has learned to control his own wrath, and partially the wrath of other beings. One would never suspect a demon of wrath to be a good counselor, and consoler, but Amaymon is.

It's important to say though that Amaymon's calm demeanor is mostly an act. If he becomes too angry, he can blow his top, and make everyone nearby wish they were either dead, or elsewhere. He's the type of man that, God forbid you get his order wrong, because he'll be yelling at you, and insulting you. If he decides that a movie is stupid, he'll bitch and complain about that. If the actors do something stupid, he'll yell about that. It's also because of his temper, that Amaymon often used to take a type of medicine that's made in Hell. It's not for recreational purposes, and when Amaymon is on it, it actually calms him down considerably. Nowadays he doesn't have to take it as often, which suits him just fine.

P O W E R S A N D A B I L I T I E S.

As the demon of wrath, Amaymon can inflict large amounts of wrath and hatred inside of most beings. Higher ranking angels, and demons seem to be immune to this effect.
He can summon all manner of weaponry from the unholy fires of Hell, and can also summon armor from those same flames as well.
He has the ability to spew forth both deadly astral poison, and fire from his mouth; an ability that is more powerful in his demonic form, than in his human form. He can also cause explosions with his mind, but only when extremely angry. He also has some control over the element of air, but as to how much, he will not say. He doesn't go around causing tornadoes, or hurricanes, or anything of the like though.
He has control of 72 legions of spirits, and also has control over some of the fire and air elemental demons. He shares a telepathic connection with most angels, and demons.
Also has the odd ability to reconcile friends, lovers, and enemies, and can tell the past, and present when invoked. He can also raise the dead, though he doesn't like to do it too often


Though technically immortal, and almost invincible, he is not entirely so. Holy objects, spells, and rituals can cause him great hard. Hearing the word in any language will cause his ears to burn. For some reason, it is when the word is spoken in Latin, or German that the most pain is caused to this demon.

He cannot harm any humans unless they sign their souls over to him. If conjured into the triangle with the proper ritual, Amaymon must do as requested, though he does not have to like it.
Lay thy feet on the pile of those slain by thy mysteries.

When the Lord God created the angels, He created a certain angel known as Mahaziel (terrible vengeance). Ever since his 'birth', the angel known as Mahazael had a fiery temper, was quite fierce, but did his best to follow the orders of God. During the war in Heaven, Mahaziel at first fought on Heaven's side. Soon, however, his own wrath got the best of him, and the angel was caught all but brutally slaughtering one of the fallen. God had not commanded him to do this, and immediately sent a certain archangel to deal with the angel of wrath. Mahaziel, confused by the actions taken by God, swore vengeance against Him, and the other angels. After all, the fallen were damned, so why not kill them all?

Stripped of his rank as a Seraph, and also casting aside his former name, Mahazael became Amaymon. He was thrown out of Heaven; cursed to inflict forth the sin that had damned him. Now a demon of vengeance, Amaymon searched for Lucifer, but also found a family of six others. They called themselves the Seven Deadly Sins, and considered themselves a family. As Wrath, Amaymon soon became the equivalent of the alcoholic relative. Great when sober, but not so much when not. It eventually got to the point where Amaymon had to start taking a special medication made in Hell, in order for others to truly tolerate him. Eventually, Amaymon learned how to control his temper, and learned how to instill it on others.

There was also a time when Amaymon was worshipped as the Babylonian god Marduk. At first he thought this was great, until humans started to treat him like a chief deity, and started demanding things. Within a few centuries, Amaymon decided it was all lame, and quit that gig. Unfortunately, or fortunately, this was not the only deity confusion. He was also worshiped as the Egyptian god, Baal Haamon, a power sun and fertility deity. Perhaps not accustomed to such things, Amaymon quit that gig.

His history seems to fade around then, but then came time for the building of the first temple. The legends state that King Solomon managed to bind and control all the demons, but to Amaymon this wasn't true. All Solomon did was bind eight of the chief rulers, chose 72 others, and had the eight bind the 72. During the building of the first Temple, Amaymon was amongst some of the high ranking demons who ruled over the other demons who were made to build the temple. Amaymon's job was to make sure the lesser ranking demons did not slack, and to punish those who did. It was a job that he hated to do, because being forced to use his wrath for a human's purposes, especially against one of his own was something he didn't like. When the temple was finally completed, Amaymon along with certain others were escaped from bondage.

During the life, ministry, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ, Amaymon decided to stay away from it all. He of course wanted to be around the events when they happened, but something inside of him prevented him from doing so. To this day, Amaymon has no idea on what caused this to happen.

Never quite a demon for war, Amaymon's deal was always with revenge, and vengeance. For a time he was invoked by those seeking revenge. While he himself could not cause harm, or death to anything with a soul; he could harm other demons, angels, and humans who had sold their soul to him. He could also instill on the conjurers a great amount of wrath, and hatred. What they did with it was up to them.

Then around the 17th century, Amaymon was invoked for a different purpose. It was actually a mistake that someone summoned him, and asked him to reconcile his lover to him. Strange enough, the demon of wrath obliged. Word soon got out, and Amaymon was being invoked as a reconciler. He still hasn't bothered to correct people, and actually considers it to be a lot of fun.

During the late 20th - early 21st century, Amaymon took on the name 'Kaden Wolf', and became an assassin/hunter of sorts. He didn't want humans to have all the fun, so he established a business for himself with a strict screening for clientèle. Once a person made it all the way through the screening process (Amon had to make sure they weren't an angel, a hunter of demons, or anything like that), they could hire Amon to go after any lesser demon, angel, or anything without a soul that might have wronged them. Although the fees were high, Amon received a number of customers, and sent many lesser demons, and lesser angels back to Hell, and Heaven.

In late 2010, Amaymon quit the business. His reasons are unknown, but he felt a draw to the town of Asheville. He had also heard that Asmodeus, and Belphegor were in town, and wanted to reunite with his family. After arriving in the city, Amaymon (Kaden) got a job as a grave digger, and has been laying low for the time being.
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