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Sentai Filmworks Licenses Try Knights Rugby Anime [20 Feb 2020|03:22pm]
Company to stream, release series on home video
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The World is Still Beautiful Manga Ends in 3 Chapters [20 Feb 2020|01:30pm]
Dai Shiina's fantasy manga launched in 2012, inspired 2014 TV anime
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Mixed Vegetables' Ayumi Komura Launches New Manga in April [20 Feb 2020|01:00pm]
Manga centers on pure relationship between business couple
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Psycho-Pass 3 Anime Film's 2nd Teaser Video Streamed [20 Feb 2020|02:15pm]
Film's 2-week theatrical run opens in Japan on March 27
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Golden Kamuy Manga Goes on 1-Week Hiatus Due to Creator's Childbirth [20 Feb 2020|12:30pm]
Manga will resume next week in Young Jump
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Saki Aikawa Launches Black Marriage Manga on March 5 [20 Feb 2020|12:15pm]
Manga centers on girl with inherited orphanage on verge of closure
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2020 Doraemon Anime Film's Video Previews Mr. Children's Theme Songs [20 Feb 2020|10:45am]
Film opens in Japan on March 6
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22/7 +α Manga Ends With 2nd Volume [20 Feb 2020|12:00pm]
Series with original story launched on January 12
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Death End re;Quest 2 Game Heads West in 2020 [20 Feb 2020|11:37am]
Sequel PS4 game debuted in Japan on February 13
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Animal Crossing: New Horizons Switch Game's Video Previews Deserted Island Getaway Package [20 Feb 2020|10:17am]
Game ships on March 20
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Himawari - Kenichi Legend Live-Action Series Reveals Additional Cast [20 Feb 2020|10:03am]
Masanori Ishii, Mai Ooshima, Mayumi Satō join cast of show premiering in May
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Kakushigoto Anime Casts Ari Ozawa, Kaede Hondo, Azumi Waki [20 Feb 2020|08:43am]
TV series premieres on April 2
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Record of Lodoss War Side-Scrolling Game Launches on Steam Early Access in March [20 Feb 2020|01:02am]
Players control Deedlit in Metroidvania-style action-exploration game
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Sony, Bushiroad Cancel Event Attendance Due to COVID-19 Coronavirus Concerns [20 Feb 2020|05:30am]
Sony to skip PAX East, Bushiroad to skip AnimeJapan, Friday's TGS press conference delayed
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By the Grace of the Gods Fantasy Light Novel Series Gets Anime [20 Feb 2020|01:56am]
Roy's isekai story about businessman reincarnated to train slimes
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Sonic the Hedgehog Film Earns US$70 Million in 1st 4 Days in U.S. [20 Feb 2020|12:32am]
Film has grossed US$125 million worldwide
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BEASTARS Anime Reveals English Dub Cast [20 Feb 2020|02:41pm]
Anime debuts outside of Japan on Netflix on March 13
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Major 2nd Anime's 2nd Series Casts Ayane Sakura, Maki Kawase [19 Feb 2020|10:03pm]
Sakura, Kawase play infielders Tao Sagara, Yayoi Sawa in April 4 anime
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Oreshura Light Novel Series Gets 1st New Volume in 3 Years [20 Feb 2020|12:02am]
14th volume ships in May
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Margaret Shōjo Manga Magazine, Hulu Service Collaborate on Multiple Live-Action Series [19 Feb 2020|09:02pm]
8-episode Mairu no Vich debuts this fall, followed by Kami-sama no Ekohiiki, A Devil and Her Love Song
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