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agnes ([info]agnes) wrote,
@ 2010-12-15 11:13:00

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Entry tags:boots, cardy, cheap, classic, fashion, life, online, shoes, shopping, tall, ugg boots, uggs

Blackboard is USA-based and is proprietary software
Moodle does not seem to have a natural constituency and can be found in UGG Boots , Colleges, Big Schools, Small Schools, Primary Schools and Individual tutors .. ’cause it’s free and a doddle to install.
Moodle is SCORM compliant (which means it meets all the agreed standards for e-learning formats) and was the original polysyllabic promoter of the ‘ social constructivist pedagogical paradigm’ Classic Cardy UGG by its founder Martin Dougiamas..
Blackboard (Bb)
Blackboard is USA-based and is proprietary software that provides an open framework for third party developers. It has a large partnership deal with Oracle SQL and runs mostly on Java with Apache-Tomcat. Blackboard as it is today (Bb) results from a Classic Short UGG with WebCT.

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