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agnes ([info]agnes) wrote,
@ 2010-11-09 11:34:00

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A believer in transparency and accountability
•On 'The Bootmakers Blog,' third-generation CEO Jeff Swartz UGG Boots his voice and frank opinions on sometimes-controversial business and environmental topics.
Environmental Stewardship

•The new timberland.com includes a dedicated 'tree planting' UGG Cardy Bootswhere visitors can learn about the company's longstanding commitment to reforestation, including Timberland's pledge to plant five million trees in five years in Haiti and China.
•Eco-conscious consumers can make the most of their purchasing power by learning about Timberland's Green Index rating system, which measures the specific impact (on a zero-to-ten scale) the company's Classic Short Grey UGG Bootshave on the environment.
•A believer in transparency and accountability, Timberland offers data-rich reports, podcasts and updates about its corporate responsibility initiatives and progress, and invites site visitors to join in the dialogue about the CSR challenges faced by global brands.
Online Shopping

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