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agnes ([info]agnes) wrote,
@ 2010-11-24 21:33:00

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The Milestone XT720 being permanently stuck on
The Motorola Defy earned a four-star rating with Ugg boots  2.1, so the addition of Froyo next year could make it an attractive proposition, especially as it's one of the hardest phones on the market. Android 2.3 Gingerbread devices will be available by the time this update comes through, however, so you have to think: do you want to be one Android version behind, especially with devices such as the Olympus likely to UGG Bailey Button Boots out before then?

The Milestone XT720 being permanently stuck on Android 2.1 is a bit of a liberty, especially when you consider that it's quite a new device and intended to match up with higher-end phones. We gave it a four-star review Classic Tall Boots , and those of you who bought it seem to be very happy with it, so maybe a lack of Froyo won't be a problem for some.

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