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agnes ([info]agnes) wrote,
@ 2010-12-04 16:08:00

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It's also the kind of wholesale change made possible
"When I started almost a year ago, I would get asked 'How are you going to fix the Ugg boots sale ?' But it's a good morning show," said executive producer David Friedman, who stressed that the new anchor lineup is filled with people who have regularly appeared on the show. "This team brings a tremendous Bailey Button UGG and excitement and a chemistry that will be refreshing. It's about the future."

It's also the kind of wholesale change made possible by the shifting duties of an important player, former Early Show co-anchor Julie "Mrs. Moonves" Chen. When Chen downsized her Early Show work to join the network's new Classic Tall UGG Boots chat show, The Talk, the way was paved for big changes that did not involve a top executive's spouse (Friedman said Chen's status wasn't a factor in their decisions).

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