FULL NAME: Samantha Nikole King
NICKNAMES: Sam, Sammy, Boss Lady, Nikki
DOB & AGE: june 30th, 1985 & 27
HOMETOWN: Chicago, Illinois
CURRENT LOCATIONS: Chicago, Illinois
ORIENTATION: Heterosexual
STATUS: Married to Joshua King
CHILDREN: Kaelyn Elizabeth King ( B. july 21, 2009 )
Maxwell King ( B. December 12, 1995 )
OCCUPATION: Dance Teacher | Art Gallery owner | Actor | Choreographer | Mother | Wife
STUDIED: Chicago State University ( m. in art )
New York State University ( b. in business )


ETHNICITY: Spanish, Italian, Irish
HEIGHT: five foot seven
WEIGHT: 132 lbs.
HAIR: Dark Brown & long (naturally) Though it changes all the time. ATM it's long & honey blonde
EYE: hazel sometimes appears brown
STYLE: Comfortable, laid back, lately found in dresses
TATTOOS: "breathe" on right inner wrist, "non timebo mala" on the left side of her ribs, paw print on the back center of her neck, "Kaelyn Elizabeth" on right ankle.


FEARS: Losing control, losing her family, pushing people away
WEAKNESSES: Short temper, heights, family, snakes, Kaelyn, being pregnant at the moment, Tonya
STRENGTHS: Levelheaded at times, thinking on her toes, family, damn good cardio, Kaelyn, family
OVERALL: She's not afraid to tell you what she thinks and if you don't believe anyone about it, just ask her yourself. That doesn't mean that she can't be a sweetheart, because she can. She's just made a vow to herself along time ago that she wasn't gonna take anyone's shit, and people could stick their heads where the sun won't shine. She does tend to have a little bit of an attitude problem. She says what she likes when she likes. If you don't want to hear the truth you had better not ask her. --- ---

quick facts.

Lived in New York for awhile but most of her life was spent in Chicago,IL from childhood to her senior year. New York for two years and then came back to Chicago for school.
Hip hop dance teacher, she could be a professional but she has other professions she's into to bring in the money for her home.
Will take on anything that anyone throws her way. She's an adrenaline junkie and there for she tends to have that if you say I can't I will mentality.
Was adopted into the Malone family at age seventeen. A year after that she changed her name from Brookes to Malone and considers Michael and Damien her blood family.'
Impossible for her to stay still anywhere for too long. Some people say she could have some ADD tendencies but she denies it. Tends to get a little irritated with it as well. She's not diagnosed, but she can vaguely sit still for more than half an hour at a time.
Her mother left her millions for when she turned twenty one before she passed. Sam gave half of it away to a charity and the other half she put in an account for just in case. She doesn't really have to work if she doesn't want to because of that, but she hates lazy people.
Porsche Cayenne, she calls Kyle, a Lexus isc named Ruby. She definitely has a need for speed. She also has a SWEET Honda CBR 100 that she's named Sadie.
She lives in her own apartment that she has bought and paid for. It's currently up for sell now that she's moved into her own house.
Is a shoe fanatic. Sneakers, heels, flats, boots you name it she likes them. Not to say that she goes overboard in buying them, she just knows a good one when she sees it. She does have a lot of pairs. However on the other hand . . . Despises flip flops because of the gross sound they make when you pick your feet up. She tries to block them out but she can never do it.
Has astraphobia (aka fear of thunder and lightening) she does cry during storms. Usually keeps up with reports so she isn't caught off guard.
Hates being the center of attention. She's a conceited person, but that doesn't mean she wants the attention on her all of the time.
It's so ridiculous how much of a Perfectionist. Sam is but she refuses to move on from a project until it's perfect even if the slightest thing is wrong with it. She's a little OCD about it.
Any movie dealing with dancing is her ultimate favorite Dirty dancing tops the list. If you asked her she could probably tell you every last one of her favorites.
Loves green and Rome apples. Green because they are sour and Rome because they remind her of the apples in Snow White.
Her Favorite color is forest green. Her mom, Kaelyn, used to always wear the color when she was around, and it tends to keep making her feel in better moods so. She has adopted it a favorite.
Gummy bear addict. Correction. RED gummy bear addict. She just can't say no. Believe me she has tried.
Completely laid back yet tough chick style all in the same. Some people keep telling her she should dress more lady like. She does from time to time. She just prefers the more comfortable and while that is an annoying thing, she really has no choice in her line of work. Always have to be on her toes.
Since she became pregnant has missed her mom more than anything. She doesn't really hang around women all too much and her foster mom passed a few years back so she really doesn't have too much clue on what the hell she's doing.
She tends to run her fingers through her hair and chew her fingers when she is nervous or drum her fingers along near surfaces.
Loves horror flicks for the fact that she can talk shit and crack up at the idiots on screen doing stupid things.

