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agent_anarchy ([info]agent_anarchy) wrote,
@ 2010-10-20 00:14:00

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Insula De Virsta: Vatnadis Tribe History
The Vatnadís is the tribe of naiads. They are the water spirits that dwell in the waters of the Insula De Virsta. There are divided into four categories: The Limnatide, The Potameides, the Eleionomae, and the Crinaeae.

The Limnatide is the lake naiad. The lake is the tribal leader, as the strongest body of water. The lake also has the heavier burden. The Limnatide is responsible for almost all of the rituals for the tribe. One of the most important is the sole responsibility of the lake, a secret ceremony in which the Limnatide can free a lesser naiad from its body of water (however this ceremony will kill the naiad in the process). There is only one Limnatide on Insula De Virsta, embodying the Circular Lake.

The Potameides are river naiads. There are three Potameides in total. Tistrya is the eastern river. Ligeia is the southern river and Indra is the northern river, the oldest of the Potameides. If asked nicely the Potameides will ensure safe crossing from bank to bank.

Crinaeae are smaller bodies of water, such as fountains or puddles. They are born from time to time but do not often live long. Lilaea is a Crinaeae born of a particularly rainy season. Being young the Crinaeae often cause trouble, simply because they don't know better.

Corcyra is an Eleionomae born of a marshy swamp located in the Black Woods.

The Naiad is intimately connected to her body of water and her very existence depends on it. If the water dries up the naiad will die.

Naiads are always born female. The only male naiad is Daevas and he was transformed into a naiad by Rapithwin and the witches (he does not know this, nor that Rapithwin is really his mother and that he is a demi-god).

Naiads are essentially eternal as long as their water remains unharmed. Sometimes the naiads do not wish to live so long, and the Limnatide is called on to free the lesser naiad. All of the naiads are the original. None of them have needed the stone saber to free them.

All naiads are free to leave their body of water, but they usually have an insatiable thirst for water when on land. They typically do not stay out of their water for long. When outside of their water they like to stay close to it, idling on the beach or shore.

The naiads have a very close relationship with the Kouzelheks, as they border the tribe on three sides. They have good relationships with most tribes that live near them, however if a tribe crosses them (without permission, or by doing something cruel) the naiads are known to cause trouble.

When the Vatnadís meet as a tribe they gather at the lake. Sometimes they land on Estrella Island, but Daevas likes to discourage that.

Culturally speaking the Naiads are mostly singular beings. They interact with the tribes around them and pick up habits and manners of speaking from them. They do not have an overall manner about them. As a people they do have their own language which no other creature but the mermaids and selkies can understand. They have a close relationship with both tribes, as those tribes depend on the naiads well-being for their existence.

Availability: Not available, unless one of the naiads decides to end their existence at which point they would be replaced by a new naiad.

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