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The only fireworks going off after dark in Mount Sanai Hospital on July 4th 1994 were the seemingly endless string of expletives being shouted by Vivienne Greene (née Walsh) as she was giving birth to her first, and only, son. She and her husband, gaming industry big shot Ashton Reid Greene IV, named the boy Loxley Ashton Reid Greene. Ashton, of course, wanted to pass along the familial naming traditions but his love for his wife pushed that obligation aside. Vivienne was a lover of literature and had studied it in college even though, as a real estate heiress, she technically didn't need to study or have a career at all. Her favorite story as a child was The Merry Adventures of Robin Hood. As the English legend goes, Robin lived in a town south of Yorkshire called Loxley and thus the boy was named. Loxley was immediately Vivienne's pride and joy and he grew into quite the mama's boy.

The Greene family reside in Irvine, California although they do own properties in New York, Florida, Vegas, Colorado, and England. Ashton Reid Greene II, a second generation European-American, started a small casino in Atlantic City, New Jersey. From there the company grew eventually leading the Greene company to spread their endeavors further West to Las Vegas, Nevada. Today, with the exception of small privately owned casinos, Greene Gaming Inc. provides security, gambling machines, and gaming equipment to all major hotel/casino chains in both Las Vegas and Atlantic City as well as a scattered few in New York and Los Angeles. More recently the company has taken charge of the security and gambling equipment provided to the equestrian sporting arenas Belmont and Churchhill Downs for their annual events such as the Kentucky Derby.

Growing up, Loxley was given everything a child could ever want or need. He was given swimming lessons, art lessons, piano lessons, horseback riding lessons, he played soccer. Despite the numerous opportunities he had access to he, thankfully, was quite unaware of the nearly 15 billion dollar fortune attached to his family's name for years. It wasn't until he was about 9 years old that he was watching TV and happened to see a news report on a particularly ugly lawsuit battle involving his father and the company. Loxley made the mistake of telling a friend at the private school he attended about this new information regarding his family fortune and before long the news had spread through the school and everyone began to treat him differently including the teachers. Loxley, who previously had many friends and was very well-liked among the rest of his classmates, suddenly became outcast and withdrawn.

His feelings of resentment towards his family fortune and the lifestyle they were able to lead only became more aggrivated when Loxley was 10 years old. His parents very often would go to galas and other events that become an obligation to many within high society. During these gatherings, Loxley would stay at home with his mother's sister, aunt Caroline, who many times over the years had doubled as a babysitter. One particular night, in September 2004, both his parents had a little more to drink that normal but decided to drive home anyway. There was a head-on collision as Mr. and Mrs. Greene were coming around a curve and Vivienne was killed on impact. Caroline was obviously worried by how late it was getting to be and Loxley was waiting up past his bedtime to tell his parents goodnight. Eventually, around 3am, the call finally came in from the local police to deliver the news about the car crash and Vivienne's untimely death. Loxley had fallen asleep on the sofa and was woken by his aunt's sobbing. In many ways now he views this instance as the beginning of the end for his family. Mr. Greene was charged with a D.U.I. as well as vehicular/negligent homicide. However, after spending 72 hours in prison, friend and family lawyer, Gregory Payne, posted bail and Ashton was let go. The case went to trial and eventually Ashton was sentenced to 2 years probation and 9 months rehabilitation therapy. Loxley didn't understand all the legal proceedings, all he knew was that he wanted his mother back.

The next year went by rather uneventfully. Loxley went to school, Mr. Greene handled his company, and most of the time wouldn't even look at his son. His blue eyes reminded him too much of his beloved wife. Ashton hired on extra help around the house in the form of a nanny/caretaker named Rosalie, for Loxley. Eventually, and all too quickly in Loxley's opinion, his father began dating again and seemed, though from a distance, happy. In December 2005, Mr. Greene married Miranda Levine. Miranda, a 26 year old fashion socialite, instantly viewed 11 year old Loxley as a problem. He and his step-mother to this day do not get along. In fact, it was her idea initially to send him to a boarding school starting his 7th grade year. Loxley was enraged that his father would allow him to be shipped off to a boarding school in upstate New York where he remained for about 8 months. After that, Loxley began to do everything in his power to be kicked out which didn't take much. He thought that he would just get to go back to California but instead he began what he calls "the great American boarding school tour" consisting of over 80 schools in the United States from co-ed institutions to all-boys academies. He managed to be kicked out of each one for varying degrees of misconduct and Mount Triumph is his last chance.


Loxley is an angry kid. That's the best and easiest way to describe it. He has serious problems with adults, especially authority figures, and tends to be cautious around other kids at first as well. Though, due to his upbringing, he hides his loathing quite well and possesses a lot of charisma. He's intelligent, well-spoken, and can be exceedingly sarcastic at times. His mother's death led to a few years worth of therapy but unfortunately, as often happens within high society, the psychologist was more or less being paid to subdue him and keep him from bothering his father rather than actually solving the issues. He was diagnosed with ADHD for his inability to sit still and pay attention when he was 11. He was put on Aderall which made it difficult for him to sleep so he was prescribed Valium as a sleep aid to help him relax at night. After that, the anti-depressant Lexapro was added at 14 while he was attending a boarding school in Colorado after talking with the on-site psychologist. Asides from his issues, Loxley really just wants to be a normal kid. He could care less about the money that he will eventually inherit and would much rather have good friends and adults that he feels he can trust. He loves animals and loves to joke around.

just the facts

NAME: Loxley Ashton Reid Greene
NICKNAMES: "Lox" by friends and family
DATE OF BIRTH: July 4th 1994
AGE: 16
ORIENTATION: Heterosexual
HOME TOWN: Irvine, California
DOCUMENTS: Student File
AIM: lox and key

family ties

FATHER: Ashton Reid Greene IV
MOTHER: Vivienne Marie Greene [deceased 2004]
STEP-MOTHER: Miranda Leigh Greene
PETS: None

use your eyes

HEIGHT: 5'9"
WEIGHT: 155 lbs
HAIR: Brown
EYES: Blue
PLAYED BY: Logan Lerman

food for thought

Has played piano 11 years
He's a trained equestrian rider
Absolutely hates his step-mother
Favorite color is blue
Favorite food is sushi
Does not like the number 4
Least favorite food is foie gras

familiar faces

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