Samantha Nicole Brookes had it all, so it seemed. She had the money, the looks, and the personality. She had what seemed like the perfect life in the public eye with the perfect "Leave It to Beaver" parents that said they supported him in everything she did. Her mother Kaelyn Brookes, an actress that was basically, a hot new body that most directors killed for, to be in their movies. And her father, Samuel "Sam" Brookes, a plastic surgeon with his own practice in New York City.

Anything Sam needed or wanted she asked for and received. For awhile that's how she wanted it. She hardly saw her parents though, her mom normally away making movies, and her dad back in NYC making someone a new set of breasts or giving them new nose. Of course every once in a while at least a dozen times a year max she'd see them back in Chicago while she and her hired Nanny at the time, watched over her. From age two - six she hated being away from them, wanting to always go off with her mom but having to stay in school so it was never possible. Or just figuring she'd go stay in NYC with her dad for a few weeks while he was there but again the schooling got in the way. When her dad came home though, he made sure enough to give her "proper" attention.

As she got older she had finally gotten over the fact that she did not have parents. Her mother never came home hardly, so she was oblivious to Samuel and his daughter's special relationship, and the bruises and marks that left across her face. When they were gone she finally took advantage of it, having parties whenever she wanted, doing practically whatever she could think of to get her mother's attention. Not like she could get into much trouble because her parents were so famous they didn't want to make it known that their precious daughter was a trouble maker, and they didn't have the life that everyone so badly envied. It wasn't too long before her dad shifted her behavior to the little girl he'd once had.

She was sitting in her room working on some homework before her adventurous night would begin. When her father came in, she hadn't noticed for a few seconds that he had even been home from New York. She turned hearing the creak in her floor board an obvious frown sagged across her face as she saw her father in the door. The pained expression in his face showed something was wrong and hopefully this would be an easier night. He walked over sitting across from her on the bed and told her that her mom wouldn't be coming home any time soon. Automatically she got why but refused to actually believe anything all the questions filling her mind and being blurted out. Sam told her that she'd been in an accident on the way to a movie set. She didn't know, even though her mom was oblivious to Samuel and Sam's relationship, she could have still been holding him back from actual damage.

For awhile everything was different, off. Eventually things got easier though and returned to normal...before they fell apart again. Her dad actually moved her to New York with him while he continued to work on the rich and the famous. But things with him weren't going to stay that way for long, she was sure of it. A couple years later he quit working and she didn't know why he was just home more. Every now and then he'd have a few drinks or so. Then his drinking getting heavier, more every day. Along with his violent rages where she'd have to go lock herself in her room to give him space and not worry about him coming after her but she always worried, and he always did.

By sixteen she was ready to finally just say to hell with all of those problems. So he was hurting because Erin passed away, well so was she but she didn't go around hitting people and drinking till she could hardly stand anymore did she? No. So that gave him no reason to put her through that or do that to her. The dancing classes she'd been attending and teaching were helping to coat and erase the blows a little bit, but she still wanted out. She packed up most of the things that she thought she'd needed, clothes and other personal belongings. When he saw she was going to move out he told her that she couldn't and he beat her even more with a dose of extra.

