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which comms have anons?

offer, integrator

what is apo?

aaron paul obsessed - aka a person who is so obsessed with their s/o that they glorify and romanticize everything they do (even if it's just eating with a fork). other victims include alex gaskarth and armie hammer

what is a critter?

this is what a critter means

where can i see my logins?


what is the pbdirect username/password?

pb directory, username: pbdirectory, password: macbook

how do i make a sn? why can't i put spaces in it?

make a sn here and you can put spaces in it by going to manage > format

how do i steal styles from other journals?

if you're using firefox, just right click and go to view source and copy all the parts that say < style > in them before pasting them in your own journal! don't forget the GLOBAL_HEAD<= at the beginning and end.

how do i search styles on scribbld?

click this and just change the numbers at the end to whatever you want and that way you can lurk! or alternatively, thanks to a kind anon if you're too lazy to click and change, use this and you can just change the numbers to whatever you want but you can ctrl click a bunch of them into new tabs and go through them that way!

where can i dl scrapbook stuff?


what should i eat rn?

i don't fucking know, do i look like your mother? i hope you get fat

where can i watch movies/tv shows online?

movies and tv, also check out solarmovie for movies/tv!

where can i dl music?

go to google, type the title of the song/album you want then the artist and then and it should come with a bunch of downloads, or alternatively you can just check out ituned or uploads! also check out this if you don't want to use google, it works well especially for more obscure stuff! if you'd rather not download you can also get spotify!

where is the new ebook comm on lj?

check this or this!

is ij down for anyone else?

how do i make the lj-cut without parenthesis?

< a href="LINK TO YOUR JOURNAL ENTRY" >THE TEXT THAT WILL LINK< /a >< div style="display:none;" >< lj-cut >< /div >

where can i watch porn?

xhamster, fantasti, redtube, porntube, youporn, xvideos, etc

where can i dl fonts?

dafont or just search download fonts on google!

where can i dl photoshop/psp?

wedontsendit or search on filehippo! also check links on tumblr

where are critter anons?

last i checked there weren't any anymore!

how can i make it so that the person's sn shows instead of their real name?

go to manage > format display name or some shit like that

how do i upload a bl on a mac?

you can't anymore because apple is controlled by fascists

BONUS QUESTIONS: (courtesy of a kind anon)

i left this pizza out for 3 days, am i going to die if i eat it?


i'm bleeding from every orifice, should i go to the doctor?

no, you should sit there and wait until you've barely conscious from blood loss and THEN call the doctor! or maybe just take pictures

anons, what does it mean when (insert body part here) is (insert action here)?

it means you should stop being a retarded fuck and go to the doctors or look it up yourself

why do people flake so much?

because they suck and they'll be foreveralone

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