name; tallant milo hesch.
played by; alex greenwald.
age & birth date; 21. october 13th, 1990.
birthplace; key west, florida.
current location; sugarloaf key, florida.
occupation; slave at weow 92.7 fm.
aim screen name; talbert einstein.
sexuality; bisexual.


tallant is your typical only child. he is a bit selfish at times and often very stubborn. it is safe to say that he is quite used to getting his own way, and he has been known to bully and manipulate to the best of his ability to make that happen. his parents were hippies before he came along, but cleaned up their act as soon as he was born; his father retiring his tye-dye t-shirts for business suits, and his mother teaches art as a substitute, staying true to her roots while still helping to support their family. what is left of their family anyway, as his parents are now divorced after twenty-one years of marriage. although tal has a soft spot in his heart for his mom, he isn't particularly close with either of his parents. in fact, he is fairly certain that his father sometimes forgets he exists at all, something tallant is grateful for most days considering his dad's longtime struggle with alcoholism. with no brothers or sisters to keep him company, tal grew up in a bit of a fantasy world. he still lives there most of the time, lost inside of his own mind, and a lot of people do not understand him. he is unconventional and moody, probably everything to do with his intense addiction to nicotine and how he is constantly trying to give it up with no such luck. though he appears rather rough and abrasive outwardly, tallant isn't entirely heartless, but is actually quite sensitive and very easily hurt by the people he is closest to. he is extremely emotionally charged and driven entirely by his passions, be it the music he makes and shares with only those he trusts the most, or simply standing up for what he believes in, often in the most confrontational way possible. he likes nature and animals (with the exception of dogs and frogs), and he is almost always barefoot. a bit of a free spirit, tallant just barely made it through his senior year of high school and he has no intentions of going to college at this time, something he will likely regret in the future.

his eighteenth year proved to be rather enlightening. tal's first sexual experience with a boy led to one of the most tumultuous relationships of his life. to say that it ended badly would be quite the understatement. by the time his nineteenth birthday rolled around, tallant had packed his bags and hopped a plane to california in hopes of finding himself again. what tallant discovered there was the opposite of what he needed. there was a boy that swore we would be nothing like the others, and, in some sick and twisted way, he lived up to is word. adam's idea of escape was for the two of them to lose themselves in drugs. the way he presented such an idea, speaking softly into tallant's ear as he promised to love and take care of him. well, what reason did he have to stay no? needless to say, it was all downhill from there. the two married, but their relationship was short lived, thankfully, when a moment of clarity found tallant back in key west to stay with his mother. tal felt embittered about his past and had been reluctant to return to his hometown to get himself back on the right track, but it had worked. tallant has since stopped counting the days between his last use, and has come to understand the magnitude of the mistakes he had made while his doping consumed his life. now sober and living in sugarloaf key, tallant is attempting to rebuild things with his first and only love, tristan, and a woman named lana, who is just weeks away from giving birth to his child. trying his best to be optimistic about their future all the while standing at his boyfriend's side through his current battle with cancer, tal is determined not to lose hope that tristan will make a full recovery and go on to enjoy the family they have been blessed with.

the on again off again: tristan thornton.
the baby mama: lana matthews.