Finding out that since she was only sixteen she wasn't able to rent a place on her own she went to a friend of her dads and asked him about it. He told her that there was a way but she'd need a signature from her dad anyway. She had to get emancipation papers and prove her case in a court. But she knew her dad he could get out of being called out as a horrible father. She knew he'd show up in a nice Armani suit because that was his style. He'd state that the only reason he ignored her most of the time or "wasn't around much" was because he was without a job at the moment and looking to start up a new practice in a new location. And that's what he did...she was denied the emancipation. The moment the judge denied her she was furious, how could he do that, she was a 4.2 GPA student, with her own job, staying out of trouble and he denied her? The judge was on her fathers payroll. Money could do wonders for a person.

After the trial and everything, Samuel moved them back to Chicago into a smaller house of course and quite always away from their old house. Though for the first month he seemed that he had changed, it was clearly not the case when they got into an argument and he slammed her into the wall. She thought that all was lost and she had to keep putting up with his nonsense until her eighteenth birthday. Another two years before she could get out and away from him? She knew she couldn't hack it. She fantasized about leaving every night. Though every night had a different ending. Once it was her getting to the door, and him standing in front of her to try and keep her from leaving. Once where there was an actual fight in which she didn't have the chance to leave, and one where he actually cried and begged her not to go. That was the strike that told her, her dreams were just that, dreams and she had to do something about it soon...

She'd thought of her plan, and she was a pretty intelligent teenager. Aside from dealing with her dad she was pretty much able to take care of herself around town. While he was sleeping one night. She dressed in her regular pajama attire with something over her hands, and headed outside to look around and scope things out. She broke a window from the front door, she knew her father hadn't heard the window break due to the very thick insulation that they had. She made her way upstairs and stopped by her room for the 9mm that she had gotten off of someone earlier, this was Chicago, it really wasn't that hard to get a piece. She made her way into his room and shot him in various areas until the clip was empty. A shot to the groin to wake him up and remember all of the crap he had put her through, a few chest shots for the pain and agony of ten years plus and a head shot to end his misery. She had calculated everything that she was going to need to stash the gun out back until she could return to it. As soon as she heard sirens she put in her immediate crying hugged the bastard to get herself drenched and sat back in a corner bawling her eyes out of pure joy that everything was over as the cops and ambulances poured in.

For a year Sam spent in foster care before she had finally landed right smack dab in the middle of the Malone family. Adventurous to some and a bit on the devious for others. Still, everything just seemed to fall back into place, she got into track as well as keeping her grades at the straight A's they had been since she reached the high school level and put the past behind her. Sam earned a college scholarship to a few different universities but ended up taking the full ride to University Of Chicago where she could fully and completely start over again. Samantha Nikole Malone was a completely new woman. Plenty thanks to her new normal family. At least from a distance everything in her life seems to be normal, running in and out of relationships, partying, being trained into one of her father's best hit men.

Her father, Michael Malone owned his own business in Chicago. The top adult magazine company, Split, for an outward look. While underneath it all he ran an end game. No, underneath it all her father ran a heavy business in smuggling goods, placing bets, and oh yes taking names and placing them on the type of lists that once you were off of, you weren't ever heard from again. He had a select few on that side of his pay roll. A few were happy were they were at and others like Sam wanted to get out and do something else with their life. Other's weren't happy where they were at for an entirely different reason. They wanted to run everything, and her father wasn't stepping down yet.

