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agent_anarchy ([info]agent_anarchy) wrote,
@ 2010-10-20 00:51:00

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Entry tags:insula de virsta

Insula De Virsta: The Vampires Tribe History
This tribe of vampires does not have a specific tribal name.

Originally from the mainland. This line was sired by Lysandra. Her progeny include Silas and Victor.

Victor left the group and returned to the island when Mary sired the niece of his dead lover. His progeny Euphemia decided to stay with Silas and his various progeny.

Now that the group has returned to the island they have reunited with Victor. They are opposed to the Nghrau. They killed Nataliya, an unnaturally aged vampire and have been living in her cabin in the Black Woods.

The family tree: includes the Nghrau side of the tree as well.

Availability: This is negotiable. It will have to be determined which vampire made the next.

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