When she turned twenty three the man she had been seeing off and on for the past two years wound up getting her pregnant and turning the other cheek to support the other child he had and apparently found more important than the newest edition that would be coming into the world. Already dealing with a bout of depression before hand the only thing that seemed to knock it away was having her daughter Kaelyn Elizabeth placed in her arms July 21, 2009. Sam had never been a fan of children to start with but when Kaelyn was born her whole aspect started changing. She wanted another one a few months later, but she was told the chances of her ever getting pregnant again were a very slim to none. Her pseudo mother of sorts made her see that she'd at least been blessed enough to have Kaelyn with all the running around Sam had done in her lifetime.

She met Joshua six months later when he stumbled into her dance studio claiming to be a terrible dancer, and the front that he had put on definitely persuaded her that he needed all the help she could give him..until she found out he'd only been conning her to let her get to know him better. Three weeks later they were going on their first and second date and then their fourth. Things were however halted when Sam's daughter, Kaelyn, was kidnapped from her over her father's business in hopes of gaining her into talking Michael into handing the business over.

While they didn't get what they wanted with their business Sam did manage to get her daughter back with some of her other associates and managed to get a nice wedge in between her and her father. However, it did eventually manage to bring Sam and Joshua closer after awhile. He convinced her to enter a tv dance show, Can You Dance and supported her all the way through her win and tour before he asked her to marry him. She's been back and forth teaching in her studio and just started dipping her hand into the acting jar like her mother. She's not exactly sure that she's good at it but was nominated recently for best actress in the movie Black Swan.

Despite the starting a new in her acting and dancing, she's finding her niche in family life with her husband, daughter and brother in law. They're currently expecting and couldn't be more happier about it.




Visone De Ballo ( Dance Studio )
Unnamed ( Art Gallery; not opened )


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I'll spread my wings and I'll learn how to fly. I'll do what it takes til' I touch the sky, and I'll make a wish, take a chance, make a change, and breakaway. Out of the darkness and into the sun, but I won't forget all the ones that I love. I'll take a risk, take a chance, make a change, and breakaway

Don't assume cuz I'm a woman that I'll fall in love. Don't expect I'm young and need to be took care of. Don't wanna hear you got what I need 'cuz how would you know before we speak. You've gotta understand my side, I've had a crazy, crazy life. Nobody came along to open up my eyes. You've gotta take what you can get. Don't even bother with my heart 'cuz I get a feeling I won't let it start...

" I'M OK " by Christina Aguilera
Bruises fade father, but the pain remains the same. I still remember how you kept me so afraid. Strength is my mother for all the love she gave, and every morning that I wake I look back to yesterday, and I'm OK

" Bad Influence " by P!NK
I'm the instigator of underwear showing up here and there. I'm always on a mission from the get go. So what if it's only 1 o'clock in the afternoon. It's never too soon to send out all the invitations to the last night...

" Rehab " by Rihanna
When we first met I never felt something so strong. You were like my lover and my best friend. All wrapped into one with a ribbon on it, and all of a sudden you went and left I didn't know how to follow. It's like a shock that spun me around and now my heart's dead I feel so empty and hollow. I'll never give myself to another the way I gave it to you. Don't even recognize the ways you hurt me, Do you? It's gonna take a miracle to bring me back, and you're the one to blame

" If I Could " by Celine Dion
If I could I'd protect you from the sadness in your eyes. Give you courage in a world of compromise. Yes, I would. If I could I would try to shield your innocence from time, but the part of life I gave you isn't mine. I've watched you grow, so I could let you go

" Song Bird " by Naya Rivera
For you, there'll be no more cryin'. For you, the sun will be shinin', and I feel that when I'm with you, it's alright. I know its right. To you, I'll give the world. To you, I'll never be cold. 'Cause I feel that when I'm with you, it's alright. I know its right. And the songbirds are singing Like they know the score. And I love you I love you I love you like never before

" You Complete Me " by Keyshia Cole
I'm givin all my life and all my love... if you... Promise that you'll be here forever. I'll give you all of me I'll give you everything. If you promise you'll never leave me. You love me, you complete me. You hold my heart in your hands, and it's okay cause I trust that you'll be the best man that you can.


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